Essay on Gardening in English for Children and Students

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Hello Friend This is special category for our small reader who study in school. If they looking for english essay for their school homework or any kind of english essay article then this special category might help you all guys. in this article we will share Essay on Gardening in English for all class children and  student. Initially we have published 700 word article for Essay on Essay on Gardening.


Essay on Gardening for Children and Students

Essay on Gardening

How often have you praised beautifully kept gardens in and around your locality. It is baseless to say a beautiful garden is a pleasure to the tired eyes and mind. However, it is also a miserable truth that in modern age of sky-touching buildings and reducing greenery, the sight of garden has become very rare. There are only some parts of earth which are lovingly maintained by the hard-Working owners.

Behind a well maintained garden lies the hard work, care, love and sweat of the gardener. Gardening is considered to be a dirty work. The gardener has to dig up the hard earth and make it soft. Flower beds are to be planned with great care. The garden has to be watered regularly and the fertilisers have to be applied at the proper time and in right quantity.

It has to be kept free from the pests, diseases and gathered dirt etc. It means one has to become dirty to keep the garden beautiful and worth-seeing.

It is truly said that gardener behaves like a mother with his plants. He has to take a watch all the time. Plants are like the infants, who have taken birth from the bomb of mother earth. They have come into their | Own because you have desired them to be born. You have soon seeds and Seedlings in the barren earth. Then, it is the duty of the gardener to survive the plants in the harsh environment full of pollution.

Secondly developing a beautiful garden is like creating a new world because plant is also a living being. It has same feeling as human beings or animals. Such as a human being, who is given away on the wishes of servants or outsiders, do not develop at fullest, similarly, a plant needs owner’s personal attention. It requires proper diet at proper time, proper love and affection.

But the gardener forgets all his hardships when he sees the smiling flowers in his garden. The beauty of fragrant flowers give us mental and physical peace. We feel the spirituality in the company of plants. It  is very refreshing to sit in a cool garden. That is why, so many poets have written volumes on the inspiring beauty of flowers and plants.


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