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Hello Friend This is special category for our small reader who study in school. If they looking for english essay for their school homework or any kind of english essay article then this special category might help you all guyz. in this article we will share Globalisation Essay in English for all classs children and  student . Initially we have published 300 word and 1000 word article for Globalisation.


Essay on Globalisation in English

Essay on Globalisation

The way the word globalisation is referred to these days it makes one wonder if it is some thing new and unheard of. That however is not the case The word might evoke concerns of var ious kinds in various minds but as a concept it is not new Only the thrust is new The fear that it couldlead to economic and therefore political hegemony of some is also misplaced. It can lead to no such hegemony whether in physical or in ideological form if we understand the underlying spirit of globalisation.

Economic globalisation was practised by our ancestors too. Simply understood, it is the con cept of one globe one market. Earlier to0 when the civilisation was in its cradle, people did busi ness with people from all over the world. The only constraint then was the establishment of contact. There was no business taboo of any kind. The only issue was of how to reach all parts of the world. Man by nature is nomadic.

It is this nature of mankind that has made civilisation or globalisation a possibilityIf man were not a nomad, the world would not have made the kind of progress it hasThe greatest example of this is the United States of America. There are fewer original Americans than those who settled there from different parts of the globe and made America their home This is the effect of global isation with a difference This globalisation that we are discussing now is different from the one just cited above because this globalisation deals mainly with trading relations and activities with all barriers dismantled.

This globalisation is as old as history of mankind, beginning with the great migrations (man is nomadic by naturehe will settle any where in pursdit of livelihood) of people across the great land mass. But the process in the past was slow and fraught with risks and dangers Risks and dangers never inhibited man from the pursuit, but speed was certainly an important factor. But today we live in a different world.

The technology has made it possible to reach out to any part of the globe in a jify Communication has become so fast that we and our products can reach any part of the globe without any difficulty at all. This has lent a new mean ing to globalisation. The globe has truly become squeezed into a ball. Globalisation derives special meaning and content from this fast and subtle means of communication.

This need not be seen as a disadvantage even if for the time being we are not able to match the ability of some nations in providing cheap andeasy merchandise For in stance, China has flooded our localmarkets with their goods It may be a momentary setback, but in thelong runit may and it should prove benefi cial. It is a challenge to our ingenuity to produce better merchandise at a lesser cost.

Globalisation is expected to generate the spirit of competition which is so important in todays liberalised economyIf it were not for global isation, our information technology would not have made an inroad into the world market.

Today we are the best and the most sought-after IT providers in the world. It has given a fillip to our economy and it has provided better job op portunities to our own wards that have excelled. They have excelled thanks to globalisation Today’s world is so well connected that it is no longer possible to remain isolated from one another.

We can no longer stay shielded from the impact of what happens in other parts of the world. If 9/11 happened in the US, it im pacted the entire world. If Tsunami happened in the Andaman and Nicobar Islandsit impacted the other parts of the world as well. 26/11 hap pened in India, but several other countries were impacted by it and are still feeling the heat of the sameThe economic slowdown that began in the US and Europe has left every country of the World affected.

Globalisation is both a process and a phenome non. The two will have to be understood in their entirety. Breaking down of distances measured by time is an important factor and it is a phenomenon that marks globalisationThis phe nomenon far from getting slowed down will fur ther intensify as we make more technological ad- vancesWe have to live with this phenomenon.

In fact, we should adjust ourselves expeditiously with this phenomenon so that we can reap the benefits that would accrue there from. Adjusting to these technological advances is what we call process.

This process has to be continual if we are to constantly reap the benefits of globalisa tionIt is a never-ending processit is a dynamic process. Each country of the world is a part of this process and it must be the endeavour of each one of them to ready itselfto meet the chal lenges and opportunities provided by these challenges -so that it is not bypassed by the massive institutional and technological changes that are taking place so rapidly.

Globalisationas a process is expected to absorb these changes. To expect that globalisation as a process will have the same and equal impact on all parts of the world will be expecting too much Nothing can ensure uniformity There are various rea sons for that.

Much of it depends on the absorp tion capacity of each nation and that usually depends on the economic structure and political frame and Work of individual countries besides the entrepreneurial traits of the citizens of the countriesNo two countries are identical in their economic structurespolitical patternsand in entrepreneurial skills Market mix also varies from state to state and from country to country making uniformity a distant dream

However, it is no longer possible to remain insulated from the rest of the world. Today it is possible to have a common thread running through all economic systems. While this will enable us to enjoy the fraits of a multi-civilised world, it will also expose us to the attendant risks. That is the quintessence of globalisation which we must be ready to countenance.


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