Essay on Visit to a Historical place Jallianwala Bagh

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Essay on Visit to a Historical place

Jallianwala Bagh is a place of great significance and sorrow in the  history of British India. The massacre of 1919 is still deeply ingrained in the soil of the place.

Last month as a part of the educational tour, our school took us to the tragic place which is cursed for being the ground of the killings of more than a few hundred innocent and defenceless Indian’s gathered there on  the day of Vaisakhi-The day of celebration for the JALLIANWALA BAGIL farmers of Punjab.

Then Brigadier General, Reginald Dyer, who deployed his men near the entrance of the place on the same day, without any prior intimation, opened fire at the crowd (who were caught unaware). The 20 minutes of continuous firing left 400 people dead and a 1000 wounded. However, the actual figures are said to be more than that.

Situated in the holy city of Amritsar, as soon as one nears the gate of the place, the prominent bullet marks stand proudly to welcome the visitors and remind them of the history. The narrow lanes of the garden are the passageway which were occupied and blocked by the British troops to fire at the civilian mob leaving no way for them (the civilians) to escape…

Inside the garden, amongst the trees, are the highlighted spots which were used as the firing ground. They are designed in the shape of bullets. There is also a well inside the garden into which women and children had jumped to save themselves from the ruthless and inhuman act of the British Army. The walls of the garden are still adorned by human blood along with the firing marks.

A tall memorial, in the shape of a lantern flame stands firmly on the grounds inside the garden to commemorate the tragedy of 13th April, 1919. Indeed, only one look into the garden tells the helplessness of the victims.

The joyful celebration turned into a gory and despicable tragedy is a monstrous event in the history of India and justifies Sir Winston Churchill’s quote: “the incident at Jallianwala Bagh was an extraordinary event, a monstrous event and an event that stands in singular and sinister isolation.”

My experience of visiting the historical sight was not only informative but poignant too. The intensity of the event was never understood by me in the classrooms but when I toured the place, did I realise the pain of the people who gathered there in 1919 to celebrate their festival, the pain of the people who lost their relatives to an act of this kind of insanity that did not spare even women and children.

I would recommend every school to take the students to Jallianwala Bagh and acquaint them with the tragic event that is an indelible scar in the history of their nation.

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