Tata Sky Daily Recharge Pack Online Plan List With Channel List

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Have you come across days when you have to leave for some trip for a week but you still have days left of your Tata sky subscription? It is like you are paying for TV channels that you are not even going to watch. You can either stop your subscriptions for those days else you can opt for Tata sky daily recharge pack if your days for vacation are about to begin in a few days. 

There are various Tata sky recharge plans available and you can choose any package with add-ons and individual channels too. You can recharge for a longer span of time to avail discounts and free subscriptions. But if you need the DTH service only for a few days, then you can always opt for Tata sky daily recharge packs.


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Tata Sky Daily Recharge Ads

What attracts you to a product? The way it is presented to the masses in the form of advertisement is the most convenient and fastest methods of attracting a large number of customers.

This is what Tata sky has planned for promoting Tata sky daily recharge packs.

The ad for the same is like a short movie…a short love story with tagline “Daily milenge toh Pyaar to Hoga hi”.


Watch Complete Tata Sky Daily Recharge Ads


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The ‘Daily Dillagi’ad was released in parts and you can watch the compilation of the ads right here. In the ad, there is a girl who comes to the retail shop daily to purchase the Tata sky daily recharge packs priced at Rs 8 per voucher or per day.

The ad is about how romance kicks in between the girl and the shop boy.

Tata Sky Daily Recharge ad cast

Since the day the ad has been launched, people are curious about the cast of the ad. Girls are looking for the cute boy’s identity while boys are in search of what the name of the girl is.

For all those curious guys out there,

the real name of the girl (Neelu) is Himani Sisodiya and she hails from Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh. 

The real name of the guy (Mannu) is Prit Kamani.


You can see more of her in an upcoming Telugu movie opposite Sharwanand and the movie will be directed by Merlapka Gandhi.


Tata Sky Daily Recharge Channel list

The Tata sky channel list available in this package will be the usual channel package that you have subscribed to.

The price of the daily recharge pack depends primarily on the type of subscription package you have chosen.

  • If you are using a package of Rs 250 then your daily recharge should be of minimum Rs8. 250/30 (approx. no. Of days in a month) = Rs 8.3.

Thus, it means that if you recharge with Rs 8 voucher, then you will be able to see your TV for 1 day.

  • And if you are using a monthly pack of Rs 470 then your daily recharge value would be Rs 15.6. So, then you would have to go for Rs 20 voucher.


You can check Your Daily Recharge price Check Daily Recharge Plan

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