Time is Money Essay in English For Children ? Student

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Hello Friend This is special category for our small reader who study in school. If they looking for english essay for their school homework or any kind of english essay article then this special category might help you all guyz. in this article we will share Time is Money Essay in English for all classs children and  student . Initially we have published 500 word article for Time is Money .


Time is Money Essay in English

time is money essay

Our life is nothing but the sum of days, hours and minutesIf we waste our time, we । waste our life. We can regain money and health if we lose thembut we cannot regain time if we lose it. We can become what we want to by utilis ing our time properlyTime once lost is lost forever. A time gone by is bygone । forever.

In the ancient timesthe period of life was divided into four parts. The first twenty-five years were meant for education and learning The next twenty five years were meant for living the life of a householder and procreation of children. The next twenty-five years were meant for self-study and social service.

And the final twenty-five years were meant for making an effort to achieve salvation. According to the abovethe first two stages of life are the most fruitful.

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Youth is the age when time is the greatest treasureDuring youtha per son can work hard and take risksThis is the time which should be utilised op timallyWe must gain knowledge and experience during this stage oflife. This age becomes the foundation stone of our future life.

A wise man suitably divides his time be tween work and play wiselyThose who only work or only enjoy, do not do jus- tice to themselvesAnd the people who idle away their time are the terrible sin nersThey who waste their time are the guilty of not only themselves, but also of the family, Society and the world at large

Soget up and get to task. It is the time when you have to act. Act now or you will have to repent at leisure that you did not act when it was the ripe time. Your family society country and the world is watching you and looking for your help. Get ready and achieve the highest goals of lifeonly then you can justify the time which God has given you.

Else you too would be lost in the crowd of people with no one to remember you Only your action will make you livelong after you have lived your life.


prove disastrous in some casesas in matters of health or repair of a ma- chineA neglected cold or a running nose can turn into sinusitis and a severe cough can turn into tuberculosisThe neglect of a pain in the body may turn out to be a fatal cancet. Similarlya mal ady in the vehicle can lead to, if not an accident, certainly to delay in reaching a place, as it can break down midway Some people like to postpone an un- pleasant action.

Postponement of any work is unpleasant, the more it is post ponedthe more unpleasant it becomes Putting off things is unpleasant because it robs you of your peace of the mind. There is always the nagging inner voice which keeps on reminding of the task to be done.

It leaves a person restless What a tremendous feeling of content ment and relaxation there is when a job is finished on time, without the last minute mad rushl So, make a point to do things at the right time, and save a lot of trouble later.


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