How to Take Loan in Vodafone Chota Credit + Loan Credit

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 Vodafone offers a wide range of features for its users, along with the choice of taking a loan. This can be done in the simplest way possible because of the easy to use features of Vodafone. Vodafone Loan Number is a service of Vodafone for the facility of the user. Vodafone Loan Number allows the user to take a loan for talk time in case his or her Vodafone account doesn’t have sufficient balance in it for calling purpose. This has proved very useful for many users and in case of emergency this facility is a gift. However, a loan is a loan, and therefore it asks for its due. Later, when you get a talk time balance, the net balance is transacted from that. It’s important to know about the specific Vodafone USSD Code List in order to get a talk time loan.

From time to time, we need help from outside. Even in our daily lives, we had to take loan for this and that. These loans take years to settle. But the loan taken from Vodafone Loan Number is not like that. One can get away from the burden of loan, as soon as the recharge is done from their mobile. Instantly, the amount of talk time balance that was provided with the loan, is charged from the mobile balance and then and one is rid of loan.

How to Take Loan in Vodafone

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Vodafone Chota Credit is for getting internet credit. Customers can get this credit for one day or twenty-four hours, by simply sending a message ‘CREDIT’ to 144 (which is toll-free number).

The amount of internet credit it provides is thirty megabytes and can be used in emergency purposes. It is available in 2g, 3g and 4g. As suggested by the name, this is indeed a small credit but has proved very useful to Vodafone its users. People are often confused between talk time loan and Chota credit.

Vodafone Chota Credit is for getting internet credit only, and it is not for talk time loan. Talk time loan can be taken from Vodafone Loan Number.

The Vodafone Chota credit may seem small but one can get it as many times as one desire in a day. Vodafone net balance will be charged later on from their internet balance when they get one.


Vodafone Talktime Loan

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Vodafone offers an emergency option for its users so that they don’t miss any important call. Customers can get a talk time loan as they desire and the balance will be cut later on.



This feature helps take a talk time loan, and continue the conversation or make a call. It’s very easy to get a talk time loan; one only requires knowing the Vodafone Loan Number. Everything is made user-friendly which means that it is easy to use.

Any Vodafone user can get a talk time loan at any point of the day. It often happens that one runs out of balance and therefore is unable to continue their important conversation.

Now, they may get a recharge but that may take time. In such times, Vodafone talk time loan comes into play as super hero and saves the day.


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