Dowry System Essay in English For Children & Student

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Hello Friend This is special category for our small reader who study in school. If they looking for english essay for their school homework or any kind of english essay article then this special category might help you all guyz. in this article we will share Dowry System Essay in English for all class children and  student . Initially we have published 300 word and 1000 word article for Dowry System.


Dowry System Essay in English

Dowry System Essay in English

Some customs have been passed down through generation to generation. Dowry system is one of them n ancient times, princes used to give a large piece of land or even lots of gold or a whole empire as a blessing or mark of love at the time of a girl’s marriage Poor people used to give animals also, but not as a burden.


But today, this tradition of giving of good wishes has been taken a dirty place in society Now it has been a curse for India. The birth of girls has become the most unbearable burden for parents as they have to pay a huge amount as dowry at the time of their marriage.

The dowry rates for boys are fixed according the eligibility of the boy This growing evil of dowry attracted the attraction of our government alsoIt has made an Anti Dowry Act on 1961. But it received no support from the Society The death-rate of girls became increased due to lack of dowry They are burnt or given poison.

Our late Prime Minister Mrs Indira Gandhi studied the situation. She asked the young boys and girls to come forward and take strong steps to do marriages without any dowry She herself set an example by marrying her younger son Mr Sanjay Gandhi with Menaka without any dowry Many states took steps against this evil.

They also । made new Act, Punjab and Bihar were first to fight against this evil demon But of dowry even , today t system is prevalent in almost all sections of society: It is not a problem for financially strong people but poor people are the main victims of this custom, Their beautiful and efficient daughters are not , to get good husbands. Doctors, engineers, advocate high profile businessman demand lots of dowry The become loher after getting money as dowry. Though everybody abuses this curse openly, y very little people have the courage to get their some marriages without dowry.

This Cancer of dowry can only be cured if y all take on oath of ‘no taking or giving of dowry


Dowry System Essay in English

Dowry implies cash, jewellery and household and other goods given to the bride at the time of marriage. । In ancient times, this dowry system was probably started by some people to enable the young boy and girl to starts new household without any inconvenience. It was perhaps believed that when the boy’s parents had to do a lot to make their son stand on his own legs in business or some service, there was nothing wrong if the girl’s parents also put in their mite to help the young couple to start their journey on the path of the world.

There as nothing wrong with such kind of line of thoughts far as it went. Of course, it is as much the duty of the girl’s parents to Tulip the couple to start their new home as that of the boy’s parents But in such a line of thought there does not seem to be any element of compulsion or obligation. Here there is a question of doing one’s duty only, and the girl’s parents could provide the goods and necessities according to their capacity, resources, circumstances and will.

Moreover, it should be noted that the girl’s parents rear the girl according to their resources with utmost love and affection. They provide her education and means of good health and life. On all this, they spend a lot. Still, the main question is not that of expenditure, it is to be understood that the girl after her marriage * has to live in her in-laws’ house and according to the arrangements made by them. Hereafter, she becomes a part of their household as a member of the family. She is supposed to promote their cause as that is also her own home now onwards. She has to adjust and adapt herself according to the atmosphere in the new house.

Keeping all this in mind, why should the girl be a liability on her parents ? Why should it be obligatory on their part to provide their girl with so much cash and jewellery and so many items of necessity and luxury when she is going away to become a part of a new family about which she often doesn’t know much and the new world is almost  entirely shrouded in mystery for her?

This does not mean that the girl or her parents are not or are supposed not to be attached to each other. On the other hand, the parents love their daughters as much as their sons. At least, this is 30 in homes the members of which are enlightened. There may be some rare families in which there is discrimination against girls. And it is an immensely acknowledged fact that girls go on loving their parents even more than their brothers do all their lives.

When we realize the significance of family love, affection and devotion and the spirit of mutual sacrifice and self-effacement, ४८ cannot ignore the fact that no parents would like to send their daughters empty-handed at the time of their marriage. Instead, they would certainly like to load then with gifts what(Ver they Can reasonably afford and which they think will love useful to the girl and will be liked by her husband and in laws.

This giving of gifts to their daughters at the time of their marriage is prevalent in all communities and societies even western Countries, Even the Supreme Court of India has allowed these gifts at the time of marriage to a certain extent.

As already stated, there was no compulsion in the matter of giving Such gifts to their daughters or sons-in-law. It depended on one’s own will, pleasure, convenience and resourcefulness, and there was never or hardly ever any resentment on the question of a gift being insignificant or below the expectation of the son-in-law or other members in the family of the in-laws. The father-in-law and the mother-in-law of the bride almost always treated her as their own daughter and nobody ever taunted or rebuked her for bringing less or useless dowry.

Nobody ever looked a gift horse in the mouth. As times passed and the world became more and more materialistic and man’s lust for wealth and power and love of luxuries increased, the son’s parents and other members of the family began to expect more and more from the girl’s side as dowry. In the middle ages, the dowry system started assuming alarming proportions, though still not quite pronouncedly. For instance, in the now defunctVijayanagar Empire in south India, dowry system is said to be a bane of enormous dimensions.

The most obnoxious thing is that the boy’s parents now make hefty demands which are sometimes beyond the resources of the girl’s parents. Car, air conditioner, refrigerator, desert cooler, TV set, Computer, SCOOter, and all such and other items besides a big amount of money in cash, lands and jewellery are demanded. The poor girl’s parents have to beg for loans or mortgage their houses or sell some Property to fulfil the demands of the boy’s greedy parents and elders. There is virtually the sale of boys in the market, The girl’s merits and high education are all ignored or taken lightly and Mamon- worship plays the major role in this horrid dram.

Even after meeting almost all the demands of the greedy laws, the girl has to take note of new (201ands and meet the, expeditiously or else, if her parents are unable or unwilling to play, the second fiddle, the poor creature must accept regular taunts and torture from various members of her in-laws’ family and be ready to commit suicide or to be burnt alive by the heartless mother-in-law with collaboration or connivance or complicity of some or other members in the family and sometimes even her adorable husband,  How can such greedy people understand the meaning of the rights or empowerment of women unless some stringent laws are passed to give exemplary punishments to the cruel recalcitrants and violators of sacred human rights? Such people make a frontal attack on women’s rights and female dignity and should not be let off scot-free in any manner.

No doubt, we have a number of laws both at the state and union | levels to deal effectively with the dowry-seekers. But almost daily we hear about dowry deaths and tortures, and these laws either have no teeth or are not properly and universally implemented. Those who have some links at higher levels, can manage to escape all the tentacles of laws and roam freely on the streets even after causing the death of the poor girls who come to their house to become a part and parcel of it.

Of course, law alone cannot solve this problem, Much depends upon the people themselves. It is essential that dowry system should be condemned in school courses and young boys should take a vow that they would never demand dowry. They should try to convince their elders that dowry is only a primitive institution, the main thing now being the girls merits.

Similarly, the girls should take avow that they would not marry a dowry seeker at any cost. There should be a far-spread campaign” over the TV, on the cinema screen and in the newspapers all magazines against this menace. Seminars and functions should held to convey to the people the dangers of this system. Such campaign should not be limited to urban areas only. The you themselves should go to the rural areas to spread the message agai dowry system.


Dowry System Essay in English


well said that marriage in India is not a union between two people but a union between two families. It does not simply join man and woman in a marital cord but bonds the families of the 10. This makes marriage a very sacred thing in the Indian society and moreover, a very happy occasion. It has become a matter of pride for the people. However, there are still Some age old customs that keep spoiling this happiness and replace pride by greed. The dowry system is one of these issues and has been a great problem and source of embarrassment and disturbance in our society.

The system of giving dowry or dahej to girls in marriage is an ancient Indian custom. Since ancient times, the parents of the bride have indulged willingly in the practice of giving money and gifts at her wedding to the groom and his family as a token of love and respect.

The reason for willingly parting away from one’s wealth for their daughter was to give her a comfortable start for her married life. However, shamefully the sad truth is that now-a-days dowry is not given willingly, but is demanded.

The serious form of the so-called dowry system in India has developed into a full-fledged bargaining business today and has become the main issue about a girl’s marriage whereas all other Considerations of much more real value and importance like the girl’s family background, her qualifications, merits, etc., have altogether been set aside.

The fact that it is condemned by every modern citizen of this country and yet it flourishes at a very large scale in our SOCiety is a testimony of how deeply rooted this system is in the Indian Society. 11s System has become a menace, a social evil 100ur society. The greediness has come so far that now it invite; (Criminal activities, The groom’s family forcefully asks for” (Dowry or threatens to call-off the wedding.

It is also observed on a large Cale that brides are tortured for dowry even after marriage. And torture is just one part of the story, they are harassed and insulted to the verge of their Committing suicides, and most horrifyingly, they are also murdered for not meeting the dowry demands.

Official statistics show a steady rise in dowry related crimes. National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) figures state that 8,233 dowry deaths were reported in 2012 from various states. The statistiCS Work out to one death per hour. This has also led to the poor state of women of India and in a way it has also flared up the favouring of the male child, in turn leading to female foeticide. The time has Come to throw this evil practice away from our society. The law has abolished any form of dowry but laws can do nothing if incidents go unreported. Moreover, parents of girls have to stop treating their daughters as burdens and should not give in when dowry is demanded. They think that it would be shameful and publicly humiliating for them if the marriage gets broken.

Further, they think that their daughter would be insulted and not have a happy life in her husband’s home if the dowry demands are | not met. In reality, the fact that they must realise is if a man can  torture their daughter for money, would he ever Care for her? The answer is no. Young men should take a pledge that they would never ask for dowry. They should show self-respect and make it clear that they can take care of their families on their Own.

Dowry is like taking alms or payment for some work. Marriage is none of these, It is a union of two souls, two families and must not be marred by dowry. The most effective remedy is to bring consciousness against this malady through education and social awareness,

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