Compare Jio Set Top boxes From HD , Plus HD , 4K

Jio has set a benchmark in the mobile network industries with its unbelievable price and amazing offers. But now that Jio is moving into other industries, people are very excited to know more about it. The company is planning to get into DTH services very soon. Apart from DTH service, Jio is also planning to launch Jio optical fiber broadband connection and Jio laptops too. If all the speculations about the upcoming devices and services of Jio turn out to be true, then we all are in for a treat!

Jio is well known for its ridiculously low-priced products and services without hampering the quality. So, expect the same from its DTH services too. There is going to be an amazing welcome offer for all the new subscribers of the Jio DTH service. The offer will give you three months of Jio DTH subscription for zero cost. Three months of free subscription to all users will certainly leave no points to compare Jio set up boxes to that of others in the market. People will start swooning over Jio DTH services and will replace their existing DTH services with that of Jio.

Just like other DTH service providers, Jio will also launch different set up boxes for its normal subscription, HD subscription and HD+ subscription. Jio DTH service launch date has not been revealed yet. But we will keep you updated on the launch details. We will also provide you the links for Jio DTH online registration so that you can easily book for your DTH service through it. As soon as details of the Jio DTH service gets released, we will also compare Jio Set up boxes with that of other brands and give you the pros and cons.

Everyone is very excited about Jio DTH and its 3-month free plan.

in this article we will tell you about Jio Set Top box and its quality. You can choose Jio Set top box from wide range like HD , Plus HD , 4K.  You can Compare Jio Set Top boxes from 3 different type hardware and software. if you book your jio dth connection in this Diwali.



Select up to 3 set-top boxes to compare


Compare Jio Set Top boxes






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Display of Jio DTH


 1080i Resolution
 3D Compatible
 4X sharper picture
 16:9 Aspect Ratio
 True Color

Sound Quality of Jio DTH


 Dolby Digital
 Dolby Digital
Plus Surround

Special Services  of Jio DTH


 Video on Demand

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Features of  of Jio DTH


 500 GB Hard Disk
From Mobile
Forward, Pause
 Series Recording
 HDMI 2.0
Control Feature
 Auto Standby




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