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Corruption Essay in English

Corruption Essay in English 200 words

Corruption simply amounts to do something which should otherwise not be done. It is a mal ady that negates values of life. It is moral per version A corrupt man seeks to serve his selfish interests at others’ cost. Corruption can be prac tised from a very trivial level, as hastening of a file by a peon, to harming the greatest national andglobal interests for selishends, such as com missions in the purchase of defence equipment.

Sadly enough, our country has earned notoriety for rampant corruption in almost all walks of lifeBribery, nepotismmisappropriation etc seem to be the guiding principles of our national lifeIn fact, dirty politics nurtures and nour ishes corruption But what is disgusting is that corruption enjoys social respectability today. We are used to the grim pictures of corrupt activ ities in hospitals and corporationsoffices and institutes. Public services are badly affected bringing about untold sufferings to the common people who are unable to pay bribes.

To weed out corruption from the societywe badly need a thorough reform of the political process and a constant public alertness regarding all pub lic services and issues. The cancer of corruption cannot be cured without drastic steps; unfortu natelywe cannot expect our leaders to frame laws which would go against them


Corruption Essay in English 1000 words

Corruption is an insidious plague that has a wide range of corrosive effects on societies. It undermines democracy and the rule oflawleads to violations of human rightsdistorts markets erodes the quality of life and allows organised crime, terrorism and other threats to human se curity to flourish,” said Kof Annan, the former Secretary General of UNO in his foreword to the UN Convention against Corruption. India was one of the countries that did not ratify it. It, thusgave an impression that India is not keen to countenance corruption leave alone tackling it. India endorsed two out of 71 articles of this convention.


Any wonder that corruption in India has ac quired gigantic proportion and has become in stitutionalisedl According to what is stated in the Convention, it is clear that corruption is at the root of allevils that afict our society today This evil phenomenon is found in all countries irrespective of their size and shape. It makes no distinction between the rich and the poor and impacts all, everywhere. However, its impact is most destructive and catastrophic in the devel oping countries. India is a developing country and as Indians we feel the pinch of this menace in every walk of life.  Seen from the perspective of India, it can well be said that corruption is the bane of Indian modern society It would be difficult to trace an individual who is either him self or herself not corrupt or not affected by this scourge of corruption in one way or the other. Strangely enough, instead of being frowned upon, the menace appears to have gained in re- spectability The more corrupt you are the, more acceptable you are. It is a clear pointer to the erosion in the value system of our society. We no longer despise the corrupt. We accord them re spect and the honest are shown contempt or are laughed at.

The corrupt are flush with money. Money buys them comfort and peace. This is closely linked to money and status that money provides. No one bothers about how the money or wealth is acquiredAll one is concerned with is the acquisition of it. It can buy peace be cause if someone pries into the ill-gotten wealth money can silence him. The kind of respectabil- ity money commands in today’s society is nerve shattering to those who have led their life with the highest degree of honestySome people joc- ularly say that if you are honest, you should be put in a museumPeople no longer seem to be lieve the maxim once so popular: honesty is the best policy

Corruption hurts the poor disproportionately It diverts funds meant for development, it un dermines government’s ability to provide basic services. Corruption is a key element in eco nomic underperformance and a major obstacle to poverty alleviation and development.

For in stancewe do not have tolook far away. MNREGA is a classic example of how a noble scheme has been turned into a vehicle of corruption at mass level. Indian public distribution system PDS) is the fountainhead of corruption. Foodgrains meant for the poor are siphoned off to markets at a premium leaving the needy high and dry It is because of the corrupt system that while food grains rot, the poor are left unfed. Corruption is the bane of any civilised societyIndia ranks very high on the meter of corruption.

The country is identified as one of the most corrupt nations in the world. In recent times, India has been discussed in in ternational forum more for corruption than for any achievements. If we are asked to make a list of all scams that have surfaced in India in recent timeswe may end up compiling a bookEven if We would like to forget them, 2G Common wealth Games, Coalgate, Boforssecurity scam fodder scam and housing scam would keep teas ing us for long corruption is one of the most important issuesAnna Hazare had to launch his movement to highlight corruption at the high places.

The situation is so grave in India today that one cannot get any work done from a govern- ment outfit unless one pays gratification money by way of bribeFor those who amass wealth through corrupt means, it is not a problem at all. The problem is for the honest people who do not have enough money even for mere subsistence Finding money for getting a job done is next to impossible and it is his life, the life of an honest person, which is at stake. In a society where cor rupt rule the roost, the merit has no takersFor any nation where merit has no takers, it is a dan gerous situation.

Every citizen should be deeply concerned about the impact of corruption on the political, social and economic stability and development ofour societyIt shouldberecognised by one and all that prevention and combating of corruption is a common and shared responsibility of all and at all levels. It would seem that while the government has surrenderedbefore the corrupt, the judiciary has taken initiative to stem the rot. Ifit were not for judicial activismthe culprits would never have been brought to book. If it were not for the alert judiciarythe likes of Laloo and Ma sood would have continued to preside over our destiny instead of being pushed into jail.


Insidious -(adi) pernicioussubtle, beguiling but harmful, intended to entrap. corrosive (adj) tending to destroy something by chemical action, spitefully Sarcastic. Erodes(v) become ground down or deteriorateremove soil or rock , eat away, wear awaygnaw at. Countenance (v) to support something or agree to something happening(n) a person’s face or its expres sion. Gigantic (adi) extremely largeenormous huge. Affict (v) cause great unhappiness for, distresscause physical pain or suffering in smiteFrown(v) to make seriousangry or worried expression by bringing eyebrows closer together so that lines appear on the forehead to disapprove of something/somebody Despise (v) to dislike and have no respect for some body/something contempt (n) the feeling that somebody/something has no value and deserves no respect at all. Pries (v) past tense of pry it means to move or force in an attempt to get something open, be noseysearch or enquire in a meddlesome wayGratification (n) state of being gratified or satisfied, satisfaction Sub sistence (n) the state of having just enough money or food to stay alive.


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