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With the number of plans being used on the mobile networks, it has been seen that many people have started using smartphones as their first and preferred choice when it comes to communication. Talking about communication it all comes with a package deal of sending messages, having long talks and data plans as well. But what if you suddenly at the mid of a night run out of the data plan or any plan that you were switching and you are not able to renew a monthly plan because of certain terms and conditions. Therefore taking the loan, in that case, is the best possible method. Here at Idea, you will learn how to take loan in Idea network. 

As it is very certain that we have been briefing you about the USSD code numbers and important emergency numbers therefore with the help of linking it to the previous articles you will be able to know in case that if you want to take a loan with USSD code you have to dial. How to know your Idea number and how to take loan in Idea is very simple and easy.

How to Take loan in Idea

idea loan number USSD Code

  • Dial *150*05# for Rs.5 talktime loan
  • Dial *150*10# for Rs.10 talktime loan
  • Dial *150*20# for Rs.20 talktime loan
  • Dial *121*4*7# for Idea Advance talktime loan

Hair in the given list there are few numbers mention where you can dial at the time of emergency when you run out of the talk time or any data plan then by dialing the given numbers you will get a certain amount of loan.


For example, if you are talking on the phone and suddenly run out of your talk time terms and conditions and you have to wait for the cycle of renewal until the next day however taking a recharge would not be fruitful as and if you only want to convey a certain information.

Therefore if you can take a talk time of rupees 10 as a Loan then maybe it will be really fruitful as you can easily convey the small information and even you need not to spend so much of amount.

However this rupees 10 would be deducted in the next recharge done so therefore there is a balance that is kept in and out for the customers who are using the benefits of taking idea loan number at the time of need.

How to Get Talktime Loan in Idea with Ussd Code For Rs 10

Ussd Code: *150*10#

 Get Talk Time Loan in Idea with Ussd Code For Rs 20

Ussd Code: *150*20#

 An idea with Ussd Code for 25MB 2G


Internet Loan in Idea with Ussd Code for 35MB 3G


Below given at the following Idea quotes that will help you to take loan in case if you want to recharge your data plan or talk time as loans. As already told the benefit of taking loan it is very necessary that one should understand if you take a loan of rupees 10 you will only get a certain amount of talk time and a further more extra charge would be deducted in the next recharge.


idea talk time loan

Taking Idea talk time loan is simpler and easier you only have to dial the USSD code given for the loan and enter the amount of loan you wish to take it could be either rupees 10 or 20 or even 50. You will get talk time value in your phone within seconds and you can enjoy conversing without any interruptions.




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