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Hello Friend This is special category for our small reader who study in school. If they looking for english essay for their school homework or any kind of english essay article then this special category might help you all guyz. in this article we will share Essay on Pollution in English for children and student . Initially we have published 1000 word article on Pollution

Essay on Pollution in English

Pollution is a Cause of grave Concern for the whole of mankind. The last Century has seen the rise of this menace assume gigantic proportions, So much so, that it has spread its tentacles to envelope the entire nature and the world.

Pollution is popularly categorised as air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution respectively.

Air pollution is that form of pollution which refers to the Contamination of air, irrespective of indoors or outdoors. It OCCurs when harmful gases, dust and smoke enter into the atmosphere and make it unhealthy for humans, animals and plants as the air becomes dirty. Air pollution is a by-product of the unprecedented industrial growth that we have seen in the last few decades.

The establishment of large scale factories belching out smoke, furies and chemically hazardous waste, has now started having a telling effect on the environment. This Coupled with the unprecedented growth of automobiles and the ever-increasing human population, are some of the factors that are making air pollution a cause for Concern.

The effects of air pollution are all pervasive. The immediate Consequence is the reduction in Oxygen content in the air, the release of potentially harmful gases causing asthma and even lung cancer, They also damage plants and crop yields. Global warming and ozone depletion are other fallouts of the same.

Similarly, water pollution is the contamination of water bodies ( example lakes, rivers, Cans, aquifers and groundwater). Water pollutions occurs when chemical wastes and plastic are directly or indirectly discharge into Water bodies without adequate treatment 10 move he harmful compounds, It has led to dwindling aquatic life in rivers and oceans. This also adversely affects the soil where river water is used for irrigation,

The third Category which is noise pollution is the presence of occasion noise that may harm the activity or balance of human or animal life, The Source of most Outdoor noise worldwide is mainly machines and transportation system-motor Vehicles, aircrafts and trains.

Noise pollution Can Cause hypertension, high stress levels, hearing loss, sleep disturbances and other harmful effects. The threat from all the three kinds of pollution looms large before the Earth putting at risk the healthy existence of life.

It is essential to Control all the three forms of pollution. To control air pollution, environmentalists Suggest emission norms for vehicles and industries. Also, extending and preserving the green cover is one of the measures to Combat air pollution as trees inhale carbon dioxide and release Oxygen into the air.

Besides, the Indian government has also set emission caps for industries. To Control water pollution, the government has set-up enforcement and monitoring agencies to oversee that industrial Waste is discharged into water bodies only after proper treatment. The government has also taken steps to abate noise from industries through licensing etc and discouraging honking, late night loud music etc.

While the government is doing its bit to Combat all kinds of pollution, it is also Our responsibility to lend a helping hand in this monumental task.

It is Common to Curse nature when it comes to devastation due to its unpredictability but this is something we owe to ourselves and to our future generations, for this evil if not kept under check can obliterate life on Earth.


Essay on Pollution in English

Essay on Pollution in English

One of the gravest challenges facing the mankind is that of pollution. Every part of the World is faced with this problem of pollution. Of all the pollutions air pollution, land pollution, noise pollution and water pollution are the most striking ones that call for immediate remedial steps But from the way we are all going about the solution does not appear to be forthcoming soon. Our preoccupation with development to keep pace with rapidly globalising economy has caused immense damage to the ecology giving rise to all kinds of pollution. Indiscriminate de forestation has exposed us to the worst kind of pollution.

Today, the air we breathe is poisonous with so little oxygen. The water we drink is contaminated and full of germsNoise pollution seems to have turned the entire generation deaf. The air we breathe is no longer natural as we have soaked the oxygen elements from this air we breatheAir is the cause of many diseases that have emerged as the leading reasons for death in India. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has declared that air pollution causes lung cancer.

Major components of the poisoned air, according to IARC, are smoke, dust and other dirty by-products of road traffic factories and construction. They are called particulate matter and need to be classified as carcinogen. Carcinogen is a cancer-causing substance just  as tobacco as best os and ultraviolet radiations are.

Studies have shown how poisoned air leads to lower productivity and widespread ill-health enough to lower a nations output. Air pollution studies reveal, costs India about 30 billion dollar or 3% of GDP.

The depleting ozone layer has ensured we do not have access to pure and uncontaminated air or water. Air and water are the quintessence of life. They are basic needs and they were al ways available free in the natureIt is no longer. Our greed and rapaciousness have destroyed themAir pollution is one of the major ecological problems mankind is faced with. Since we can not control the air we breathe, this is the most dangerous pollution of all.

All big cities pose serious air pollution problem as they emit smoke from chimneys which mingles with the air we breathe. Smoke emitted from vehicles is another source of air pollution.

Noise pollution is another dangerous menace It impairs our hearing organ. Most of the city dwellers are deficient in hearing constant blar ing of horns, loud playing of music at public places contribute to massive discomfiture to human organs besides shooting up blood pressure, sleep loss mental retardation and other physical disabilities Water pollution causes serious health problems. The chief contributor to water pollution is the city severage and industrial waste discharged into river beds. Kanpur and Delhi are classic examples in this category In fact, all cities sufer from this basic problem.

We have simply not developed any system to scientifically dis pose of our industrial waste and we have no anSwer to severage problems Consequently, these pollutants enter the groundwater, rivers and other water bodies and we are forced to consume the same contaminated water. The same contaminated water also enters our vegetables and other agricultural produce And through them it enters our body making our bodies susceptible to diseases of various kinds.


Our disposable wastes instead of being dis posed of scientifically are thrown or dumped just anywhere The excessive use of chemicals in the soil and indiscriminate felling of trees, destruction of natural habitats of our wild animals also cause land pollution. If we do not take steps to replenish our forest cover with trees and natural habitats the earth may lose its life sustaining ingredients.

Pollution has made the environment unit for living. It is hazardous for health. It causes dis eases that take heavy toll. Crackers burst during festivals especially during Diwali festivals hugely contribute to air and noise pollution Its baneful effect is being gradually realised and children are taking lead in dissuading people from exploding crackers. This is a good Sign.


To put a check on pollution, we need to stop deforestation and start a campaign of afforestation in big way Our immediate concern should be to plant as many trees as possible. Our approach towards containment of industrial waste has to be more scientific Chambers should be made to trap smoke particles Gases should be discharged only through exhaust pipes and should be released high up in the sky Chemical industries should be strictly prohibited in the vicinity of rivers and waste materials should be subjected to anti pollution treatment.

Likewise, noise pollution too must be tackled with firmness. The violators should be heavily taxed or penalised At the same time attempts should also be made to contain population as the rising population eats into the diminishing resources.

This also contributes to pollution. Over the last decade, the vulnerability of Indians to overall pollution has increased greatlyIn a World Bank report released in July 2013, India ranked 126 out of 132 countries graded for environmental performance, behind China, Pakistan and Bangladesh. For the effects of air pollution on its citizens, India ranked last. This is a wake up call for India that must be taken in all serious neSS .


There is denying that government needs to take credible action to reduce pollution, particularly the air pollution as there is poison in every breath we take. Critics have lashed out at the poor governance and pro-capitalist industries that have left our cities highly polluted.

The fact that Delhi, the national capital of India, features among the top five critically polluted cities runs counter to government’s claim of improving air quality through various initiatives Credible actions are required from the government and public which will yield results in the long run.

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