Essay on Sports and Games in English @ 2019

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Essay on Sports and Games in English

Essay on Sports and Games in English

A person who plays a game seldom is not said to be a sportsman.  A sportsman does regular practice and that punctually, A sportsman is always possessed with the spirit of doing something wonderful and unbelievable in his field. He does not | like to be corrupted or to corrupt anybody. It is because of his performance that he is acclaimed which he has to prove in the ground where many hundreds of people watch him. So, transparency is one such quality which always lives with him.

Thus complete transparency is one of the qualities which is connected with the world of sports. As a matter of fact, this quality should be observed in all walks of life to have a clean and healthy Society where all individual members can enjoy a life of peace, tranquillity, happiness, mutual cooperation and contentment.

The qualities imbibed in the field of sports in youth stand a person in good stead all his life. The first and foremost quality is the Sportsman Spirit. This quality persuades a man to remain cheerful even when he loses a match. It means that one should play a game  for the sake of game and not just for victory.


Life is also a field where one acts. It is one’s choice to accept it as a happy field full of sports or joys or a valley of misery. One who  knows the art of happiness takes life as a game of sports where one is expected to play honestly and with complete sincerity to the best of his knowledge, skill and capability.

A true sportsman never tries to hoodwink others. Similarly, a really happy and contented man playS only a fair game in life. On the contrary, a cunning and selfish man ultimately brings misery to himself and all others Connected with him.

At present, we see so many tricksters, scamsters and scandal- mongers in society who cause misery to so many innocent and honest men and themselves finally rot in jails and hospitals. Had they been Sensible and learnt some art of living in the sports at school or college or taken a cue from true and genuine sportsmen, they would have spared themselves and others of this sorry state of affairs.

It is in the playground that we learn certain qualities such as leadership, discipline, team spirit, healthy competition and and the like. Mr. Gladstone, the Prime Minister of England, is said to have stated once;”If you want to be a good leader, first learn how to be a good follower. It is rightly said, “If the two ride a horse, one must ride behind.” It is also said, “Rome was not built in a day. So, it takes its own time to build upon personality, just as it takes time to raise a majestic building.

Sports help us in developing our personality. It is a pity that much attention is not paid to sports in our country. Most of the funds are wasted on trivial items not connected with sports such as dinners, tea parties, honouring some personages from outside the realm of the sports, etc.

Our players do not even get sufficient diet. Infrastructure for sports in our country is lacking. Then there is SO much bungling in the matter of selection of teams. It is no surprise that we are not able to get a single medal in the Olympics when we shamefully realize that we area country of one billion, or we Comprise one seventh of the total population of the world. Certainly,Something must be done to overcome this malaise at the highest level. Just the creation of a ministry of sports at the union level is not enough.

In April 2000, there was a sort of upheaval in the world of cricket when the revelations regarding match-fixing became a part of the public debate. Every lover of cricket was appalled.

As a result of all this turmoil, many voices were heard demanding banning or abandoning of the game of cricket altogether. Let us hope this is not going to be done. Instead, we should hope that the detractors, if any, are going to be suitably punished to ensure a fair game so that it can continue providing entertainment and inspiration to millions of spectators and TV. viewers the world over.


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