Essay on Terrorism in English For Student 😆 Children

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Essay on Terrorism in English For Student & Children

Essay on Terrorism

If there is one problem that has gripped all nations of the world. it is terrorism. This is a problem that has engulfed the entire World and much of the energy that could have been used for the betterment of mankind is diverted to wards tackling this problemBut the problem has not abated. In todays diction, the word terrorism is the most dreaded and despicable word. There is hardly a day when one does not hear about the acts ofterrorism in some parts of the world.

There is hardly a day when one does not hear about deaths caused by terrorist at tacks in some parts of the world. This is the most hated word today. It has created panic all over the world

Earlier, the acts of terrorism were limited to certain places in certain countries. But now they have spread out to the whole world. There is no part of the world that can claim to be free from this menace of terrorism. There are socio- economic and political factors responsible for the growth of terrorismWhile unemployment, regionalism and communalism have provided a platform, politics has fuelled it.

In India, the menace of terrorism originated from PakistanThis country which was once part of India has not reconciled itself to the loss of Kashmir. India too made some tactical error by taking the matter to the UNO when the accession of Kashmir to India was settled immediately after independence due to alacrity of Sardar Patel. Pakistan has ever since created problems in Kashmir by sending in terrorists to attack civilians and military personnel in the valley.

Pakistan is also hell bent on disturbing India because it holds India responsible for trun cation of Pakistan in 1971. It has not been able toreconcile itselfto this loss of East Pakistan and has been fomenting trouble for India by sending in terrorists

India has been highlighting this for a long time. Initially, the world seemed overly inclined to believe the falsehood propagated by Pakistan which sought intervention of the world’s only superpower to resolve the Kashmir issue.

Fail ing to force plebiscite in Kashmir, Pakistan resorted to terrorist acts. Somehow the misguided elements in Pakistan have succeeded in project ing Muslims as victims and brainwashed many unlettered and unemployed youth to undertake acts of terrorism in the name offe had Not content to attack India in Kashmir valley alone, Pakistani terrorists often aided by Pakistani government and military trained mis guided youths of Punjab.

These youths were clamouring for Khalistan. There was a phase when India in the eighties faced serious prob lems of terrorism in PunjabThough it was con tained, India had to pay a heavy pricePakistani hand in all terrorist acts was clearly seen and shown to the world.

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But since terrorism did not affect the rest of the world in the manner it affected India, no country took India’s complaints seriouslyIndia kept on highlighting the matter but the influ ential parts of the world led by the US did not pay any heedBut once America was hit on 11th September, 2001, they had to take note as the message was loud and clear.

The sheer ferocity of attack unnerved even the mighty Ameri cans who had to sit up and take note.

Osama Bin Laden as the head of Al Qaeda was per- ceived to be the man behind this attackTwin Towers of America which symbolised Americas strength was razed down to the ground in no time This was a tremendous blow to the Amer ican prideThe hunt for Osama began in right earnest as the Americans recognised the need to blot out this scourge of terrorism from the face of the earth.

George W. Bush declared that they would smoke him out’, no matter in which hole Osama had hid himself. It was a long search for Osama that ended in PakistanOsama was hid ing in Pakistan all the time and yet America had waged a war against terrorism in collaboration with Pakistan.

The greatest irony is that America had to smoke Osama out from Pakistan without taking Pakistan into confidence. That Pakistan is the picenter of terrorism is known to all, yet for political expediency, no country states it in as many words This gives Pakistan an opportunity to claim that it is a victim of terrorismIndeed there have been terrorist attacks in Pakistan also Innocent lives have been lost in Pakistan too But Pakistan cannot complain because it has created and supported terrorist outfits. Now it is paying for its own sins. But the country has the gumption to allege that India is promoting terrorism in Pakistan

As a matter of fact, terrorists have been cre ating havoc in Kashmir and other places. While Kashmir has been the regular theatreterrorists have attacked India at several places including Mumbai.

What is required is a concerted effort on the part of all governments both provincial and central, to tackle this menace of terrorism within the country And for dealing with this menace internationallyit is imperative for the countries of the world to formulate a policy that should address this problem holistically.

United States has a special responsibility and it should recognise it as a problem that has to be tackled on war footing if the world has to live in peace So far, the Americans have taken care of their own interest. It’s time it recognised that if the menace of terrorism raises its head in any part of the world, it will impact Americans too.

We can no longer live in isolation in this globalised world.

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