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Hello Friend This is special category for our small reader who study in school. If they looking for english essay for their school homework or any kind of english essay article then this special category might help you all guys. in this article we will share Essay on Internet for all class children and  student . Initially we have published 300 word and 1000 word article for Internet.


Essay on Internet in English

Essay on Internet in English

Science and technology have revolutionised human life. The changes wrought about have change dour perception about things around. Internet is one of the latest technological advances made by humansThe moment we talk about Internet, various images flash through our minds computers of all shapes and sizes and computer networks come to our mind Through these computers and computer networks we get connected with people round the globe.

In no time 7e move from one end of globe to the other end. It is all thanks to Internet. If we wish to elicit some information -authentic ones at that we at once get them through Internet.

Internet has brought us in contact with the entire world. Nothing is anymore away from us; nothing is anymore beyond our reach. India got the exposure to Internet in August 1995.

Initially it remained under the control of the government, but in 1998, the facility was opened up for all. Private parties were allowed to pro vide this service to people Earlier, it was the prerogative of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL).

With the arrival of the private parties service became more easily accessible and people began to reap benefits of the facility. It benefited mainly the business corporate houses, professionals, scientists teachers and students. Inter- net has everything for all.

Internet has changed the quality and pace of life. What took days, months and sometimes ages to reach specified destinationsInternet made it possible to reach them in a jify In al most no time one could transmit information from one end to another, no matter what the location. Instead of writing a post-card or an inland letter to a friend or a relative, the de sired communication can be completed through e-mail in absolutely no timeThis is the magic of Internet.

The world has been squeezed into a small ball that can be handled even by an infant Internet is useful for just anyone. It is very useful for common people. The banking face of India has radically altered with the advent of Internet.

Internet banking is now an absolute need of our times. Reaching out physically to those living in villages there are six lakh villages in IndiaS will not be possible without Internet. Dr. K.. Chakraborthythe former CMD of PNB went to the extent of suggesting that Internet bank ing is required by the poor, not the rich as he said, transaction costs are so much less. If bank ing is one sector, there are other sectors that have switched over to Internet for their day to day functioning Some of the private corporate houses encourage their executives to function through internet. Indian Railways have taken to Internet in a big way indeed. Internet has be come a way of life

Shopping through Internet has become a routine matter. Instead of visiting shops in person it is comparatively easy to view things on shop ping sites and place orders. Things are delivered in no time at the doorstepPayments too can be made through Internet. Electricity bills and host of other bills can be paid through Internet. For getting gas now it is no longer necessary to stand in queueEven for routine purchases it is no longer necessary to carry cash. Payments can be made through credit cards and debit cards. It is all because of Internet.

Internet is very useful for students and teachers. Many students instead of buying books take to reading e-books to acquire knowledge. Materials of various kinds are easily available on Inter net. Service providers like Google make things so easy by providing ready information on almost any matter or subject. Teachers also often impart online tuition to their students irrespective of where they are placed.

Internet is often abused tooEverything has a bright and a dark side. It is not the fault of Internet that some people use it for evil purposes. It is the user who is to blame for this. It is these users who have given rise to cyber crimeThis is one of the worst uses of Internet and every civilised society has a role to play insofar as containing of this menace is concerned.

Those who wish to take the benefit of Internet to enrich the quality of their life make proper use of Internet. But those who are criminally inclined abuse this facilityIt is always the user not the facility that is to be credited or discredited

Essay on Internet in English

The New Shopping Mall Online shopping is brewing immense Craze amongst people. It has especially caught the younger generation by storm the, is increasingly turning to these online shopping sites for almost all its purchases. Although, the Concept of home shopping has been there for a long time in the form of Commercial catalogues and television informercials, but it never became a  widespread phenomenon until internet Came. It is internet’s vast potential that pre-internet technologies lacked.

Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft has rightly said : “The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow”. Online shopping attracts people because it has many advantages. There is a higher probability of finding better prices online than in the case of shopping malls or market place. Since, online shopping obliterates the need of having any intermediaries, the savings in Cost here can thus be passed onto the customers in the form of lower prices.

Internet also allows the customer to do price Comparisons in an instant. In today’s busy lifestyle, people do not have much time to go shopping as they are busy working, studying and doing other important things so online shopping Comes as a big respite. Shoppers find a great variety of products on websites than they do with physical retailers. Thus, when the latest styles and trends are just a click away with a myriad of payment options like net banking, Credit card, debit card and cash on delivery, online shopping any day scores above physical shopping.

However, online shopping does Come With Certain risks and limitations which one should be prepared for. The return or exchange policies in case of online shopping are not always as Smooth and hassle-free as the purchase options. Online shOPPL-6 not recommended in case of immediate needs as the product sometimes takes a number of days to reach your doorstep

Online shopping also carries the risk of delivering a wrong or a defective product. The defective product could be dispatched from the source or could get damaged in the shipping process. At the same time, one must verify the authenticity and credibility of the Website (online retailer) as there have been cases where consumers have been the victims of fraud and conspiracy. The conspirators take the bank details of the customers posing as online retailers and then just run out of the scene and the poor consumer is left waiting for the product and lamenting his misfortune.

Hence, online shopping has its share of advantages as well as disadvantages. However, it has unquestionably become the new online rage and the internet is abuzz with sites like, myntra.Com,, etc. Therefore, to enjoy shopping without going out, be very careful when choosing the retailer and enjoy the merits of home-shopping.



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