Essay on Global Warming in English ? ?2019

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Hello Friend This is special category for our small reader who study in school. If they looking for english essay for their school homework or any kind of english essay article then this special category might help you all guyz. in this article we will share Essay on Global Warming in English for All classs student. Initially we have published 300 word article for Global Warming

Essay on Global Warming in English

Essay on Global Warming in English


By global warming is meant an increase in the globes mean temperatureIt occurs due to the buildup of atmospheric greenhouse gases (ozonenitrous oxide chloro fluoro carbons-CFCs, carbon dioxide methane and of course, the main contributor-water vapour) and the negative effects of rising temperature like melting glaciers higher levels of oceans or changing precipitation patterns.

Global warming means that the rising temperature can bring about effects which could bring about extinction of life. It is expected that life has become extinct for seven times in the past 500 million yearsThe reasons for the earlier extinctions of life are not yet properly known, but the emission of harmful gases in the atmosphere is certainly going to wipe all species from the earth, hence the cause of concern.

However, it is not being given a proper thought by those who are causing havoc with the ecosystem The modern lifestyle has been a source of climatic and atmospheric conditions.

The emissions and concentration of carbon dioxide has increased over 30% during the last 30 years chiefly due to industrial revolution Rich countries are not willing to reduce these emissions They argue that they would be faced with acute unemployment and diminishing of modern facilities But they comfortably forget that if life itself gets wiped out from the earth, what would be the basis of their standing There is another aspect of the problem The present dangerous level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is not likely to strike ominously for another two centuries and it is for sure that the present leadership of the world is not going to survive over such a long period. But they should not forget that it would be their own progeny which will have to bear the brunt of their doing.

As for India, global warming is likely to bring many problemsEven an increase of a degree in the temperature would make the Ocean waters soar by one metreThis would surface to drown as much as 4200 sq miles of coastal area in water needing displacement of almost 50 lakh people. The recent cyclone in odisha and Andhra Pradesh in 2013in which few casualties oc curred only because of the preventive steps, is a pointer in the direction where global warming) can take us.

The world is well aware of the problemThe only problem is that appropriate steps are not being taken to ensure continuation of life on the earth. The first World Climate Conference was held in 1979 under the aegis of the UN recognising the problem as serious. In 1992 UN Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, 154 nations and European Council signed the UN Framework convention on Cli mate change agreeing to take suitable steps to stabilise greenhouse gas emission to the level of 1990 by the year 2000. Of course it could not be brought about. Further, according to Kyoto Pro tocol signed in 1997, it was felt that limits on the emission of greenhouse gases should be made legally binding and internationally enforceable However, the world’s largest emitter of green house gases, that is America, has not signed the treaty on the grounds that it would severely affect its economy.

It comfortably forgets what would become of its economy when the world itself ceases to exist. The World Summit in Johannes burg in September 2002 too has failed to convince all the member countries to sustain able development.

The time is running out fast. If something concrete is not done to restrict global warming the day may not be far when this World would be annihilated, as our ancient scriptures have de scribedIt is our duty at least to leave the earth in the condition in which we inherited it, if not improving upon it. We have no right to bring about its destruction under any argument.


Essay on Global Warming in English

Global warming is the increase in Earth’s average surface temperature due to greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide emissions from burning of fossil fuels or from deforestation, which trap heat that would otherwise escape from Earth. This is a type of greenhouse effect. Greenhouse effect gets created when the sun powers the Earth’s climate, radiating energy at very short wavelengths. Roughly, one-third of the solar energy that reaches the top of Earth’s atmosphere is reflected directly back to the space.

The remaining two-third is absorbed by the surface, and to a lesser extent, by the atmosphere. To balance the absorbed incoming energy, the Earth must on average, radiate the same amount of energy back to space. The  Earth radiates at much longer wavelengths than the sun. Much of this thermal radiation emitted by the land and ocean is absorbed by the atmosphere, including clouds and re-radiated back to Earth.

This is called greenhouse effect. Though natural green house effect makes life possible us without it, the average temperature at earth’s surface Would be below the freezing point of water, however

human activities, primarily the burning of fossil fuels and clearing of forests, have greatly intensified the natural greenhouse effect, Causing global warming. Most scientists believe that the Warming of climate will lead to more eXtreme Weather patterns such as more hurricanes and droughts, longer spells of dry heat or intense rain, glacial retreat, rise in sea levels and superstorms, PCOSystems impact etc.

The World has already witnessed and is witnessing the repercussions of global warming. Extreme Weather Conditions have been recorded, summers have prolonged and winters have become Warmer’. Sea levels have risen putting low-lying areas at risk. Glacier’s started receding long time back.

Droughts are a Common occurrence in many areas. Nearly one-third of Coral reefs have been severely damaged by warming of seas. This escalation of greenhouse effect is all human induced.

The global atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous Oxide have increased markedly as a result of mass-scale industrialisation that Contributes immensely to air pollution, deforestation, land use change etc. Humans must limit those activities which release greenhouse gases in the environment.

We should avoid using fuel run vehicles when the distance can be easily Covered on foot, use of public transport should be encouraged, we should use non-CFC cosmetics, plant more trees and check the pollution emitted by industries.

The World to0, has not turned a blind eye to this problem and many Countries have joined hands to Control global warming. In 1997, an international agreement linked to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, came into force as Kyoto Protocol. The Protocol commits its parties by setting internationally binding emission reduction targets. India too, is a participant to this agreement.

Some of the measures Commonly and globally adopted to check climate change are carbon offsetting that is using alternative energy like solar, wind, tidal etc. Then issuing Carbon Caps and ceilings is another method. Another method is emission trading that is selling and buying of carbon Caps amongst Countries and Companies.

The world is also waking upto the need of afforestation and all countries have decided to have a minimum of 33% of green belt. Thus, global warming is wreaking havoc on the Earth’s environment and all countries and people should join hands and Cooperate with each other to tackle this serious environmental Condition.


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