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Hello Friend This is special category for our small reader who study in school. If they looking for english essay for their school homework or any kind of english essay article then this special category might help you all guyz. in this article we will share unemployment Essay in English for all class children and student . Initially we have published 1500 word article for unemployment.

Essay on unemployment

Essay on unemployment in English

There is no denying the fact that unemployment is one of the most baffling problems India is facing today. At present more than five crores (out of a population of 121 crore i.e. 6 per cent) of Indians are unemployed.)

On the one hand, India went for industrialisation and mechanisation in a big way. It was hoped that the installation of new industrial plants will generate more employment opportunities. Without any foresight people were appointed in government departments and public sector units (PSUs) in such large numbers that in many cases, many of them did not have any work to do. As, with the passage of time, their salaries and perks increased, they became a burden on the government and governing bodies, so much so that the major earnings of all departments and concerns were eaten away by the salaries, allowances and pensions of these employees.

Now, the reverse gear has been applied. The government and the governing bodies are trying hard to find out means to do away most of their employees.

This situation has been created more glaringly by the advent of the computer which, at first, was thought by many to create more jobs.

Now, the situation is such that not only the unskilled, but also the skilled and highly educated youths are roaming in the streets in search of jobs. Many of them are unable to find any job. Some of them, who are even able to get some job, find the job far from being creative as they are offered very low salaries and little prospects of promotion or progress.

Now a new system, as prevailing in the west, called “contract basis System” has been started. According to this system, a post is offered on contract basis for a few years only and thereafter, the, contract is renewed or extended, or, as most often is the case, the, employee has to fend for himself.

The tragedy is that even in this System on “contract basis”, the salary offered is often very low.  For instance, there are reports that the B.Ed. trained teachers are at some places being offered jobs on contract basis at Rs. 6000 per month when the minimum wages for an unskilled worker as fixed by the central government are Rs. 9000 per month.

While in the labour sector much of work such as that of construction projects has slacked, the lack of vision in our educationists is the cause for unemployment among the educated. Though now the scene is quickly changing, in the past many decades, graduates have been churned out by Universities as nuts and bolts from factories.

Another reason for this sorry state of affairs is the dwindling profits of the small scale entrepreneurs. When the businesses of these people are showing a downward trend, they cannot employ more people and have to retrench some of their staff. Now, according to new provisions in the rules, the employers employing fewer than 1000 employers do not have to get government’s permission to retrench their staff. But the compensation for such retrenchment has also been increased from 15 days wages to 45 days wages. As far as the big houses are concerned, they cannot keep more men because they have got latest machines and gadgets each of which can do the work of many men.


One single factor responsible for this large scale unemployment is still the scenario of galloping population which though slightly checked, has defied all solutions to a tangible extent. In order to come over the growing menace of unemployment, the central and state governments have started several schemes.

Apart from the Rozgar Yojnas under which liberal loans are given to the youths who want to start their own enterprises, there are other schemes to provide free training to the needy,

For instance, the BharatVikas Parishad Charitable Trust, Punjab, has started several new Vocational courses for the disabled and for Label belonging to economically weaker sections of society under

Direct Central Assistance Scheme of the Ministry of Human development, New Delhi. This was stated by the Secretary of the said trust as per the following report: “New courses would include those in fashion designing, textile designing soft toys and leather goods, fabrication of hosiery and leather goods, garment manufacturing, embroidery and needle work, beauty culture, computer application, computer maintenance, refrigeration and AC repair, TV and radio mechanics, house wiring and motor winding, food preservation, hand flat socks and knitting, dyeing and calico printing. The training courses and training an material would be provided free of cost.”

An interactive session on the Punjab Budget was organised by CRRID sometime back. The shrinking employment opportunities in Punjab were pointed out at the session. However, the problem that was being faced by the government was pointed out by the then FinanceSecretary:

The Punjab Finance Secretary, who participated in the interactive session, made it clear that it would be inappropriate to expect from the government to continue as a major player in the employment sector.

As much as 95 percent of the total revenue collection of the state goes towards salaries, pensions and office expenses. Where is the money for development or capital formation? How can the pace of development be accelerated without taking some harsh steps to restore fiscal health of the state,” he added.

It is, indeed, a fact that most of the government revenue collection In states, as well as at the centre is spent on salaries, perks, pensions and office expenses. Very little and sometimes only a negligible amount is left for development. Actually the various pay Commissions have increased employees’ salaries excessively. When any more young men are unemployed, the same amount as is paid 0 one employee could be spent to pay to two or more persons.

Sometime back the Prime Minister of India, said in his opening remarks at the meeting of the Council on Trade and Industry in New Delhi :

The Cabinet has decided to vigorously pursue labour reforms. Now the report of the Second National Labour Commission has also been received. I appeal to all major political parties for a consensus on labour reforms, so that we can soon give effect to the consensus through appropriate legislation. Above all, these long-delayed labour reforms will create more employment opportunities, thus fulfilling our shared objective of achieving growth with jobs.”

Thus, the main thrust of the government is to achieve growth with jobs.” The objective is certainly noble and it evinces sincerity. The only thing is that the business houses and political parties should join hands with the government in bringing about the much delayed reforms to change the system where the poor people and the workers do not perpetually remain at the receiving end, and the unemployed youth can get employment.

The Prime Minister also advised the business houses to reform themselves to restore people’s fading interest in the system. He said: Businesses, too must reform themselves. The principle of good corporate governance is the touchstone of your Commitment to reforms. Recent reports of accounting Scandals elsewhere in the world are beginning to worry a lot of people about the bomb shells hidden in the boom-time economy, he said.

It is clear that the Prime Minister was talking about the Xerox Corp. Accounting Scandal had shaken many people’s faith in the policy of globalisation and liberalisation, and he hit the nail on the head when he said, that the government could not allow”people’s faith in economic liberalisation to be shaken by those who do business with an ethical deficit.”

whereas it was believed that liberalisation would provide more employment opportunities, the reverse has happened. we must, however, need not be excessively pessimistic. The modern youths are quite awakened. They know that future prospects for them lie only in science subjects and those particularly in such fields as computer science and technology. The only difficulty is that such courses provided by certain institutions are to0 Costly. But when an institution like the Punjab Technical University has started such courses at much cheaper rates through its distance programmes, there is an overwhelming response from the enthusiastic, thirsting students. Here is a report:

“Enrolment for the B.Sc (Computer Science and Technology) programme launched last year by Punjab Technical University (PTU) is likely to touch 4000 as the course has received a tremendous response from students.

Reports received from various study centres of PTU across Punjab indicate that the B.Sc. course is receiving the maximum enquiries from students. The two-year programme has been launched keeping in mind the interests of diploma holders.” We know that now the online campus education is also available. This can facilitate imparting of education regarding new courses which are hoped to enable the degree/diploma holders to get easy employment.


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Essay on unemployment in English

Unemployment has always been one of the hot topics in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s oratorical address, rate of joblessness in the country only acts as  an path of development. A Densely populated country. India Hon. The rate of with far exceeds A densely populated count is home to the world’s sec. largest population. The rn population growth far ex the rate of job creation. Increasing population often lead to this problem as the economy does not always row immediately to absorb the entire population.

Another reason as to why unemployment strives in the country is the advancement in technology. Post industrialisation in the country, some key work mans have become machine areas that were earlier reserved for humans have become run. Thus, the growth in technology leading to evolution of news and better machines has, displaced people from their jobs.

And lastly, the Charles Darwin’s theory “Survival of the fittest” best describe the unemployment scene in India, where skilled labour, to meet the requirements (both technical and non-technical) of the job, is less. Unskilled or semi-skilled labour dominates the Indian market, which faces a dearth of-an educated or professionally and academically qualified class, adept at computers and public speaking. Also, because of lack of these skills, people often end up accepting those jobs that do not satisfy them.

To combat the menace of unemployment, India need measures to keep its population growth in check. People should be made aware of the benefits of a small size family. Also, people need to be . educated about the various measures to control child-birth. This is the most important aspect as the state can not create jobs for Everyone, therefore the rate of population growth must be slowed down.

Secondly, we need a pool of skilled and talented labour Tod For this, we must strive to achieve complete literacy. Also, I education system of our country should be made need bass professional and vocational courses should be introduced. literacy. Also, the made need based. More These days, every person desires an office job. Even agriculture graduates and school drop outs want office jobs in cities. For this, more institutions of higher education should be set-up and the education system of our country should be made job oriented, going beyond the regular BAS, MAs and PhD’s. And lastly, what is needed here is a change in the attitude of people.


As most of them are service-minded, they do not want to take risks. It is not possible for government to give jobs to all. A desire for doing something of one’s own may solve, to some extent, the problem of employment and unemployment for both the educated and uneducated people.

However, for the last few years, the centre has taken steps to combat and reduce unemployment by implementing many Rozgar schemes in small towns and villages to absorb unskilled semi-skilled labourers like Prime Minister’s Rozgar Yojana, Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Act, etc.

Also, the state should encourage those with the idea of starting own business by providing low interest rate loans and tax exemptions etc. Still, a lot depends on us too, to check unemployment by taking measures listed above to deal with it.

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