Essay on Urbanisation in india for Student & Children

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Essay on urbanisation in india


the trend of urbanisation has been flourishing in the country for the last ten decades.

A socio-economic process by which an increasing proportion of population of an area becomes concentrated in towns and cities. urbanisation is constantly rising with each passing year.. This phenomenon of migration and concentration in urban area has affected almost all aspects of life in India.

The process of urbanisation can be attributed to a number of factors. The chief reason is industrialisation and better employment opportunities that make people migrate to cities. In rural sector, people mainly depend on agriculture, hence, in order to seek better employment chances, people migrate to urban areas. Secondly, social status such as attraction of cities, better standard of living and better educational facilities, need for status also induce people to migrate to cities.

Lastly, modernisation lure people to cities. However, the increased rate of urbanisation has had both positive and negative impact for the cities, the migrants and the urban population. Positive effects are employment to the rural people, educational facilities and better transportation in cities. However, unchecked and indiscriminate urbanisation has had adverse effects too.!

The ill-effects of urbanisation that plague, the country are many. First is over – population. Concentration of population has resulted in accommodation issues, growth of slums, etc. The second major threatening repercussion is the increase in crime rates. Theft dacoity, murder, cheating, rape and eve-teasing have become common in urban areas. Also, pollution from industries or by excessive movement of vehicles has also increased. Apart from that, discrimination against the rural population and the feel g of inferiority always remains among them.

Thus, an end has to be put to continued migration. For this, there is a need to develop the rural areas too. For this, first of all, industries should be set up there, along with schools and colleges. Next, there should be sophisticated shopping complexes and market place in backward areas.

This will not only provide employment opportunities there but will also put an end to migration due to the desire of living in a modern place as the creation and betterment infrastructure will ensure modernisation of these backward areas.


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