Essay on Regionalism A New Kind of Terrorism

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Essay on Regionalism


A virus called ‘regionalism periodically strikes parts of India It afflicts locals with an urge to wreak vengeance towards. outsiders’.who have flocked there for livelihood, education or business. Politicians, lacking in vision about the advantages in strengthening the country’s integrity, look to create a niche for themselves in the political arena by strategically spreading the viruses of regionalism, ethnic distrust, linguistic division and communal fundamentalism.

They know that the inevitable violent reactions would deflect people’s attention from more pressing development issues. These viruses multiply faster in an atmosphere of distrust, which is fraught with locals’ susceptibility to rumours, and deliver deadly results. The term regionalism’ has two connotations. In the negative sense, it implies excessive attachment to ones region in preference over the country or the state.

In the positive sense, it is a political attribute associated with people’s love for their region, culture, language, etc with a view to maintain their independent identity. Positive regionalism is a welcome thing as it encourages the people to develop a sense of brotherhood and commonness on the basis of common language, religion or historical background however, negative sense regionalism is a great threat to the unity and integrity of the country.

In the Indian context, generally the term regionalism has been used in the negative sense. Regionalism has been the most potent force in Indian politics since India’s independence. It has remained the basis of regional political parties.

Recently. regionalism has taken epidemic proportions in India. The formation of Telangana State was also a move with regionalism at its core. However, more serious forms of regionalism are seen in states like Maharashtra and Delhi.

The politics of Maharashtra has been peppered with thoughts of considering the North Indians, particularly the people from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, to be outsiders.

The politicians demand that the outsiders must leave their state, forgetting that India is a democracy! Then there are the violent acts against the people of the North-East in Delhi and other states as well.

Despite   benefitting monetarily from the ‘outsiders’,the locals  harbour an  inexplicable distrust, which turns into animosity when and petty politicians fan the apprehension that lifestyle Song could corrupt local children. Adding to that politicians, also propagate the virus that outsiders eat into the jobs and  resources that rightfully belong to the locals.

thereFore negative kind of regionalism is in no way less than terrorism. Like the terrorists use fear and violence to get things similarly, those who favour such thoughts are often seen agitating the masses.

it is true that regionalism has been an important aspect of Indian politics-a fact that correlates with a large number of political Fine that exist in India today. Nevertheless, it has posed a threat to the unity of the country.

Hence, it is necessary to take steps to reduce such tendencies. By promoting equal development of the hitherto neglected areas, to make them feel a part of the national mainstream, is an active step to fight regionalism.

Regional parties play a prominent role in the spread of regionalism and in creating regional consciousness. These parties should not be allowed to take undue advantage of their supporters and must be made responsible for what happens in their states.

The Governments would do well to learn and provide a sense of security to outsiders’, be they in any part of the country, to ward -off threats to national integrity and uphold the fundamental rights, guaranteed under Article 19 of the Constitution, to move freely throughout the territory of India and reside, and settle in any place. -Mass media can play a vital role in spreading the message of brotherhood and can act as a vital tool to create awareness among the masses.


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