Comparison Tata sky vs Dish Tv Plans For Price, Channel & Quality

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Planning to get a new DTH connection? Well, do the necessary research first. You need to find the best DTH in India which suits you and meets your set of requirements quite well. For that you need to know how much does each of them cost, what channels do they offer, what are their recharge plans and how good is their customer service. in here we have vividly discussed two of the major DTH market rulers; Tata Sky and Dish TV. We have extensively described the pros and cons of both the DTH service provider so that you can compare Dish tv and Tata Sky packages easily

Before comparing the two, let’s know a bit of their history…

Founded back in the year 2003, Dish TV is the first DTH company in India followed by DD Free Dish. Dish TV quickly gained popularity in rural areas where there was no cable service.

Though it is a bit more expensive than cable service yet people liked the new idea of satellite television.

But when the brand like Tata Sky came into the market, they targeted the rich city dwellers instead who preferred better quality video and audio over poor ones offered by cable service.

So, then they started making a lot of money out of it while Dish TV took a bit of time to reach that level of success in the market.

But Dish TV did win the most trusted DTH brand award in 2014 while Tata Sky won the best DTH brand in India in the year 2012. Tata Sky is also the first brand to be awarded with ISO 27001: 2005 accreditation.

Here are some factors by which we have compared both the DTH kings in India. You can then compare and analyze accordingly.

Tata Sky vs Dish TV installation price

The installation price of both the DTH providers is quite similar. Tata Sky offers a month of free service if you subscribe to any of its packages while installation.

The installation price is Rs 1800 for the normal SD pack. It is Rs 2000 for the HD subscription.

Dish TV offers the general SD pack at a price of Rs 1699 whereas its HD subscription is available at Rs 1799.

Tata Sky vs Dish TV plans

You can recharge for both the DTH service providers either through online payment through their website or through any digital wallet applications like Paytm and Mobikwik.

You might get cash back and discounts while recharging for your subscribed plans.


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If you go for an annual subscription then you will get great offers and discounts. But Dish TV falls back a bit as if an annual subscription any new channel is added later, then Tata Sky automatically adds it without any additional charge.But Dish TV does not do the same.


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Best DTH User Interface


Various users have said that Dish TV remote is quite difficult to operate as it is not as organized as Tata Sky.

The setup box of Dish TV has not changed much since the day of its release back in 2004.

Tata Sky has reinvented its setup box over the years and the latest HD+ Transfer setup box is quite eye-catching.

It is not just that the looks appeal but its features are also easy to understand and it is quite user-friendly.

It has got three lights each with a distinct purpose, unlike Dish TV which has got just one for the power.


Number of channels offered

Dish TV offers quite less number of channels when compared to that of Tata Sky. Dish TV offers 527 channels whereas Tata Sky offers 641.

Tata Sky Channel List

Tata Sky channel list can easily beat the Dish TV Channel list. In terms of HD channels too Tata Sky leads over Dish TV.

Tata Sky offers 89 HD channels while Dish TV airs just 67 HD channels. That makes it a preferable choice if you want more channels in your TV.

But if you are okay with the most common channels that are watched in general, then Dish TV will work fine too.

Channel Recording and series recording


Now in this feature, you might wanna start hating Dish TV. Dish TV comes with just an 8GB pen-drive and not much-inbuilt memory for storing the recordings. Whereas Tata Sky comes with a whopping 500 GB inbuilt memory to store all your favorite shows on TV.

While in Tata Sky you can opt for series recording, you won’t be blessed with such a feature if you are a Dish TV user.

Series recording means all the shows of a particular TV series. In case of Dish TV, you will have to record it for every episode while in Tata Sky you just have to set it once and you are done.

What makes Tata Sky even better is that while watching a particular channel you can record your favorite shows on two other channels but that is not the case Dish TV.

In Dish TV, you can only watch the same channel while recording it;  so, what’s the point of recording then? It also does not record for more than 170 minutes as per user reviews.

So, you most certainly can’t record your favorite Bhansali movie, right?


Physical Hardware and looks

Dish TV is the first DTH service provider of India but if you don’t evolve with time you might get outdated.

And that is what happened with Dish TV. Later when other DTH brands like Videocon D2H and Tata Sky came into the market, Dish TV still remained intact with its looks and design.

While other brands transformed into edgy and sheek designs, Dish TV still stuck with a childish look and less developed user interface.

We hope we have answered your question on what’s better; Dish TV vs Tata sky plans.

From the above comparisons, it is quite evident that Tatasky is better than Dish TV. But Dish TV has got a cheaper price of subscription.

So, if you fancy a cheaper DTH service with a fewer channels, then go for Dish TV. It all depend upon your choice and needs.


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