Essay on Leisure it’s Uses in English of 800 Word

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Hello Friend This is special category for our small reader who study in school. If they looking for english essay for their school homework or any kind of english essay article then this special category might help you all guyz. in this article we will share Leisure Essay in English for all class children and student . Initially we have published 900 word article for Leisure.

Essay on Leisure it’s Uses in English

There is a Sanskrit maxim: “Siddhir Bhavati Karmaja” , that is, success comes through Work.” Of course, Work is very important to have the Smooth flow of life for one and all. Jawaharlal Nehru‘s Saving, Aaram hai haraam is by word among the people of India,

We should, however also try to understand the significance of the Saving, “All Work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” and “A Sound mind lives in a sound body.”

How can one have a sound body? Certainly not by Working day and night. Of course, Work is worship. But a bout of hard work demands at least a fraction of the time for recoupment and replenishment. Human body is after all, like a machine. When a machine has worked for some time, it requires some rest, so that the effect of friction and its adverse effects is lost or at least mitigated.

When we are doing any physical or intellectual work, our body and brain are constantly demanding a constant flow of oxygen and glucose. No doubt, nature has fixed in our body certain mechanism that constantly works to fulfil the demands of our brain and body cells. Still like excess of any things else excess of work is bad.  when we consider the art of living, our minds go to the aim of  life. When we think of the aim of life, our hearts ipso facto go towards the creation of God which is sprawling before us.

According to Gandhiji,

“The aim of life is that we should serve the power that had created us, and on whose mercy or consent depends our Very breath, by heartily serving its creation. This means love, not hate, which one sees everywhere. We have forgotten that aim and are either actually fighting each other or preparing for that fight.”

If we make Service to mankind our aim in life, We can never feel any tension or stress and strain in life. Otherwise, as Gandhiji says, we are always “fighting each other or preparing for that fight.”

when we work with a such a mean selfish mentality as to rob somebody or let him down or see him insulted and humiliated  and get Savage pleasure not of our doing, we are actually not doing any work  but 0ur life of this type is only a bundle of obnoxious pieces of mischief, Callousness and cruelty.

It is better not to do any work than to do such heinous type of work. Unfortunately most of us are working only  for selfish purposes to the disadvantage of others. Our interests clash and we quarrel  or indulge in plotting scheming, strategies, scandals, scams and embezzlement, and this we work ? is this work ? can we honestly answer this question?

It is for this reason that a famous thinker says:

All the evil in this world is brought about by persons who are always up and doing, but do not know when they ought to be up nor What they ought to be doing The devil, I take it, is still the busiest imagine him denouncing creature in the universe, and I can quite imagine hl laziness and becoming angry at the smallest waste of time. In his kingdom, I will wager, nobody is allowed to do nothing W. H. Davies, in his beautiful poem,”Leisure says– “What is this life if full of care?  We have no time to stand and stare. No time to look at beauty’s glance, No time to see how her feet can dance.”

We can enjoy leisure by pursuing one or the other hobby. We can read some fascinating book. We can have the hobby of stamp collecting or gardening or photography or we can see some interesting and absorbing movie or T.V. serial. Or we can have a stroll in a garden or park or in the courtyard of our house.

We should feel contented with our lot. Doing overwork for any reason only borders on or is actually a symptom of avarice and the evil of a possessive spirit in one’s mind. Alexander Pope, in his celebrated poem “Solitude teaches the lesson of contentment. Khushwant Singh in one of his essays published in the column “This Above All” says emphatically that (excessively done) hard work is futile.

Thus the celebrated author-thinker points out in his own simple, but highly impressive inimitable style that we can not escape the fact that America is an amazingly prosperous country. But neither can we escape the fact that society there is in such a condition that all its best contemporary writers are satirists.

Curiously enough most of the great American writers have not hesitated to praise idleness.  So, the best way of leading a happy life is, which, indeed, should be our aim, to alternate work and leisure in such a Nay that neither leisure hinders work nor work encroaches upon the domain of leisure,


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