Videocon D2H channel list with Price Complete Detail in PDF Download

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Have you got all your favorite channels numbers on your tips? Well, it’s tough to remember all of them. It is also quite annoying to use the guide or menu option every time you feel like watching your favorite channel. So, it is better to have the complete channel list in hand. Having the entire channel list also helps you decide which channels to opt for and helps you choose the right package for a subscription. This article covers the Videocon D2H channel list with all the channels mentioned along with the channel numbers and price.

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Why do you need Videocon DTH Channel list?


  • Having the entire list of channels in hand will help you decide your own channel package easily. There are times when we tend to forget to add a particular channel in our package but regret it later after subscribing to the package. Checking the list of all channels before subscription helps you avoid such situations.
  • It is tough to remember all the channel numbers as there are hundreds of channels available. Going for the guide or menu option every time can be quite irritating. If you will have the entire list of channels with the numbers then it becomes easy to change channels.
  • We have the Videocon DTH channel list with the price of subscription of each channel. You can choose your channels based on the price too; whether it is worth paying for or not.

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Videocon D2H Channel List with price

Videocon offers a large number of channels in multiple languages. Apart from Hindi and English, it offers various regional channels like Telugu, Tamil, Odia, Marathi, Malayalam, Bengali, Gujarati etc. Videocon D2H offers individual channels of these languages as well as regional packages. We have made a list of all the channels that are being aired by Videocon D2H along with the prices.

Check Complete Channel Detail !

Videocon Channel list in pdf

The best part of this article is that we have made a pdf of the entire list of channels offered by Videocon D2H. You can simply download the PDF copy of the channel list and then refer it anytime you want.

Hindi Entertainment


We have covered channels of the following genres:

  • Videocon Promotional Channels or Offer Channels
  • Hindi Entertainment channels
  • Hindi movie channels
  • English Entertainment Channels
  • English movie Channels
  • Sports Channels
  • Hindi New Channels
  • English News Channels
  • Lifestyle Channels
  • English Music channels
  • Knowledge and learning based channels
  • Kids channels
  • Hindi Music channels
  • A wide range of regional channels covering languages like Tamil, Telugu, Odia, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, Assamese, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Malayalam, Kanada etc.
  • Devotional Channels
  • Pay per view channels


There are certain channels that are available in normal definition as well as high definition. We have made a separate list of all those channels for your reference.

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Videocon D2H Channel list package

Instead of subscribing to individual channels, it is better to go for packages as you will be getting a large number of channels at a much-reduced price in that way.

Videocon offers numerous channel packages that have been designed on the basis of popularity and choice.

Family packs are suitable for most of the family members as they contain channels of various genres which are preferred by different family members. men like sports and they can always prefer the sports channels’ packages.


You can check out the packages Gold Lite, Super Gold, Gold Maxi, Gold Kids, New Gold Sports, Gold Sports Kids, New Diamond, Platinum.

You can choose any of the above-mentioned packages as the base package and then add others as add-on packages.

It is preferable to pay for the package subscription for a number of months at a stretch. It will be cheaper than paying for it every month.

We have listed out the channels of each package right here. Check them out once before subscribing.

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