How to Share Airtel Data 3G & 4G using Airtel Family Share

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Where in this past world of Technology we have seen that changes have become an integral part of our life. The technology frames the inner circle and the lifestyle of people. The evolution of technology from telephones to mobile phones and then too smartphones have been really a Revolution for humankind. Therefore with the coming of Smartphones came internet and with the coming of internet networking and communication has become a lot more easier. These days imagining your life without internet is just next to impossible. Therefore you must be looking for a very good network that will give you a high speed internet which will help you to connect to the Global world. Therefore when it comes to connect to the Global world of course Airtel internet connection is one of the best connections that gives high speed internet in an affordable rate. If you are looking here how to share your Airtel data then you are definitely at the right portal. 

How to share internet in airtel?

If you wish to know your airtel 3g net balance then you can type the USSD code and get to know data balance instantly. Well in the world of 4 G it is really become difficult to avoid internet and network data speed there for you can share internet in Airtel using family packs and Airtel membership card. There are many plans that are being launched by internet connection given by Airtel.

1. Airtel Family Data Share Using USSD COde


The different type of plans offered by Airtel connection will help you share internet easily. Well, these days we all know that every house is having a Smartphone and there are many people who are using the internet to connect to each other.



2. Airtel family share through Website

Visit Main Website URL

  • Enter your number and log in with OTP
  • Follow the below images


So when there are more number of people in the family then definitely Airtel family share plan would be the most beneficial plan and also it will help to save a lot of money. Of course if there are 8 or 10 people in the family who are using smartphones then definitely every phone would require a high-speed internet connection.

3. Airtel family share through Website

  • Download My Airtel app
  • you don’t need to use USSD code if you using Airtel app. For this app, you can use for latest recharge offers, data pack, vas service loan, airtel balance transfer.
  • Use your Airtel number for Signup and log in.

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3. Airtel family share through SMS

  1. Send “Share” to 121
  2. check the instruction which receives in your mobile

check your family member number

  1. Send “View” to 121.
  2. To add the new number to the list ADD<space><10 Digit Airtel Prepaid mobile number> and send to 121.
  3. To Delete the number from the list DEL<space><10 Digit Airtel Prepaid mobile number> and send to 121.
  4. after adding plz confirm it.


So every pack nominally would cost around 400 rupees or howsoever if in case one needs to have the postpaid connection then there is no limit to the money spent on the internet for downloading a many other purposes to be served.

Therefore one can easily get for Airtel data share this will help them to share data internet plans in minimal amount, as well as everyone in the family, would get equal speed of internet. Airtel family share plans are best when there are Kids allowed as one can easily restrict the amount of data that is to be served for the purpose.

So if you are looking for Airtel data share plans then you are at a right place you can go through all the plants mention over here and choose the best for your family. After all it is very rightly said that sharing is caring the more you share the more you save.

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