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Hello Friend ,This is special category for our small reader who study in school. If they looking for english essay for their school homework or any kind of english essay article then this special category might help you all guyz. in this article we will share My Best Friend in English for children and student . Initially we have published 500 word article for My Best Friend

 Essay on My Best Friend

Essay on My Best Friend (100 word)

i have many friends. I like all of them.  But Madhuri is my best friend. She is a good and nice girl. Both of us study in the same school and same class. She lives next door to me, therefore, we are neighbours. We go to the school together. We sit on the same desk.  She is good at studies. We read together. She always helps me in studies. She stands first in the class. The teachers love her. They have made her the monitor of our class.

She is also a good player. She wins prizes every year.  She obeys the teachers and parents. She is an honest girl. She has good manners and helps the weak students of the class. She is regular and punctual. She is an ideal friend, monitor and neighbour. I am proud of her.

Essay on My Best Friend in? English


What is a friend?’A single sould welling in two bodies’


A friend in need is a friend indeed. This famous saying holds trueA true friend never sees only our good days and good deeds but he stands by us even on the darkest days of our life. I have many friends in my school and neighbourhood but my best friend is Ayaan.

He studies in my classWe have been friends since class one. He is the kind of friend who helps me through times of trouble and strife. The magic of his company brightens up my dayHe is good in academics and is the monitor of the class. Besides studies he is equally good in all extra-curricular activities. My parents also adore him a lot. During recess time, we often share our tif in together.

He protects me from all the bullies of the class. Whenever I am absent from school, he updates me regularly with notes and homework. He ensures that I keep up with the school work There is so much I learn from him each dayHe is m inspiration and motivation to do well in studies He always encourages me to take part in school games and literary activities.

His friendship is a miracle that dwells within our heartsI treasure his friendship as a priceless gift which cannot be bought or sold. He puts a smile on my face when ever I am wearing a frown.

I have learnt that there are fair weather friends, People will be with you only in good times and desert you the moment your chips are down. A good friend stands besides you in good stead all throughout your life. A true friend is someone

who recognises the value of friendship and holds it’s sacred. Friendship is a journey that is crossed with feet of faithA bridge that is built with hands of truth. My friendship with my friend has been all of this to me. Friends are the icing on life’s great big cake the flowers in the garden of life .

Soft spoken countenance and dignity with which Ayaan conducts himself shows his good culture and upbringing. Even though he is from a middle class family his fundamental and beliefs are very strong. I can trust him after my parents.

Our friendship is based on trust and loyalty I know there is always a friend who can lis- ten to youa person who will always make you feel goodSomeone says that hope ends when you stop dreaming of friends, life ends when you start stop believing in friends.

A true friend is like a seed, the more you care for it, the more it growsFor me when my friend Ayaan came into my life, it was the best day of my life. I am proud to be his friend. He is indeed my best friend. When we ask God for a gift, be thankful if he sends not diamonds, pearls or riches, but love of a real true friend

Friendship is a paradise that is created by hearts of gold. It is a story that will never grow oldLike earth is incomplete without water, that’s how incomplete we are without our FRIENDS.


Essay on My Best Friend

One can have any number of friends if one has money and the will to lead a glamorous life. It is commonly said that thieves always make good friends among themselves. But it is difficult to have many friends and then those good ones if one doesn’t have enough money and the will to compromise with one’s integrity, dignity and self- respect.

I am a fortunate one and must be considered a rare person who has so many friends and most of them quite good ones. It is always dangerous to indulge in self adulation. But it is at least a matter of pride for me to realize the veracity of the dictum: “Birds of a feather flock together. It will be presumptuous if I claim that there must be Something good in me that has enabled me to attract good friends towards me.

Though I have many friends, yet my best friend is Saleem. Needless to say, a good friend must be a good person and this is whatSaleem is, though he does not belong to an affluent family, nor do I belong to one. I do not acquiesce to the view that only riches can make good friends. It is my personal view that even more than riches, one’s credibility, uprightness, spirit of sacrifice, mutual trust and sincere support at the time of crises make good friends.

What should one export of a good friend, particularly from a friend whom one calls one’s b६ friend? I think, he must have all the great virtues of a Common anI must be truthful, hons, Cooperative, self-effacing, Non consider at, sympathetic, and above all, a person of high moral character and the One who keeps his pronmls at any cost. He must be a reliable, highly dependable person. As for broken reds, they are so commonly roaming about in streets that you cannot Count then like the stars in the sky. A]l the positive qualities are there in Saleem and all the negative qualities are Singularly absent.

Saleena is an early rising bird. He doggedly pursues the Saying Early to bed and early to rise, Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” He goes out for a walk in the morning and regularly takes exercise. Consequently he is healthy and glowing with a pinky face, loving warmth, pleasant demeanour and a cool head.

If is said that a period of adversity is an acid test for friends, and this is how Saleem stands tested positively and that without any Such deliberation on my part.

Unfortunately a few years ago, my father lost everything in business. Then he met with a serious accident. We had no means for keeping the pot boiling. Even the treatment of our father became a problem for us. All the members of our family decided to get electricity and telephone Sets disconnected and even began to sell our household goods. Our T.V. and refrigerator were sold off. We had even decided to for eg0 one meal daily.

We had not informed Saleem about all this. Per chance he visited our house. He was shocked to see all this. The next day became with a small bag containing Rs. 50000 and compelled me to accept it. He got back our TV, set and refrigerator and also got for us the electricity and telephone Connections restored. The reader must have rightly cined that Saleem moved heaven and earth to get my father cured. and he indeed, was hale and hearty in a few days.

in fact, Saleem was then a stranger to us. He had visited our house as a salesman of a washing machine company. We had promised him that we would purchase one. He himself was not in good financial health. He sold for us his plot of land. This is how we became friends. He is my alter ego and I am ready to sacrifice my life for him. I have no more words to describe his goodness.




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