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Hello Friend This is special category for our small reader who study in school. If they looking for english essay for their school homework or any kind of english essay article then this special category might help you all guyz. in this article we will share Christmas Essay in English for all class children and  student . Initially we have published 300 word and 1000 word article for Christmas

Christmas essay

Christmas Essay in English 100 word

Christmas is an important festival of the Christians. People celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on December 25. The festivities last for a week.

December 24 is the Christmas Eve. People decorate their houses. They set up the Christmas tree with lighted candles. They make Christmas cakes. On December 25 people wish each other by saying “Merry Christmas”. Children expect presents from Santa Claus. He is thought of as an old man. He has a long white beard. He wears a red cap and a red coat.

The joy of the festival is shared by people belonging to different religions. The bonds of love and universal brotherhood are strengthened during Christmas.


Christmas Essay in English

Christmas is the greatest festival of the Chris . tiansThis festival is celebrated with the same degree of fervour as Muslims celebrate Id-ul Zuha and Hindus celebrate Diwali, Holi and other festivals. It is celebrated on 25th Decem ber every year and is celebrated almost all over the worldJesus Christ was believed to have been born on this dayCelebrations of Christ mas may well be likened to Krishna Janmash- tami that Hindus celebrate.

However, the degree of pomp and gaiety is greater in Christmas as it is celebrated all over the worldespecially in the European countries and in the countries where Christians abound in number.


The birth of Christ was not officially celebrated until the middle of the 4th centuryIt grad- ually evolved into a Christian festival. Christ’s birth was celebrated first in Rome in Antioch and in the East, How exactly it came to England is not known. But it is known that St. Augus tine brought it into England as Christmas Day in the year 598 with the baptising often thousand English converts.

Christmas is a great occasion for all Christians They prepare for this festival very extensively over a long period of timeOn the evening of Christmas or mas Christians go to church in large numbers for Midnight Mass. They put on their best attire. They sing carols along with special prayers. Besides these special prayers they are very punctual about their vespers and matins.

After the church ceremonythey greet each other and visit each other the following day Special delicacies are prepared that day. They distribute cake and cookies to their relatives friends and neighboursGuests are treated to wine and cake on this day and this is carried through to nights as well as almost throughout the week

Christmas trees laden with gifts and sparklers are a common sight together with cribs at each householdSanta Claus distributing gifts and sweets is another common sight. Children too often pose as Santa Claus. Sweet shops do brisk business on these days and most of the Christians throng to shops to buy sweets for the Occasion.

Christmas shopping is a big event all over the world Special thrust is given on decoration and beautification of shops and houses to make them as attractive and eye-catching as possible They are decorated with pictures, buntings and flowers. Window shopping too becomes an im portant ingredient of this festival as people go out to watch shops that are so expensively and aesthetically decorated on the Occasion. In short, they leave no stone unturned to make it as enjoy able as possible.

Special effort goes in making of Christmas tree. They bring branch of a tree and place it in a corner of the house This tree is then decorated with tiny bulbssparklers and flowersAt night , it presents a great spectacleThe members of the house then sit together and sing prayers praising Jesus They are also joined by friends and relatives who are presented gifts and sweets Greet ing cards are also sent to friends and relatives and, in this waythey share the joy with one another.

The festival brightens up every face. Christmas is also a festival of feast and dance Holding a feast is one of the most common fea tures of this festival. The lady of the house is the most active person on the Occasion as she proudly moves about in the best possible dress she can afford.

It’s a matter of pride for her to make a demonstration of quality things in the household including platescutleries, articles of furniture and clothes. After the feast, they often take to dancing and singingIt is a very com- mon sight in large cities and in foreign countries.

Dancing in pairs with quiet but soulful music is quite common. Children too take to dancing and singing. In this waythe Christians enjoy this, festival of Christmas. The celebrations come to an end late at night. After this, they gather in a church where they offer prayers

This festival is celebrated in order to recall what Jesus, the son of God, did in order to make the life of people better. It is a celebration of the belief that God had sent Jesus to deliver people of their sins and miseries for which he himself sufered crucifixion.

He sufered this death on the cross in order to save the mankind. The un derlying message is that those who have faith in him will be saved. The essence of the festival lies in leading a life of nobilityof prayer, love and sacrifice.

Christmas instils a feeling of togetherness and happiness in each participant’s heart by bring- ing together the distantly placed members of the family, and friends of all shades of religion and culture of the world. This is a moment of joy for all. Therefore, the festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm, pomp and show



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