Essay on Charms and Challenges of Cyber World in English

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Essay on Charms and Challenges of Cyber World

To say that internet has become a part and parcel of our daily life is not entirely false. Internet has indeed seeped deep into routine and become an essential part of our life. We are living in an era where life would nearly come to a standstill without the use of this technology. Right from banks, hospitals, railway stations. etc. which use this technology for better coordination in the work process worldwide, make this technology reach every nook and corner of the country.

There is a plethora of benefits that internet offers us today. Right from social networking to brand building to online banking to bill payments to e-books and e-libraries, internet has it all. Now, even news is available on internet and education is also provided with its aid. Androids and mobile applications have further widened the Cyber world. Internet is therefore a virtual treasure where accessing any information is just a click away. Also, it acts as and entertainment source where movies, games, music videos, etc can be instantly downloaded.

Thus, internet has unquestionably made available everything under the sun at the fingertips of anyone and everyone who has access to it. However, at the same time, this technology is also a trap for which we have created the entrance but are now lost in the dark maze searching for exit, that is nowhere close in sight. Like its seemingly visible advantages, cyber world also has its equal share of less visible though alarming disadvantages.

Internet has made human its slave. People are so consumed in the world of internet that they hardly get time to interact or move out. The importance of family, friends and relations has been eclipsed by the social media. At the same time, it has promoted a sedentary lifestyle devoid of any physical activity thus putting peoples at risk. Besides, internet abuse is another menace that cyber war has given birth to.

Internet abuse has many forms.

One of the forms is hacking. A hacker’s mind is intelligent enough to break through any secure and misuse the personal information and account of the account holder.

Secondly, the misuse of pictures on social networking sit is another challenge to be combated. Pornography is one of the most dangerous hazards of such uploads. ting people’s health Besides, last few years have seen a surge in the cases of cyber crime and cyber bullying. Posting embarrassing stuff or untrue information about someone in order to damage his/her reputation is very common these days.

Therefore, like a coin internet technology has two sides. On one hand, it has eased out living multifold while on the other hand, it has led to a rise in socially unproductive and unfavourable activities. The cyber world is a glittering world that looks like a twinkling star from the distance, but this technology is as burning and dangerous as the sun.

Hence, it lies with us to channelise the availability of this technology into socially fruitful use and not let this blessing turn into a bane for the society.

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