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Essay on My Grandmother

Fortunate are those who get the love and affection of their  grandparents. Having stayed with my grandma, I consider myself as a part of the same league. Though a picture of simplicity herself, she adorns and transforms everything she touches.

My grandmother has always been my pillar of strength. A selfless lady completely devoted towards her family, she dotes on her grandchildren endlessly and I am the apple of her eyes. She fed me with her hands till I attained the age of 5 and looked after me while my parents were away at work. She was the first friend I made in life. She took me out for walks, played ludo with me, took me to the swings and read poems aloud to me from my primary textbooks.

Now, physically frail and not as energetic as she used to be, she still musters up all her energy to listen to me and cooks me my favourite dishes. She is the first person with whom I share all my problems and confide in everyday. She is my best friend, my best advisor and my inspiration.

Truly a woman of substance, it is astonishing how she keeps her head up high and her spirits strong through everything. At home, she helps me with my studies, she guides me and mentors me. Whenever I am low, it is only her that I look upto to lift my spirits. She makes all my giant-sized problems seem dwarfed.

Not just for me but she is the strongest lady for the entire family. She never gives up hope and always lets hope stay afloat in our minds. Today, having grown up, I feel very attached to my grandmother and reciprocate the love and affection she gave me in childhood and still continues to give.I make it a point to spend some time with her daily. I talk to her, read out extracts from our holy books to her and prepare tea for her every evening.

I also make her listen to devotional songs and allow her to watch episodes of her favourite mythological serials on my laptop. However, these things are seemingly very trivial in comparison to all that she has done for me.

A paragon of virtues and an epitome of motherhood, my grandmother silently bears any pain or discomfort that she is going through and never lets us know that she is not feeling well.

She does not demand anything from us but is her self avery dear possession-a God sent angel for us. Her old age does not stop her from standing up for her family in times of trial.

She gets pained when any of her grandchildren falls sick and prays for their getting well again. She finds joy in giving even her share of fast food or ice cream (which she really relishes) to her grandchildren. She finds joy in seeing her grandchildren doing well in studies, staying in the best of health and happy.

I proudly say that it is my grandmother who has taught us through her behaviour and code of conduct, what love and compassion actually mean.

The milk of affection and care never stops flowing from her heart. She might wither with age, with her body shrinking and wrinkles deepening but her heart is still replete with all the evergreen virtues which refuse to wither with her age.


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