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Hello Friend This is special category for our small reader who study in school. If they looking for english essay for their school homework or any kind of english essay article then this special category might help you all guyz. in this article we will share Women Empowerment in English for class 1 , 2, 4 . Initially we have published 300 word article for Women Empowerment Essay.

Women Empowerment Essay

It is very important that we make our women more powerful if we want a healthy Society. It will be a platitude to say that woman not only the one who gives birth to man, but she is also the maker of man. Behind most of the great men, there is a woman. She may be mother or wife, more often a mother. Men like Shivaji and Gandhi had great mothers.

A woman can sometimes also spell doom for man, particularly if a husband is an uxorious or a henpecked one, as for instance, Antony in history and Macbeth in literature. In books of ancient history we read that in ancient India, women enjoyed an exalted place of respect. No shiva ji in could be considered perfect without the participation of women. Even many of the hymns in the sacred Vedas were written by women.

In history, we have had several great women like Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria, Florence Nightingale, Madame Curie, etc. Valentina Tereshkova was the first woman who went into space. In India we have had Sita, Savitri, Draupadi, Razia Sultana, Chand Bibi, Mira, Rani Lakshmi Bai of Jhansi and others.

In recent history, we have had Vijayalakshmi Pandita, Sarojini Naidu, Sucheta Kripalani and others. Even some of the Prime Ministers the world over have been women, c.g. Margaret Thatcher of England, Gold Meir of Israel, Mrs. Bandaranaika of Sri-Lanka, Mrs. Indra Gandhi  India, Mrs. Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan, Begum khalida zia  of Bangladesh and so on. Mrs. Chandrika Kumaratunga has been the President of Sri Lanka.

Now, we have Women ambassadors, journalists, fashion designers, teachers, authors, doctors, nurses, pilots, engine drivers, officers, lawyers, etc. Bibi Fatima was the first woman to become a judge of the Supreme Court.

It is all right that women now get better facilities of education and rise to high posts in all fields and departments. But, unfortunately, discrimination against women, including even highly qualified and competent working women continues even now.

According to Pallavi Jha, former Chairperson of the CII (Maharashtra): A few years ago, a researcher came to interview me about why women were not doing as well as their male colleagues after graduation from business schools.

The young women that she had interviewed told her that despite their getting higher marks than the young men and performing better, they received less approval and recognition from male bosses and were slower to be promoted, They felt dejected and despondent.”

We must remember that in England, women could get even their right to vote after a long and strenuous struggle. They are fortunate in India to have got it without their asking, as it is enshrined unequivocally in the Constitution. This does not mean that women should grow lukewarm or become complacent.

To organise any women’s organisations like violent or aggressive women’s libs is not the answer. Instead, they should assert themselves in a more effective and convincing way.

In our country, it is imperative for the Panchayats to have at least one woman member. Similarly, a number of legislative and parliamentary constituencies are reserved for women candidates, That is well and good, at least on paper. The fact is that the election campaign is mostly carried out by their husbands. And in case a woman candidate wins the election, it is virtually her husband who runs the show.

Sometime back, there was an outcry to reserve at least 33% Seats for Women. After so many lengthy Sessions, nothing emerged finally: However, the impact of the deliberations and discussions does not seem to have gone down the drain, as women are now getting more and more awakened.

It is Common knowledge that women generally do not resort to deceit and cunning and are usually simple and straight in their statements. But the problem arises when they are guided by Cunning men.”

Thus, Women Can become effective only if they shun off their total dependence on their husbands. Guidance or assistance in even  their official work, they may take from their husbands. But, it must be transparently clear and convincing to all that they themselves are  running the main show. Only then they can deliver the goods and earn a state of credibility among the people. For this, they must give clear proof of their genius, integrity, candour and courage. This is how they can take a bold step forward,

Women must forget such lies as-
“Frailty, thy name is woman
or what Tulsi Das Said-
The fool, the drum, the shudra and women,
Are all whom we must condemn.”

The real purpose of Tulsi Das was probably to warn us against lust. This is what he says in Aranya Kanda of Ramcharitamanasa. Lust, wrath, greed, pride and all other violent passions form the | sturdy army of infatuation, but among them all the most formidable and calamitous is woman, illusion incarnate.

– Shri Ramjuncliaritaininitasa

All that was ages ago. Now, woman is living in the new era, el: | Space, science and computers, the twenty first century. And | not inferior to man in any respect, not even biologically. One this realisation comes to woman, she can even outdo many as in education to a great extent she is already doing.

Although most of the rural women and those belonging to poor families are still living in a miserable condition, yet the winds of change are also there. These is a loud clamour for women’s rights and reservation in offices and legislatures. A few years ago the Supreme Court ruled that a widowed daughter, if she has no income of her own or no estate of her husband to fall back on, can claim maintenance from her father or mother.

It is the duty of all of us to have a high regard for the rights of the girl child and the women. The empowerment of women means the | empowerment of the nation,

Women Empowerment Essay in English

Women Empowerment Essay in English

Women who account for more than fifty per cent of population in India were held in high es teem in ancient India . The position of a woman in the religious scriptures was that of a deity According to what is described in the Manu siriti, a woman was regarded as a precious being who had to be protected first by her father, then by her husband and finally by her son.

With the passage of time things have changed radically. Today women are proving to be one of the main drivers of economyHistory has it that it was women who pioneered the Indian economy.

Zero economics was their contribution to the concept of economyIt is said that women collected wood and dry leaves in a heap in the jungle lit fire to it and roasted the borrowed grains on the fireThe resultant merchandise was divided between the donor and the doer. They sold their share and earned profit which helped them subsist.

This was Zero economics The investment was in the form of labour. This shows women are enterprising by natureUn fortunately this entrepreneurship was not encouraged Instead, they were subdued by men Muscle and money power dominated the society and since men wielded these powers women were left subjugated. Men regarded themselves superior to women Things have though, changed in modern times.

Government too recognised, though be latedly the role of women and ushered in the new millennium by declaring the year 2001 as ‘womens empowerment year.

The Constitution guarantees equality to women. It also empowers the state to adopt measures of positive dis- crimination in favour of women. Lately there has been a shift in the approach to women’s issues from welfare to development.

The empowerment of Women has been recognised as one of the yardsticks for measuring and deter mining the status of women. Attempts are now being made to implement special programmes to ensure flow of benefits, including credit flows through Self-Help Groups (SHGs) channels, to women from other developmental sectors These are aimed at enabling women to function as equal partners and participants in the development process.

Banks, particularly the public sector banks are playing key role in promoting women entrepreneurs through various schemes and programmes. Today there are seven Indian banks private and publics that are headed by Women.

For long women were tied down to areas where they could nurture, mould and cajole. In a sense it was an extension of their mothering capabilities. Soldiering manufacturing, stock broking banking and finance were kept out from their purview as ‘male-only’ areas. It was thought these required clinical and analytical skill and ruthless decision making which they with high emotional quotients and empathy would not be able to execute. The attitude is changing nowIn a culture where the woman role is reversed and the wife is always a homemaker even if an executive it has taken a shift in mindset.

Empowerment of women became one of the nine primary objectives of the 9th Plan. It at tempted convergence of existing services avail able in both women-specific and women-related sectors. The Tenth Plan is specifically focussed on empowering women’ as agents of social and economic empowerment, and gender justiceIn the recent times, women have scaled heights in several fields.

From premium liquor brands and coffee chains to oil drilling majors, companies have began to hire women employees and executives allowing them flexible working arrangements including long sabbaticals and special counselling. These steps though belatedly taken have helped in substantially improving the position of women These have brought about an economic emancipation of women which, in turn, are having a salutary effect on their over all status in society.

In this male-dominated so city women are slowly but surely making their presence felt. Women currently occupy 14 per cent of senior managerial positions in corporate India.

This demonstrates that the companies employing them have become sensitive to the needs of the women employees. Recently passed companies Act mandates that listed companies have at least one woman as director on its Board.

It is old fashioned to think women cannot do what men can doThere is hardly any field where women are not competing with men. They are in the armed forces, they are in automobile industries: they are flying commercial aircraft: they have taken to running locomotives: they are running taxis, auto-rickshaws, carrying passengers to their destinations They are successful bus conductors and drivers They are everywhere Who can forget Kalpana chawla, the women astronaut from India? In various competitive examinations they are not only excelling they are beating their male counterparts hands down Their visibility has i m proved manifold.

They have successfully moved outdoors and made impact. It can no longer be said that they are good only for indoor activities. In ancient times to d, there were women philosophers like Maitreyi and Garg who were much respected for their wisdom and knowledge and participated in discussions and discourses on equal footing with men. They played a significant and important role in Indian freedom struggle as well, History seems to be repeating itself.

Yes, the fact of the matter is much needs to be done to improve their lot at all levels of society. It would appear as though some of us have not been able to digest their success and have continued to deny them their rightful place in society Often, their success is looked down upon as con cessions allowed to themThe fact of the matter is, they have been subjugated for so long that it has become a habit with many of us to want them to play second fiddle to men. That they are emerging out of mens shadow is not going down very well with a section of society On the one hand, they are progressing by leaps and bounds; on the other hand, atrocities are being committed on them day in and day out.

It would be diff cult to believe that the instances of gang rape of women that are on ascendancy are attributable to men’s criminal mentality alone, Somewhere it is the dormant but violent tendency of men being superior to women that is expressive of these mass scale rapes taking place with impunity. Foeticide is also indicative of the same mentalityEven though it is long established that it is the girl child who is more helpful to parents there is a growing tendency to commit infanticideThis is already having an impact on the population pattern of the country and that is dangerous.

Empowerment of women should not just be a slogan. It must be a well thought out, well worked policy of the government. A woman on any given day is a better cementing force than man insofar as integration of society is concerned. If the value system which has taken a beating in the recent times, has to regain its lost sheen, women must be given the place of pride in societyCrimes against them must be frilly dealt with. Far from being weaker sex, they are the most powerful element in our so city A nation or a society can realise its full potential only when women are allowed to realise their potential without let or hindrance.

It is not for nothing that women are called ‘better halfy So, this better half, which is also the other half of the population, should be treated with care and respect. If we neglect this half, our progress will remain limited to the half of it only As per the Gender Gap Survey 2013 India ranks as one of the lowest in women education, health economic participation and opportunity The survey cautioned that these are detrimental to India’s growth .

The heartening news is that 23 per cent of senior positions in the field of human resources, 16 per cent in financial sectors and 10 percent in the sale segment are held by women in India.

The government too should show its firm commitment to empowerment of Women. Mere tokenism would not serve the purpose of nation building Women Bill awaiting passage from the Parliament would go along way in empower ing women as it will put them in a vantage position from where they can help initiate steps for improving nutrition and health issues of women as also steps to contain and eliminate cases of foeticide and infanticide


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