Essay on if i could make myself invisible for a day for class 7

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Hello Friend This is special category for our small reader who study in school. If they looking for english essay for their school homework or any kind of english essay article then this special category might help you all guyz. in this article we will share Essay on if i could make myself invisible for a day for all class children and  student. if i could make myself invisible for a day

Essay on if i could make myself invisible for a day for class 7

I often wonder, especially at the time of receiving my report card that I could drink a solution and go invisible or just wear a watch like Anil Kapoor of Mr India and go invisible. It is just one of those irrational thoughts I get to protect my mischievous self from getting caught and being punished. However, what if these thoughts actually came true one fine day? What if I actually got a means to go invisible someday? Oh that would be a time of thrill and adventure.

I would do all that I cannot do in my visible self. I would go to cinemas and watch movies for free, and I would sneak into the kitchens of all expensive restaurants and eat food. I would also take some food for the poor. In my invisible self, I would also play pranks and pull the legs of all my contenders. In school, I would ring the closing bell fifteen minutes early and set the students free. At the same time, I would travel anywhere I want. I could take plane and train journeys absolutely free and move myself to anywhere in the world. I would go to Paris, London, New York, etc. I would tour the whole of India. However, the only unfavourable repercussion of it would be that I would not be able to click my pictures at these places and show them off to my friends later.

Apart from seeking pleasure and doing all the mischievous stuff, I would also not fail to execute my moral responsibilities. Having the gift to go invisible, I would definitely put it to social betterment cause. I would sneak into corrupt politicians’ houses as the guards would not be able to spot me and then take out cash and other important stuffs and distribute it all amongst the poor to whom it all ideally belongs.

Then, to combat these malpractices of hoarding and black marketing, I would go into godowns and warehouses of food storage and throw open the supply of essential items in the market and protect and guard the common man against price rise.

Then, I would also go into government offices and catch people taking and giving bribe. I would film this whole process, release it into the media and expose it all. Wherever, I would find someone in trouble, I would help immediately-if someone has been attacked by goons or in case of any tragedy.

I would also help the police with my gift of invisibility in solving some case or catching any criminal. Thus, If I became invisible, this is what I would do with that ability. Apart from protecting myself from getting scolded by my parents or teachers because of my notoriety, I would do every possible bit to cleanse my country and its political system from the filth of corruption and ill-governance.


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