Essay on Child Labour in English or Rights of the Child

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Hello Friend This is special category for our small reader who study in school. If they looking for english essay for their school homework or any kind of english essay article then this special category might help you all guyz. in this article we will share Child Labour Essay in English for all class children and student . Initially we have published 800 word article for Child Labour.

Essay on Child Labour in English

Essay on Child Labour in English

The child is invested with certain rights Which must be recognized by the society, Children must not be deprived rights.

Some of these rights: 

1. Right to protection from all forms of exploitation.
2. Right to survival, including right to life.
3. Right to development
4. Right to education
5. Right to Social uplift
6. Right to social security
7. Right to leisure and recreation
8. Right to freedom and expression, etc.

In the M. D. Mehta 20s the State of Tamil Nadu (AIR 1991-SC 4), the Supreme Court prohibited children below the age of 14 from being employed in any construction work (which) is clearly hazardous occupation.”

The Supreme Court al so said that”employment connected with manufacturing process in the match factory is not to be given to children, they can, however, be employed in packing process.” In Sheela Barse 0s Secretary,Children Aid Society, the Supreme Court observed:

“Children in Observation Homes should not be made to stay for long and as long as they are there, they should be kept occupied and the occupation should be congenial and intended to bring about adaptability in life aimed at bringing about a self confidence and picking of humane virtues.” (AIR 1987-SC 659).

In spite of all this, children’s rights are being violated must blatantly. Child labour is a common right in kiln, construction work, in restaurants, in shops, in houses, in factories and almost everywhere.

The poor children whom their parents cannot feed but want extra hands to augment the income of the family are exploited by the vested interests. It is their time to attend the school and they should not be deprived of their genuine right to education. The UN too admits certain rights of children like right to education, right to be well-treated and nursed properly etc. At an important meeting, the following rights of children were recognized:

i. improvement in buildings of schools;
ii. provision of modern facilities for practical subjects in schools;
iii. participation of students in assessments carried out by teachers;
iv. high standard in appointment of teachers;
v, provision of regular attendance of teachers;
vi. disciplinary action on teachers who force students to undergo tuitions;
vii. provision of facilities for games;
viii. promotion of cultural activities and establishment of libraries;

ix, strict implementation of child marriage and child labour laws;
x. mass awareness for equal opportunity in education for the girl child;
xi. free education for children of economically weaker families;
xii. elimination evils of society like liquor and gambling;
Xiii. special attention to the education of physically challenged children
Xiv. Saving of rivers and the environment;
XV. facilitation of guidance to children;
Xvi. participation of children in formulation of all policies related to development of children, and
Xvii. equal opportunity of education for children


If we have a close scrutiny of children’s demands, we will realize that they are the minimal and are genuine. Nobody can deny that for the healthy growth of society, it is imperative that we should have healthy and well-informed, enlightened children. It is of utmost importance that the children should be allowed to have an all-round development of their personality which is possible only if they get a congenial atmosphere at home and school and all facilities for proper growth without any let or hindrance.


If the children have to study in a class-room even devoid of proper ventilation and the minimum facilities such as fans, fluorescent tubes and even a black-board as in many Government primary schools, how can children be expected to grow into good students fit for higher studies matching international standards ? The study conducted by Prof. Amartya Sen, the Nobel Laureate under a special programme PROBE revealed that a very large number of schools in our country lacked such minimum facilities and had either dilapidated buildings or no buildings at all.

We know that many so-called public schools charge high fees and donation money from students’ parents and give almost nothing in return. They appoint substandard teachers who are not even qualified for their jobs. What justice can these teachers do? Then s0 many teachers Compel children to engage them privately for tuitions at their residence. For this, the students’ parents have to shell out more money.

Poor parents, indeed ! What cay they do ? They are helpless.

Gone are the days when the teachers were a dedicated lot. But the teachers grievances also seem genuine. They are not paid salaries equal to their qualifications. And even those meagre salaries are not paid regularly.So, they have to find out other means for subsistence. Let us all work honestly to let our children grow into great men and Omen.


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