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Hello Friend This is special category for our small reader who study in school. If they looking for english essay for their school homework or any kind of english essay article then this special category might help you all guyz. in this article we will share essay on hostel life in English . Initially we have published 1000 word article for hostel life Essay.

Essay on hostel life

essay on hostel life


“East or west,
Home is the best.”


We need not dispute such staten lot dispute such statements. But life in a hostel is different from life at home. It has its advantages and disadvantages. At home, one lives under the supervision and guidance of parents and elders. In many homes where there is joint family system, ones grand parents also live in the same house. One’s brothers and sisters also live under the same roof. Sometimes, even uncles, aunts and one’s cousions may also be living in the same building.

At home, the elders give instructions to the children to do this or that and not to do something. A docile and obedient young boy or girl may accept it meekly and depend unquestionably on the wisdom of his/her parents and other elders. But, a more modernised youth, even though while obeying his/her parents, may feel some sort of interference in his way of thinking or acting.

On the other hand, in the hostel, one is free to act and behave as one likes except that he/she has to obey certain hostel rules under the supervision of the warden, who is at-least not present there every moment over his head.

At home, one rarely has a separate room for study except in very well-to-do families. Normally, one has to study along with his brothers and sisters in the same room. Thus, one cannot study according to one’s own desire. Sometimes, a particular time for study may not suit one of the siblings or one may like to go to bed at a particular time and the other one at a different time. There may be difference of opinion even in such minor matters as keeping the window shut or open, switching on or off the A.C., the cooler or the fan and so on.

In the hostel, often every student has a separate room, at-least, in higher institutions. And even if there is a mate, it is not very difficult to adapt and adjust. Often both the roommates are equally matured a there are very little chances of a dispute arising between them, at least, not over trivial matters. At home, the brothers, and sisters are not of the same age and have different standards of maturity. Thus, differences can arise more easily. Moreover, they have been living together for years and, we know that the children of the same family often quarrel among themselves over pety matters. This isa psychological fact as we know quite well that familiarity breeds contempt.

In the hostel, one rises and goes to bed according to one’s own free wish and will. This is one of the many reasons that some students do not like to go home even during the long summer vacation. In the hostel, one finds a great opportunity to make friends. If one has studied a book like “How to make friends and influence other people” by Carnegie or read Lord Bacon’s essay”Of Friends”, one can be in a greatly advantageous position in this venture. It is because one cannot develop deep friendship with every kind of hostler. One has to study the other person’s tastes, aims and aptitude and attitude to life

The hostel life gives a student a great opportunity to discuss varied topics such as some burning problem, some book or film or some idea.

Hostel life creates a healthy competition among the hostelers in the matter of studies, games and extracurricular activities. If one has a good reliable confidant, one can discuss even personal problems and hesitations with him/her.

There is no denying the fact that hostel life provides one a great opportunity to develop one’s personality. It inculcates in the mind of the students such virtues as love, sympathy, mutual cooperation, etc.

A student weak in studies may get the necessary help and guidance from his room-mate or some other hostler in the same wing As a matter of fact, as is often seen, students in a hostel live like one family. They have regular programmes of amusement, competitions such as general knowledge, science and other quizzes, ‘antakshri’, etc.

Sometimes, they may have eating competitions, and thus those students who suffer from chronic hunger, give up their shyness in the matter of eating and improve their health by increasing their diet. Moreover, in good hostels, particularly in hostels attached to medical and engineering and such other colleges, diet is often rich and balanced. It is also not very costly and is hygienic, as often such hostels run their canteen and cafeteria on cooperative basis, under the supervision of students themselves with overall supervision of the warden and other officials.

As in the case of eating, so in the case of public speaking, singing, debating, acting, etc. The students shed their shyness gradually and at last attain a fully developed personality. In the case of studies, careless students try to emulate their brighter colleagues and they also work hard to reach their level.

Of course, there are certain students who instead of gaining anything from the hostel life, in reality lose a lot. Such students waste their precious time in undesirable pursuits. For instance, they may get addicted to drugs, drinking, smoking, gambling or seeing too many movies. They live and move in bad company and play drakes and ducks with their parents’ hard earned money. Naturally, all this is done at the cost of their studies and thus their parents’ golden dreams are shattered.

We should not find fault with the hostel life, as such. The wardens and other college authorities should keep a proper check on the students living in hostels. It does not mean that they should restrict all their freedom and even apply unwanted inhibitions on them. But discipline is a must. Like any other field, hostel life cannot be quite fruitful without the proper enforcement of discipline in its right degree and form.

At the same time, parents should also keep in touch with their wards and frequently enquire of the college authorities concerned with the hostel about their wards’ activities. But unnecessary and too much interference should be avoided. In reality, just a simple visit by parents off and on to the hostel will be enough to keep their ward in the right gear.



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