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Hello Friend This is special category for our small reader who study in school. If they looking for english essay for their school homework or any kind of english essay article then this special category might help you all guyz. in this article we will share Essay on Science in English for all class children and  student. Initially we have published 700 word article for Essay on Essay on Science.

Essay on Science in english

Check out Essay on Science in english

Before the birth of civilization, man was an ape, but even then he strived to overcome the fear in himself. He always wanted to unfold the wonders of nature. His curious nature always showed him the way of survival.

H un race and scientific understanding developed side by side. Willingness of self preservation and the utmost wish to out-do the work of nature took him to find shelter in caves and later on in developed cottages, houses, and then villages.  ‘Necessity is the mother of invention.

It is true, as the early man wrapped himself with bark of trees and skin of dead animals to save himself from extreme Cold. He also found a way to protect himself from the natural elements and wild animals.

Man discovered fire by observing that a certain stone when rubbed with another, produces fire. He started to roast the meat with this fire. He learnt to grow grain by observing that thrown grains sprout into plants, which later give similar grains. These grains satisfied his hunger, from here agriculture took birth, with the invention of metallurgy, metal tools came into existence.

Primary needs of food, shelter and clothing turned his attention towards sun, moon, stars etc. This developed the science of Astronomy. His awareness about waterfalls, rivers, flowers, trees etc. made hd nature loving and developed the science of the arts:

This awareness and scientific inventions together made small villages grew into large civilizations. This civilization bought social, moral and cultural development also. Men became a social animal. He became more curious to learn new things. Scientific developments made him more civilized.

Thus, it can truly be said that civilization grew on the balanced development of science, technology and awareness and interest for aesthetical qualities of mankind.

Check out Essay on Science in english

We are living in the beautiful world of Science. Modern discoveries and inventions of Science have increased human comforts and happiness. Things which were like a dream in the past are now the tools in the hands of modern people.

Electricity, aeroplanes, motor-car, high rise buildings, bridges, dams, compact disc players, laser technology and many other inventions are considered as marvels of twenty first century.

Each of these inventions in its own manner have revolutionized the human existence. The fear of distance is faded away. Airplanes, Jet Planes are the things, which have bought together the countries. We can take our breakfast in Delhi, lunch in U.K and dinner in U.S.A. The distance of months is covered in minutes.

Electricity is the most important invention of Science. At home, it has filled our lives with Comforts (G\sers, mixers, juicers, washing Machines, microwaves Cooking ranges, vacuum cleaners and Countless Other appliances start working Within a minute.

They complete the household WOrk. In the field of transportation, science has provided us electric-Car Trains, metro rails, which move with great speed. The wonders of science have proved a boor in the medical field als). Improved machines like CAT Scans, particle accelerators, electron microscope, erZyme analyzers, X-ray machines and laser’s etc, have opened .. new doors for Scientists and the medical practitioners.

Science has given us wonderful means of entertainment also. Cinema, radio, television, gramophone and photography are true means of recreation. Television sets enable is not only to listen but also to see the face of our favorite Celebrity.

Science is proving very beneficial ift the field of agriculture and industry also. With the help of tractors, farmers can plough land, SOw seeds, reap harvest. Tube walls, chemical fertilizers all are helpful in increasing the capacity of production.

it can truly be said that life today is determine by the inventions, of science. Scientists are invent a new thing everyday for our Convenience.

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 Essay on Science in english


Today We are nitely a too! in the hands of science. It has changed the World around us, It has brought comforts in 011। 1iVPS, It has shorted distances, OVerCame the fatal (1iseases, improved 10 agriculture and the life-style of modern mer1.  But, every Coin has other side also. Science also has 17egative effects. Many cruel methods of destroying the human race have been developed.

Germs for killing innocent Victims through the increase of epidemics, ३om and hydrogen bombs, tanks, gins, missiles all are the creation of the minds of scientists

Science has brought a revolutionary change in the field of industry. It invented so many machines. New industrial centers are established. People are rushing towards big Cities, which is creating the problem of sanitations and housing In the field of medicine, Science has done Wonders, but these medicines have given birth to many unknown diseases.

Science has produced very effective pistols, automatic assault rifles, recOilless guns. There are armoured cars, tanks and cannons also. Tanks are Just like moving fortresses. These weapons not only Kill people. They also harm the people standing near the victim, Today’s terrorists’ activities, horns blasts all are the gifts of science.

The introduction of machinery has given birth 0 Capitalism. It has divided mankind into tW0 classes-capitalists and labourers. The result is that the rich becomes richer and poor becomes poorer. In search of better medicines, science has destroyed many innocent animals, fishes and birds. These creatures have been extensively experimented openly by in the laboratories.

In this way, Science has given us power, not vision, knowledge, not judgment. Modern man is forgetting the moral values. He is running after leisure. He is becoming a machine. He is becoming selfish and mean.

But, science is not only responsible for this destruction. Science is a tool in the hands of mankind. It depends on us if we ourselves become tools or use the science as a tool.


 Essay on Science in english


Science is both boon and bane for the human race. It is responsible for the deaths of several innocents because of atom bombs, chemical weapons and germ warfare etc. but it has saved many lives because of the invention of miraculous medicines, machines and operations.

The contribution of Science to the health care systems are very important. The dark age was a age when many innocent people died due to superstitions, witch-Craft, insanitary living conditions, infection, epidemics and lack of medical facilities.

The scientists in that period had to face tough resistance from the people, People were narrow- minded and were not ready to accept new advancements. It took a long-time to change the viewpoint of people.

Now the inventions of various vaccines for various diseases like smallpox, cholera, typhoid etc. helped several children from dying or becoming a handicap. The greatest discovery is of Penicillin by the famous scientist, Dr. Flemming. Now antibiotics have brought a great revolution in health care.

The cure of broken bones has become a routine process. ECG Machines, X-rays, Ultrasonography, CAT scans and many other machines are helping the doctors in curing the diseases. Now efficient doctors are able to cut open a human organ in order to remove the diseased portion. Now doctors are so eligible that they can replace a human heart, kidney or even a finger.

Now the medical science has taken a further step. Microscopic, laser and intrusive surgery is proving a milestone. Operations through these techniques require the patient to remain in the hospital only for a very short period.

It can be Concluded by saying that science has 8en us mental peace because doctors have ailment of all diseases.

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