Essay on nurse in English OR Ambition of My life to Become Nurse

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Essay on nurse in English

Essay on nurse in English

From the very early childhood, I wanted to serve my country’s people. When I passed my tenth class, I opted for science. My subjects were biology, physics and chemistry. I took up these subjects with aim in life.

My ambition was. to become a nurse and take care of patients who have no one to attend to them. After passing my higher secondary examinations, I  joined the nursing Course and became a nurse. The job of a nurse is full of difficulties. I know it very, well that I have not to work for twenty hours a day, but i chose this profession willingly.

I am inspired by Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Mother Teresa, whose main aim was to serve the humanity. The goal of a nurse is also the Same love of humanity.

My daily routine is very busy. I get up early in the morning and have my bath. After taking breakfast, I go to different beds and keep a schedule of the patients under my charge. I go from bed to bed and check the temperature of the patients and give them their medicines or injections. I have complete record of the patient such as his temperature, blood pressure etc. when the doctor is in charge and visits the ward, he checks all records.

I have nearly fifty patients under my charge. I take personal care of all of them. When they weep I console them. My smile works as magic for the patient and his dear ones. This is a great source of satisfaction for me as I earn my livelihood after serving the humanity.।

I hardly get any time for rest because there may be a call for me at any time of the day. I have to be alert and active because I am in charge of people’s lives. I know my duty because a little carelessness from my side can damage a patient’s health permanently. If the doctor is the assistant of a patient/ I am the super assistant for the doctors.

Today, parents do not come forward to make their daughters nurses, as they think, this job Commands a lots of responsibility, but as a nurse, I feel there is lots of satisfaction in this profession.

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Sample Essay on Nurse

I want to be a nurse. As a nurse, I will be able to use my profession anywhere in the world. I can work with many people every day, both patients and staff. Furthermore, nursing will allow me the flexibility to have a family.

I have shared these reasons with many people when asked why I switched from pre-med to nursing. These are all good reasons to choose a profession, but I have learned more reasons to be a nurse. I will be able to give to and receive from nursing much more than I ever imagined.

What do I want my nursing future to hold? I have set five goals for my nursing career.

First, I want people to feel God’s love when they are under my care. I know I can never love everyone on my own; I definitely will have to rely on Christ as an example and a source of strength. I want people to feel loved because they are created in God’s image, and he loves them.

Second, I want people in my care to feel heard-to know that I am listening. By listening, I mean active listening. I want to understand their desires and concerns. I want to read the feelings behind their words.

Third, I want them to feel cared for in every situation, as a spiritual person, a suffering person or a dying person. I want to be able to assess where they are spiritually and ask God how I should help each person to come to know him. I want to be able to pray with them and share God’s Word in a sensitive, knowledgeable way.

I want suffering patients to feel the comfort of a compassionate presence. If they need to talk to someone, I want to be able to help them think of the things that bring meaning to their lives.

Fourth, I want my patients to feel that I am a competent nurse. When I come into the room, I don’t want them to wish it were someone else. I want them to feel they are in good hands. I want to give them a sense of hope that the other staff and I will do everything we can and do it well.

Fifth, I want to have good relationships with my colleagues. I want to be known as a hard worker and someone the patients like. I want my work to be an example of the servanthood of Christ.

I know I can’t accomplish these goals on my own. I will need to call upon God constantly. Even with his help, I will not be able to accomplish them all the time. I need to remember that, because I get discouraged when things do not go as planned.

I will have to keep myself healthy if I want to have the energy to attempt these goals. I want to keep God as my motivation for nursing-as an offering of myself to him.

Essay on  Career as a Nurse


Many people only imagined of nurses working in a hospital so as to help the critically ill patients. This is however a wrong perception as nurses can work virtually in all setups. They have their duties cut out in almost all aspects of life that many of us can never imagine. It is true that nurses are critically important in the hospitals and that this is the place that they have most of their work in.

They however are needed in other sectors and do not only have to work on helping the sick to get well, they can be involved with healthy people to help them to remain healthy. Nurses can work in schools, judiciary, insurance companies, prisons, homes and in corporations. Nurses are involved in all stages of the human life from before birth up to and after death. They help with the pregnant women in the prenatal clinics to make sure that the mother maintains good healthy habits.

They offer help during birth and are also involved with the mother and the child during the post natal clinics. During the life time of the child and in adult age one will have several encounters with nurses for both curative and preventive help. Nurses also help people deal with loss after death.

History Of A Nurse Career

Nursing career is an old one. It is believed to have started in the 1500 when for the first time there was a wet nurse. These are nurses that took care of babies that lost their others during birth or a short while after birth. The wet nurses were also hired by mothers who were busy and could not afford quality care to their children.

Others hired mothers to breast feed their children. During the war, there were nurses that were taught on how to offer quality care to people that got wounded during the war.

Since then, the nursing career has grown and nurses can now work on-their-own and decide the best care to give to their patients.

A Good Nurse

A nurse is required to be compassionate. They are supposed to treat patients with love even though the patients may not be good in return. A good nurse should be qualified enough and able to work alone with minimum guidance.

It is not advisable to go to a nurse that will always be looking up for help from other nurses. In many case, nurses have a lot of work and are thus required to do many things at the same time. A good nurse should therefore be able to multitask.

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