Vodafone USSD Code List for 2g 3g Net Balance Check Data Check

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Well with the coming of so many networks it has really become difficult to choose any one network amongst the rest. The main fight is only over the plans and better internet and calling facilities. Vodafone and Airtel are the top networks been used by many of the citizens in the country. Therefore Vodafone has actually become most popular when it comes to choose some of the best calling and internet data plans.

To know the data plans you can go through the Vodafone USSD code that will give you the legit information regarding the plans being offered. 

Vodafone Ussd Codes List

Vodafone USSD Code

To know where is data plans whether it’s for messaging, for calling or for Internet it is really necessary that you should know the correct Vodafone codes.

Therefore below given is the Vodafone USSD codes list that will help you to ensure that you are placing the write code in order to know the following details as per your plans.

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The numerous ways that can help you to know your data, as well as the plan that is being run on your network however in case you are not able to use the internet facility for your provider the USSD codes, are the best and immediate response for a balance check.

Vodafone USSD Codes FunctionVodafone USSD Codes
Vodafone Balance Check *141# or *111#
Vodafone Net Balance *111*6# or *111*5*2# or SMS DATA BAL to 144
Vodafone Net Balance ussd codes*141*9#
Vodafone Number Check  ussd codes*111*2# or *8888# or 164
Vodafone Best Offer codes*111*8# or *121#
Vodafone Balance Transfer *131*<Amount>*<Receiver No.>#
Vodafone Internet Balance *111*6# or SMS “DATA BAL” to 144


Vodafone balance check code

To know the Vodafone Net balance check code is available here. If you want to check Airtel 3G net balance you can also go through another article that will give you all the USSD code required for the Airtel balance check.

Vodafone USSD Codes List USSD Codes Detail
Vodafone Balance Check Ussd codes (Talktime Balance)*141# or *111#
Vodafone Internet Balance Check*111*6# or *111*5*2# or SMS DATA BAL to 144
Vodafone Call Balance*145#
Vodafone Minutes Balance*148#
Vodafone 3G/4G Balance*111*5*2#
Vodafone 3G/4G Data Card Balance*111*5*2#
Vodafone Data Balance*111*6#
Vodafone 2G Balance*141*9#
Vodafone GPRS BalanceSend SMS “GPRS” to 144 or *111*6#
Vodafone Night GPRS Balance*123*8#
Vodafone Number Check*111*2# or *8888# or 164
Vodafone Video Call Balance*123*9#
Vodafone SMS Pack Activation or Balance*142# or *123*1#
Vodafone Rate Cutter*121*10#
Vodafone Roaming Minutes and Validity*142#
Vodafone Special Tariff Packs*145#
Vodafone Data Plans Activation*111*6*1#
Vodafone Balance Transfer ussd codes*131*<Amount>*<Reciever No.>#
Vodafone Data Transfer Code*131*<Amount>*<Reciever No.># (same as above)
Vodafone Value Combo Activation Ussd code*123*2#
Vodafone DND Activation1909
Vodafone Alerts*123#
Vodafone Hello Tunes5525 or 54206090
Vodafone to Vodafone Night Minutes balance check ussd codes*147#
Vodafone Check Night Minutes*157#
Vodafone Best Offers Ussd codes*111*8#
Vodafone Latest Offer121
Vodafone Special offer*121#
Vodafone 3G Activation PrepaidSend SMS “ACT 3G” to 144
Vodafone Low Balance Services*111*9#
Vodafone 3G Activation Postpaid USSD CodesSend SMS “ACT 3G” to 111
Vodafone Movie Masala Alerts*123*1#
Vodafone Usage Allowance Ussd codes*111*6*2#
Vodafone Bonus Card Ussd codes*111*7#
Vodafone Delight Services*111*1#
Vodafone Last 3 Call Ussd codes*111*3*1#
Vodafone Last 3 SMS Ussd codes*111*3*2#
Vodafone Last Charges*111*4#
Vodafone Last 3 Recharges*111*5#
Vodafone One Day GPRS Pack USSD Codes*121*05#
Vodafone Customer Care Number111 or 9400024365


Make sure that you are placing the correct USSD code. USSD code is a unique code that has been allotted to every network in order to place the right information. Therefore you all have seen codes such as *121#, *112# etc. All these are the USSD codes and every network provides a unique code for the allotted plants.

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Vodafone data check code

Well these days everyone is using internet plans and it has really become necessary that every smartphone is carrying an internet plan within.

However, since people are using internet on a daily basis one really needs to limit the plan. So usually networks are coming for one day or weekly plans that give them limited data.

Suppose you are using a plan that gives you 1 GB data on a daily basis. If you wish to download any movie and want to know how much data is left on your phone you can simply dial the USSD code as per your given network and can check the details.

Know your Vodafone data check code from the given list above.

Vodafone Call Balance *145#
Vodafone Minutes Balance *148#
Vodafone Net Balance 3G*111*5*2#
Vodafone Net Balance 2G*111*5*2#
Vodafone Data Balance *111*6#
Vodafone Net Balance *141*9#
Vodafone GPRS Balance *111*6# or Send SMS “GPRS” to 144
Vodafone Night GPRS Balance *123*8#
Vodafone Video Call Balance *123*9#


So if you are facing up with your internet plans are you want to know your daily data plans or calling details you can easy dial the USSD codes and get everything on a single click.

Also if you wish to know the Airtel net balance check you can also go through the Airtel USSD code in the previous article. We hope that the information was useful.

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