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Hello Friend This is special category for our small reader who study in school. If they looking for english essay for their school homework or any kind of english essay article then this special category might help you all guyz. in this article we will share Essay on Terrorism in English  for all classs children and  student . Initially we have published 300 word and 1000 word article for Terrorism.


Essay on Terrorism in English

Terrorism has become a serious problem in the modern world India has particularly been facing this menace for the last many years. Thousands of innocent men, women and children have been killed by the terrorists in our country, particularly in Kashmir. Unfortunately, the world community has not taken much note of India’s sufferings. America felt the heat of terrorism for the first time on 11 September 2001 when the World Trade Centre Towers in New York and the Pentagon were attacked. Thereafter, America declared global war against terrorism and brought down the Taliban government in Afghanistan and that was all. Mainly, the Al-Quida men were targeted.

These were the militants who had masterminded the attacks in America. In 2003, the coalition forces headed by America, attacked IraQ to end the regime there, which, they said, was terrorist in essence. But, America virtually remained disregardful of India’s problem with terrorism, particularly trans border terrorism from across the border and that particularly in Kashmir. . Later, the Jammu and Kashmir Vidhan Sabha was attacked by the terrorists on October 1, 2001 but fortunately the members of the Legislative Assembly had a narrow escape. The same thing happened when the Indian Parliament was attacked by terrorists on December 13, 2001. Again the members of Parliament and cabinet had a providential escape, but the precious Lives some security  men were lost. On Navy 10, 2002, the terrorists attacked the kins of army man near  Jammu  killing more than 30 of them. Thorat took serious view of it. Terrorist killings in Kashmir having regularly going on.

After theDecember 13 attack on it, India had to take some strong measures. Flights of Pak planes over the Indian Space were banned. India recalled herHigh Commissioner from Pakistan. A number of terrorist organisations in India were banned. Army was deployed on India’s borders with Pakistan. After the attack on the army  Jammu, Pakistan High Commissioner in India was asked to leave the country within seven days. India had also forward a list of 20 wanted terrorists to Pakistan, India had the information that these terrorists lived in Pakistan and were even being provided all facilities to work against India. But Pakistan refused to hand over any ot them to India and later, its High Commissioner even denied that they were in Pakistan,

To fight the menace of terrorism, India had to promulgate the Prevention of Terrorism Ordinance (POTO) which was later passed by the Lok Sabha and it came to be known as Prevention of Terrorist Act (POTA). The Act was challenged in the Punjab and Haryana High Court. But the learned judges declared that the Act was the need of the hour. The court explained in detail,

“The upsurge of terrorist activities, intensification of cross-border terrorism, violence perpetrated by the insurgent groups are in existing reality and a global phenomenon, The modern means of communication and other facilities enable the terrorists to strike  and create terror at will. The existing justice delivery system was not equipped to deal with heinous Crimes, Thus, there is an imperative need for dealing with need to make provisions for the prevention  of and for dealing with terrorist activities and for matters connected there with.

the aims and objectives disclosed at the time of introduction of the bill and the preamble provide a clear answer and the real rational for the promulgation of the act by parliament.


The learned court also explained:

“The government did not rush. The Act was not promulgated in haste. However, the situation in the country showed no sion improvement. In fact, the acts of violence were on the increase attack on the World Trade Center on the morning of September 2001, bears a testimony to the fears expressed by the protagonists a law for the prevention of terrorism. The senseless attack on Indian Parliament could have reinforced the view. Organised a of terrorism are no longer confined to a particular place or count The threat is global. And is on the increase. Despite, the fact the America has attacked Afghanistan with the most effective mean so destruction. Thus, there was a need for the impugned Act”. It is, indeed, strange that whenever the terrorists attack the innocent people, the human rights organisations keep mum, but when any terrorists are killed such organisations raise a hue and cry. Such a situation prevails not only in India, but also in foreign countries and particularly in the western countries.

In the book: “Terror and Containment,” edited byK.P.S.Gill and Ajai Sahni, one of the contributors, Arundhati Ghose, points out that in almost all western countries human rights at international level are handled as a foreign policy issue rather than an issue which affects all society.”

Ms Arundhati Ghose thinks that foreign human rights organisations area”veritable industry and have their“permicions aspects as far as containment of terrorism is concerned.

It must be said to the credit of various American Presidents that they have often been the global trend setters, as shown in the examples given below:

It was the first American President George Washington who said, “If you want peace, be prepared for war.

Again, it was the American President, Abraham Lincoln Who said, “Democracy is the government of the people, by the people
for the people. Similarly, much can be quoted from the mouth most of other American President.

Speaking at a function on March 11 to remember and respect those who died on September 11, 2001,President Bush proclaimed:। “There will be a day when the organised threat against America, our friends and allies is broken. When the terrorists are disrupted and scattered, many old conflicts will appear in a new light, without the fear and cycle of bitterness that terrorists spread with their violence. We will see then that old and serious disputes can be Settled within the bounds of the world beyond the war on terror. With Courage and dignity we are building that world together.”

This to a great extent woke up the world against terrorism. But, unfortunately, America is still more worried about its own Security khan the global security.

Mr. I. K. Gujral, a former Prime Minister of India, in an article, cogently points out the foresight of Mr. Martti Ahtisaari, a former Finnish President, known as a world crusader, when the latter rightly surmised that the September 11, 2001 Al-Qaeda attack would transform the world relations and that is exactly what has happened for instance, Russo-American animosities are over, So much so that Russia has joined NATO, an organisation created to contain her and Sino-American suspicions have diminished.

Mr.Gujral also quotes another authority on world affairs. He is Mr. Gareth Enams, a former Foreign Minister of Australia, who, according to him told the Monesh Asia Institute’s Seminar in Italy that9.11 (the September 11 incident) has generated a”…new Sense of vulnerability (caused by) a handful of people willing to commit Suicide employing zero primary technology and what would be the impact of a really full-scale attack going chemical, biological or even nuclear.


According to Mr. Gujral, President Gareth also said, “for the first time for many people globalisation moved from abstraction to reality, September 11 made abundantly clear that no country can Immunise and isolate itself entirely from external events: grievances bred elsewhere can have catastrophic Consequences half a world away… people in developing countries have long had the sense that heir future was in the hands of those in other continents, but it came

as a shock to the citizens of New York and London and Brussels. that decisions directly and immediately affecting their own Security. can be made in the Hindu Kush.” President Gareth’s observations were pithy and to the point
when he said,

*… the 9.11 terrorists weren’t themselves poor or without influence, but they were supported by millions of people who resent
perceived US support for their own corrupt and insensitive regimes. And indifference hitherto to the democratic vacuum which has existed from Morocco to Pakistan (though) 9.11 seem to have made some old problems easier to solve”.

Essay on Terrorism in English

Terrorism   means the policy Of striking terror in the minds of people by Violent methods to achieve Sone selfish ।he main tool of the propagandists. recent year’s, it has become the main tool of the Terrorism is not just a Word, it is a hazard for mankind. The World faces the problems of poverty, over-population, hunger and illiteracy. But the spread of terrorism is the most frightening of them all.

Be it in the small countries like Ireland and Israel, or in the big ones like Russia and USA, terrorism has become the main challenge for most of the governments today. It is a paradox that although terrorism kills relatively few people, compared to other form of violence, and the statistical probability of any of us being killed by terrorists is minuscule, we are preoccupied by terrorism, and governments pay extraordinary attention to combating it.

Why? First, terrorism provokes deep fear and insecurity-more than any other form of violence. Terrorists strike innocent civilians, often randomly, and without warning. We think we can protect ourselves against other forms of violence, but we feel defenceless against the unprecedented terror strikes. Terrorists know this, and they seek to use intimidation to impose their political or other agendas.

Killing is only a means to that end. By creating fear and panic, terrorists try to extort Concessions or to weaken and discredit governments by showing that they are unable to protect their citizens. Terrorism is also used as low-Cost strategic Warfare, । Sometimes by rogue states using surrogates, and sometimes by groups motivated by ideology, religion, or ethnicity to overthrOW governments and change the course of history.

Terrorists also use violence in a less focussed. Way to express protest and rage, to advance messianic and fanatic religious agendas, and for even more obsCure pathological reasons.

In a Country like India, terrorism plays a major role in harming the eConomy. The Kashmir area has been for a very long time at the target of terrorists and many incidents are reported there, sometimes On a daily basis. But now, such activities have started to take place in other parts of the country to0

A lot of money goes into beefing up the military to take Counter measures. It beComes a Waste of resources. Then travel and tourism also takes a big hit after terror strikes and adds to the woes of the economy. Moreover, it leaves a deep psychological terror among the people of the areas that have suffered the attack. Hence, we need to combat terrorism effectively.

Terrorism today is far more devastating than in the past because of the mass media. No story plays better, or longer, than a terrorist attack. Today’s media, especially television, multiplies the fear effect of terrorism by Vividly Conveying its horror. This greatly increases our collective sense of vulnerability.

Terrorists seek to exploit media coverage to put us and our governments on the psychological defensive. Therefore, the media must stop glorifying terrorist activities. Secondly, it has often been decried that even though the warning of the attack had been long given, no measures were taken against it. This lax attitude must be shunned away

The intelligence network must be made more effective so that the act can be countered even before it is about to take place. Combating terrorism is no easy task and it is something that Cannot be done overnight. It will be a long struggle that could be quite dangerous. When a terrible act occurs, it is important that t! act does not go unpunished. ।

if the terrorists believe that they can successfully attack us and Cape without harm, they will become more bold and dangerous. Important to stop them quickly. It can be done when everyone comes together and does his/her part to ensure the country’s safety.

Essay on Terrorism in English For Student & Children

Essay on Terrorism

If there is one problem that has gripped all nations of the world. it is terrorism. This is a problem that has engulfed the entire World and much of the energy that could have been used for the betterment of mankind is diverted to wards tackling this problemBut the problem has not abated. In todays diction, the word terrorism is the most dreaded and despicable word. There is hardly a day when one does not hear about the acts of terrorism in some parts of the world.

There is hardly a day when one does not hear about deaths caused by terrorist at tacks in some parts of the world. This is the most hated word today. It has created panic all over the world

Earlier, the acts of terrorism were limited to certain places in certain countries. But now they have spread out to the whole world. There is no part of the world that can claim to be free from this menace of terrorism. There are socio- economic and political factors responsible for the growth of terrorismWhile unemployment, regionalism and communalism have provided a platform, politics has fuelled it.

In India, the menace of terrorism originated from PakistanThis country which was once part of India has not reconciled itself to the loss of Kashmir. India too made some tactical error by taking the matter to the UNO when the accession of Kashmir to India was settled immediately after independence due to alacrity of Sardar Patel. Pakistan has ever since created problems in Kashmir by sending in terrorists to attack civilians and military personnel in the valley.

Pakistan is also hell bent on disturbing India because it holds India responsible for truncation of Pakistan in 1971. It has not been able to reconcile it self to this loss of East Pakistan and has been fomenting trouble for India by sending in terrorists

India has been highlighting this for a long time. Initially, the world seemed overly inclined to believe the falsehood propagated by Pakistan which sought intervention of the world’s only superpower to resolve the Kashmir issue.

Fail ing to force plebiscite in Kashmir, Pakistan resorted to terrorist acts. Somehow the misguided elements in Pakistan have succeeded in project ing Muslims as victims and brainwashed many unlettered and unemployed youth to undertake acts of terrorism in the name offers had Not content to attack India in Kashmir valley alone, Pakistani terrorists often aided by Pakistani government and military trained mis guided youths of Punjab.

These youths were clamouring for Khalistan. There was a phase when India in the eighties faced serious problems of terrorism in PunjabThough it was contained, India had to pay a heavy pricePakistani hand in all terrorist acts was clearly seen and shown to the world.

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But since terrorism did not affect the rest of the world in the manner it affected India, no country took India’s complaints seriouslyIndia kept on highlighting the matter but the influential parts of the world led by the US did not pay any heedBut once America was hit on 11th September, 2001, they had to take note as the message was loud and clear.

The sheer ferocity of attack unnerved even the mighty Americans who had to sit up and take note.

Osama Bin Laden as the head of Al Qaeda was perceived to be the man behind this attackTwin Towers of America which symbolised Americas strength was razed down to the ground in no time This was a tremendous blow to the American prideThe hunt for Osama began in right earnest as the Americans recognised the need to blot out this scourge of terrorism from the face of the earth.

George W. Bush declared that they would smoke him out’, no matter in which hole Osama had hid himself. It was a long search for Osama that ended in PakistanOsama was hid ing in Pakistan all the time and yet America had waged a war against terrorism in collaboration with Pakistan.

The greatest irony is that America had to smoke Osama out from Pakistan without taking Pakistan into confidence. That Pakistan is the pi center of terrorism is known to all, yet for political expediency, no country states it in as many words This gives Pakistan an opportunity to claim that it is a victim of terrorismIndeed there have been terrorist attacks in Pakistan also Innocent lives have been lost in Pakistan too But Pakistan cannot complain because it has created and supported terrorist outfits. Now it is paying for its own sins. But the country has the gumption to allege that India is promoting terrorism in Pakistan

As a matter of fact, terrorists have been creating havoc in Kashmir and other places. While Kashmir has been the regular theatre terrorists have attacked India at several places including Mumbai.

What is required is a concerted effort on the part of all governments both provincial and central, to tackle this menace of terrorism within the country And for dealing with this menace internationally it is imperative for the countries of the world to formulate a policy that should address this problem holistically.

United States has a special responsibility and it should recognise it as a problem that has to be tackled on war footing if the world has to live in peace So far, the Americans have taken care of their own interest. It’s time it recognised that if the menace of terrorism raises its head in any part of the world, it will impact Americans too.

We can no longer live in isolation in this globalised world.

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