Essay on Fashion Mania for children & Student @ 2020

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Hello Friend This is special category for our small reader who study in school. If they looking for english essay for their school homework or any kind of english essay article then this special category might help you all guyz. in this article we will share Essay on Fashion Mania for all class children and  student.

Essay on Fashion Mania

Essay on Fashion Mania


Fashion adherence has become a rage amongst the youth. They Fab have become really conscious of their physical appearance and want to look best even when they are sleeping. As they say “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”, today’s youth has the blind desire to follow all the latest trends. Both boys and girls of this fashion forward age are seen experimenting with all kinds of clothes and shades. Men dressed in colourful pants or graphic t-shirts is very common sight. Equally common is to see girls carrying neon coloured bags, wearing bright pumps.

To change one’s clothes and style with the changing trends has become the norm and the youth seems to have embraced it gladly. A year back or so, black was the colour of the season-black nail-paints, dresses, tops, shoes, accessories, everything in fashion was black. But as time changed, so did the trend, black moved out and brightness shifted in. Floral prints, metallic colours, bright bags, palazzo pants, jumpsuits-all had their turns in dominating teenagers’ wardrobe. Even shimmering phone covers or getting inked played their part in fashion statement.

This high degree of zeal to conform to the latest fashion is attributable to movies and movie stars. Yes, the youngsters today follow or copy the style statements of the celebrities they idolise. Especially, among teenagers, the craze for fashion is immense and for them being fashionable’ is their ticket to popularity.

However, in the recent years, the craze for fashion has become so extreme that it has assumed the form of obsession. Especially girls, sacrifice their comfort and go to all lengths including cosmetic surgeries to achieve their desired look. Botox, liposuction, nose job, etc., all have ill effects in the long run.

Also, it drifts them away from their studies as their physical appearance consumes all their attention. Besides, this concept of judging someone by his or her clothes has adverse social repercussions in the society. People should be valued for who and how they are as persons and not for what they wear. At the same time, conforming to a particular style just to impress others around at the cost of one’s comfort is not a healthy practice.

It is true that our appearance is something that builds our confidence, if we look good we feel good and that makes us happy. However, compromising to follow fashion blindly is not the right thing to do. In the end, all that matters is who we are and how we carry ourselves.


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