Upcoming Kannada Channel List on Tata Sky, Airtel , Dish Tv Videocon

Upcoming Kannada Channel List on Tata Sky, Airtel , Dish Tv Videocon
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Here’s a list of all the Kannada Channels that will be telecasted on television in the upcoming time. The Kannada people have been waiting for this occasion for a long time, but they need not wait anymore because their favorite shows and movies are now available in their native language. The channels feature a wide range of television shows and Kannada movies for the people of Kannada which you can see in the Upcoming Kannada Channel List.


The Kannada people need not watch channels of other languages anymore if they don’t want to, because now, almost all networks provide Kannada channels. Like Siti cable network list and Den Channel network list, that provides the humongous range of tv channels.

The following is a categorized list of Kannada channel based on the different network operators which provide this facility.


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For a network operating company a regional channel list is a must, so here are some TV networks that you many have, and which provides the Kannada Channels which are especially telecasted for the Kannada people. And yes, just in case you forget the numbers for Kannada channels then don’t worry, all these networks provide an easy to use, in built channel guide. 

All you need to do is to search for Kannada Channels in the regional channel list. As for now, here’s a list of Kannada channels along with their respective TV numbers that are assigned by their respective TV networks.

Kannada Channels List In Dish TV

If you have Dish TV at your home, and you have been waiting for Kannada channels for a very long time then you need not wait any more because the Dish TV has heard your request.

The Dish TV is delighted for its Kannada customers as it now provides a wide range of Kannada channels to them.

Here’s Kannada Channels List In Dish TV that you might want to watch.

       Channel Name                                                                     Price Per Month

Chintu TV 11.24
Colors Kannada 8.5
Colors Super 8.5
DD Chandana 0
Kasturi 8.5
News18 Kannada 8.5
Public TV 8.5
Raj Musix Kannada 8.5
Star Suvarna 8.5
Star Suvarna Plus 8.5
Suvarna News 24×7 8.5
TV9 Karnataka 8.5
Udaya comedy 13.5
Udaya Movies 12.9
UDAYA music 6.3
Udaya News 6.6
Udaya TV 10.3
Zee Kannada 8.5


Kannada Channels List In Videocon DTH

The Kannada Channels List In Videocon DTH is no step behind in pleasing its customers just like the previously discussed network.

Kannada channels are available on Videocon DTH as well, so you need not change your TV network for watching Kannada channels, you can watch your favorite Kannada shows and movies on your preferred network.

Here’s a wide variety of Kannada channel that Videocon DTH Channel lists its customers.


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Kannada Channels List In Tata Sky

Tata sky has been spreading happiness all across India with the wide range of channels it provides its customers.

So if you’re looking for Kannada channels that are available on Tata Sky, you’re reading the right paragraph. Tata Sky is delighted to telecast the following Kannada channels. And here’s Kannada Channels List In Tata Sky that it telecasted.


Channel Name Genre Old Channel No. New Channel No.
DD Chandana Kannada Regional 810 1699
Udaya TV Kannada Regional 811 1604
Udaya Movies Kannada Regional 812 1606
Colors Kannada HD Kannada Regional 813 1609
Colors Kannada Kannada Regional 814 1610
TV9 Kannada Kannada Regional 815 1612
Udaya Music Kannada Regional 816 1614
Udaya News Kannada Regional 817 1615
Suvarna Kannada Regional 818 1617
Zee Kannada Kannada Regional 820 1621
Kasthuri Kannada Regional 822 1623
Suvarna News 24×7 Kannada Regional 823 1625
Udaya Comedy Kannada Regional 824 1627
Public TV Kannada Regional 825 1628
Suvarna Plus Kannada Regional 826 1630
ETV News kannada Kannada Regional 827 1631
Chintu TV Kannada Regional 828 1632
News BTV Kannada Regional 829 1634
Naaptol Kannada Kannada Regional 830 1635
Raj Musix Kannada Kannada Regional 831 1636
Sri Sankara TV Kannada Regional 832 1637
Public Music Kannada Regional 833 1639
Raj News Kannada Kannada Regional 834 1640


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Kannada Channels List In Airtel DTH

Airtel DTH also provides Kannada channel for its Kannada customers, all over India. So if you have Airtel DTH at your home, then you should probably read this list, to watch your favorite Kannada shows and movies.

You can easily search for Kannada Channels List In Airtel DTH.

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Kannada Channels List In Sun Direct

Last but not the least, the Sun Direct is happy to announce that Kannada Channels are available for its customers as well.

Here’s Kannada Channels List In Sun Direct along with their respective numbers that the TV network provides.




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