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Hello Friend This is special category for our small reader who study in school. If they looking for english essay for their school homework or any kind of english essay article then this special category might help you all guyz. in this article we will share Essay on prayer and meditation in English for children and student . Initially we have published 1000 word article on essay on prayer and meditation

essay on prayer and meditation

More things are wrought by prayer Than this wild world dreams of,” Says Tennyson, the representative poet of the English Victorian period.

Even Shakespeare says, “More things are there in heaven and earth, Than are found in your philosophy Horatio.”

Those words are spoken to Horatio (hero’s friend) by Hamlet, the hero of the play of the same name and who is probably the mouth- piece of the playwright to a great extent if not entirely. In science, we know all laws, sometimes considered absolute or inviolable are shattered one by one by the new discoveries and experiments. Thus, Newton’s laws of motion were proved false by Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, which itself is now under a strong threat and is virtually on the verge of being proved falacious or wrong under the formidable new researches and experiments that are going on at various places in the world.

Hence, when man becomes helpless, whom should one approach with the fervent hope of providing a sanctuary or a place of protection from physical, mental, spiritual and psychological turmoils? It is rightly said:

“Prayers can do miracles” At times, when doctors also turn away the patients who are mortally sick, the patients can doing nothing but pray to God for recovery. It is reported that now even in this present age, many people in India and abroad, have been healed at prayer meetings’.

So prayers cannot be dismissed easily nor can be the medicines and the doctors.

One can only admire Babur for having tremendous faith in God when he took three rounds of Humayun’s bed. His son was miraculously cured whereas Babur himself died a slow death. Without going into the merits and demerits of the case or even while refraining from passing any personal view or subjective judgement, we can note with some surprise that even Newton was a firm believer in God and Einstein had a chong faith in the existence
and omnipotence of God.

Then, it will not be a surprise if we note, without endorsing or rejecting what a science teacher, said the other day, “I definitely have faith in God’s curative powers. A patient will recover faster if people are praying for him with sincere hearts. The role of the doctor is very important, and if the doctor also has faith in God, most of the times his diagnosis will be absolutely correct. His patients will recover quickly because he will prescribe the right medicines.”

We have to note that when a man has attained a desired standard of living and a sure system of social security, he considers himself safe in all respects and does not find any need for God. But when a person is poor such that the rich people or even the government are not ready to help him, as there is no social security system worth mentioning as in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh and such other poor, developing countries, it is only God who is left for man to sustain his hope and optimism in life.

It is perhaps rightly said that God lives in the countries where there is no social security system. It is not to defend this system lacking social security. It simply means that a helpless person can get relief only in faith and prayer. It is also noticeable that man cannot live without hope. As Alexander Pope, the famous poet of the Augustan period in England says,

“Hope springs eternal in the human breast,
Man is never but ever to be blessed.”

Meditation is closely related to prayer. The difference lies in the fact that in prayer man may demand something of God, but in meditation this is not the case. Meditation is for attaining peace of mind, relaxation and physical and mental health. However, all meditation, based on the system of yoga aims at attaining a union with the Almighty as its ultimate aim. Such things have been elaborately explained by such stalwarts as Swami Vivekananda and Sivananda.

Even prayer, studied in the right perspective, does not mean any request to God. It is just another form of meditation. Rabindranath Tagore says in one of his poems that he need not request God to grant anything, as God knows better than man what is good and useful and necessary for the latter.

Hence Tagore says,

“I do not choose the best, The best chooses me.’ It is often said, “Whatever happens, happens for the best.” Prayer is, however, done for others also, for the patients, the invalid, for those in adversity, etc.


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