Essay on Prophet Muhammad in English 300 word article

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Essay on Prophet Muhammad

Essay on Prophet Muhammad in English

Islam is the religion belonging to the Semitic family, founded by the prophet Mohammed in Arabia in the 7the century A.D. Islam, which is an Arabic word, means ‘peace’ or ‘submission to the will of Almighty. The personal name of God is Allah, the ‘Creator’, the ‘Sustainer’ and ‘Restorer of this world.

The prophet of Islam, Mohammed Saheb was born of the Qoraish tribes in Mecca on April 20th, 5-70 AD. His father was Abdullah and died while returning from a journey to Medina. His mother Amina died six years later.

Mohammed was a serious child, though he was illiterate. He was an honest man, who always fulfilled his promises. He was known as Al-Amin and Al-Sadiq. At the age of twenty five, Mohammed married to a widow of forty years. She was a lady of spotless character.

Mohammed had a reflective mind in 610 A.D. Once he heard a voice, saying to him, “you are the messenger of God”. It was the time, when his career as an apostle began. From time to time, he received more messages from God.

These revelations were written in “Quran Sharif’ around 650 Ad. His wife khadiya was the first person, who believed in the holy sayings of this prophet. Mohammed delivered public sermons. Some ridiculed at him, while others believed on him.

The people of Mecca at that time worshipped many Gods. Mohammed spread his message of the power of one Allah. He was persecuted by the rich merchants of Mecca and had to leave for Medina. The people of Medina accepted his message, as they were simple and direct. He then sent missionaries to other parts of Arabia in order to convert the whole peninsula to the new faith.

He was appreciated for his courage and generosity. He created a federation of Arab tribes and united them under one religion. After his death, these tribes conquered the Byzantine and Persian empires. The main instructions of Islam are fasting, prayer, Charity, Pilgrimage and belief in the oneness of God, particularly Mohammed.

Such was the splendid development of this religion. Muslims form the largest religious minority of India.

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