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Net balance or various data plans are checked in the same way for all idea networks. So, whether you’re using 2g, 3g, or 4g the procedures for checking the net balance are the same, i.e., using USSD codes. To check Airtel net balance or to check Vodafone net balance the same procedures are followed, i.e., the USSD code to check net balance is dialled or texted in accordance with the code provided by the network. There are separate Airtel USSD codes and Vodafone USSD codes for different purposes, just like Idea. For an Idea user, to check Idea net balance is simply and easily possible. It’s important to know the USSD code in order to check the balance. If one runs out of the net, but still continues to use the internet, then the amount of data they utilize is taken from their mobile balance. This is something that no one wants, so it’s important to check the net balance for timely payment. In this article, we will tell you the way for idea net balance check. 

Idea 3g balance check

You can dial *131*1#  for main account balance and validity


If one has a 3g idea SIM card, then to check idea net balance all one needs to do is use the USSD code provided by the network provider. These codes are available all over the internet and are very simple so that they can be remembered easily. Idea 3g balance is checked using a different and unique code that is provided by the network for 3g internet only.

Other networks use different USSD codes, for different purposes and it’s important to know the USSD code of one’s own network provider. The expected result, i.e., the amount of net balance that is left, would only be visible if the right USSD code is used for the right network.

Try this Idea USSD Code for Net Balance Check



USSD codes are of various types based on their purpose. People often search wants to get links for how to know Airtel number or how to know Vodafone number etc. That’s why all the network providers provide a different and unique code for different purposes. To check one’s own SIM card number, or mobile number in normal terms, one only needs to utilize the right USSD code.

 check Idea Internet Balance through Idea Website

Click Here for Idea Official Website

you can clearly see that they are so many option which easily access by Idea website. you can recharge , manage any service from website login.

Check Idea Internet Balance through Idea Mobile App

You can also download Idea Android app to check latest mobile offer and internet data balance. Download Here idea App. once you successfully register in the app you can check latest mobile offer, internet offer, balance check and any more


Idea Net balance Check


Idea data balance check

Try both for Idea Balance  – [*125# OR *121*411# ]

To check idea data balance or net balance, one simply needs to be aware of the procedure that is taken in order to check the data balance.

Some Useful Idea USSD Code:

Idea Balance Check*121# or *130# or *212#  or *123#
Idea 2G net balance Check*125# or *131*3#
Idea SMS balance Check*451# or *161*1#
Idea  special packs Check*131*3#
Idea service menu ussd codes*147#
Idea account balance Check*456# or *457#
Idea main menu ussd codes*111#
Check Idea activate call waiting*43#
Check Idea price Information*567#


The procedure is super easy: know the USSD code, dial it using the idea no., and see the net balance that will pop up on the screen automatically. Idea data balance is checked in the same way just like any other network provider, the only difference is that it uses different USSD code which is important for the uniqueness of the network. Idea provides all networks like 2g, 3g and 4g, which have a wide variety of network plans.

One needs to be sure of the amount of net balance they have so that in case one run of the internet, immediate net balance can be provided. USSD codes are used to check Idea data balance.

In case you wish to check the airtel 3G net balance or want to know how idea data balance check can be done in few seconds, then do check our previous posts.


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