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Hello Friend This is special category for our small reader who study in school. If they looking for english essay for their school homework or any kind of english essay article then this special category might help you all guyz. in this article we will share Essay on Postman in English for all class children and  student . Initially we have published 700 word article for Essay on Essay on Postman.


Essay on Postman in English -1

News is the most eagerly waited commodity in our world. They can be about the world, the country or of our own family and friends. Radio, Television, Newspapers or Internet give us the latest information about the whole world. But the news about family and friends are provided by the medium of letters and telegrams.

The person who brings them to us is the postman. | The postman is a very useful Government servant. There are post offices all over the country in every town, city or village. Every post office has a number of postmen. The postman is a well known figure in our life. He wears simple khaki uniform, with a bag on his shoulders.

In this bag, he keeps letters, telegrams, parcels and money orders. . The postman goes to the post office early in the morning. He collects his letters and then in the afternoon, he again goes to the post office and a collecting mails, goes to deliver them.


The work of a village postman is really very hard, He has to go from one village to another village (Ori foot. He delivers them letters and sells them postcards and envelopes. The postman works hard in all weathers. He has to work in hot summers, in chilly winters and in rainy season also. Sunday is a holiday for him. He sincerely performs his duty. He is fully aware that people wait for him eagerly.

The postman brings us both good and bad news. whenever he brings some happy news, we are thankful to him and give some reward to him. But when he brings some sad news, our expressions change. We do not get angry with him as he is not responsible for that bad news. He is also very intelligent. If we think for a moment our life without his service, it becomes a miserable life having no news of our near and dear ones.

How anxiously we wait for the post at a definite time. Everybody waits him in the same way, whether rich or poor, old or young. Unfortunately this important server of mankind gets very little salary. He lives very simple life. On festivals, we give him some money for his services, but it is not enough.

We should think about the betterment of this messenger of news.

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Essay on Postman in English -2

The postman is an important servant. He wears a khaki uniform and carries a leather bag on his shoulder.

The postman is a useful member of the society. every morning he goes to the post office to get the dark of his locality. He sort the letters and goes from door to door to deliver, letters. parcels and money orders. He knocks at the door, delivers the letters and passes on. People wait early for this arrival. To some he brings news of joy, to others news of sorrow. Rain or shine, heat or cold, he has to do his duty and he does it honestly.

The life of a postman is very hard. He enjoys few holidays. His pay is small and he fineds it rather difficult to make both ends meet. But he is satisfied with what he gets and leads a contented life.

The life of a village postman is even harder. He has to travel long distances to deliver the dak. He is man of strong physique. He is not so highly educated. Often he reads and writes letters for the villagers who respect him and reward him for his services.

The postman is a hard working, simple and honest man. He deserves our sympathy and regard for the good work that he does for us. We must not treat him harshly. We should always remember that he is our friend.

Essay on Postman in English -3

A person who works in a post office and delivers letters is called a postman.he has a certain area to deliver letters and newspapers.he goes to his office daily.he selects the letters and magazines of his area.he puts them in his bag and goes from house to house to give letters ,parcels,money orders etc of the right persons.

the postman is a very useful person in the society.the postman wears simple dress,mostly khaki clothes.he has to cover a large area in the hilly regions.he takes a sack,which he must carry from one post office to another and exchange while returning.

he has to walk on foot for long distances even in hot sun and heavy rainfall.he often takes a spear for his protection.alternatively,he is sent to deliver letters door to door.people in the countryside might be eagerly waiting for him to receive their letters and goods from the country and abroad.they become happy when they see him there. in the city,he gets on the bicycle and delivers letters,postcards, parcels etc to the persons addressed.

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Essay on Postman in English -4

The Indian postman is a very familiar figure in cities and towns. In villages to the postman is a much sought after person. He is dressed in Khaki. He carries a leather bag on his shoulder. He is also seen on a bicycle. He moves from door to door and shop to shop. He welcomed wherever he goes.

He is greeted at every house door. People anxiously wait for the postman. They ask him about their letters and money orders. He is usually co-operative. Sometimes, he is angered by useless queries made by some people. He helps the illiterate women and men by reading their letters for them. Postman is very useful man. He knows the addresses of the people living in his beat. He has a cheerful smile for those who greet him.

Postman is frank and honest in this dealing. He carries both happy and sand news. He pauses on his way for a while to share joys and sorrows with the people he meets. He is otherwise calm, reserved and well-meaning. He is the key person of the postal department. He goes to deliver the mail in sun or shine. He is exposed to the retours of weather.

Postman gets a meager salary. Postman finds it difficult to make both ends meet. Something must be done to better the lots of the Indian postman. The government must take steps to do something for him. He enjoys the sympathy of one and all.


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