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essay on Role of the Police

Essay on Role of the Police in English

The police is an important law-enforcing agency. It plays such an important role in our life which we hardly care to recognise. Most of us often blame the police for all our law and order and other problems. We hardly try to realize that in spite of all the deficiencies in the police system, most of which are at the individual or personal level and not at the system level, it is the police which is mainly instrumental in maintaining law and order and continuing to establish peace in our social set-up.

The most important thing for our existence and progress is safety which implies law and order. “Without safety,” as CEMJoad points out, “those higher activities of mankind which make upcivilization could not goon. The inventor could not invent, the scientist find out or the artist make beautiful things.” The learned scholar goes on to say,” Hence order and safety although they are not themselves civilisation, are things without which civilisation would be impossible.”

Thus, we can say, the police while maintaining law and order and safety, in fact, helps in the continuity and furtherance of the cause of one civilisation, Joad also says, “if today T have aquarrel with another man,I do not get beaten merely because i am physically weaker and he can knock me down. I go to law, and the law will decide as fairly as it | can between the two of us.”

However, before going to the law straightaway, we have to lodge… an FIR with the police and thus the role of the police becomes crucial It is the police that first of all nabs the thieves, burglars, murderere pickpockets and other anti-social elements and produces them to the court which decides the matter according to the law of the land Says further Mr. Joad, “Moreover, the law protects me from robbery and violence. Nobody may come and break into my house steal my goods, or run off with my children. Of course, there are burglars, but they are very rare, and the law punishes them whenever it catches them.”

It is true that sometimes policemen are found conniving with the antisocial elements. Sometimes, they are found to be corrupt and they take bribes too. But, the practice may not be as widely wide- spread as it is believed to be. Moreover, even such corrupt cops are punished in the courts of law whenever they are caught or brought to public or legal or judicial exposure by the victims or the public at large.

Hence, it is not proper to make a sweeping statement that all the policemen are corrupt, dishonest and have associations with undesirable sections of society, though some of them may be belonging to this category.

It is very important for us to cooperate with the police in nabbing the anti-social elements. Every law and order problem must instantaneously be reported to the police. Whenever a policeman tries to harass a person, the matter must be brought to the notice of the higher authorities.

Since Independence, a number of Police Commissions have recommended police reforms. Let their recommendations be given concrete shape. Further reforms in the police should be brought about. The criminalisation, and politicisation of the police force  n must be stopped. Proper training should be provided to the police personnel, not only in the matter of bringing to book the anti-social elements brutal so in the matter of interacting with the people. Let us have a look at some models such as Kiran Bedi and KI Gill and stop to paintall policemen as blackguards.

Kiran Bedi, the Magasaysay Award winner particularly can inspire not only women and people in general but also all cops in particular who should try to emulate her. As incharge of the Delhi Tihar jail, she had brought several reforms which were appreciated not only by the authorities that be and the public, brutal so by the prisoners themselves. Many of them were given lessons in yoga and meditation and were changed from hardcore criminals into meek law abiding citizens. Such is her loving, docile touch.

London police is known for its politeness and help and succour which it provides to the helpless and the needy. Let our cops take a leaf out of the London Police. It is heartening to note that great effort are being made to reform the police system.Our police personnel are even going to foreign lands to provide training to the cops there. It is surprising that India who claims so many plus points in so many fields has been outmanoeuvered in the matter of police reforms.

report, based an survey carried out by an expert, “Pakistan has now clearly stolen a march over India by introducing major reforms in the organisation, structure and working of its police, with a view to fully depoliticising it. Ironically, most of the reforms are based on the recommendations of our own National Police Commission. While we have only allowed the eight excellent reports submitted by the NPC as far back as 1981 to gather dust, Pakistan has quietly.gone ahead and freed their policemen from political control by enacting the Pakistan Police Ordinance, 2001.”


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