How to Take loan in Airtel for Net , Advance Talktime USSD Code

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To take a loan on your Airtel number is a very easy job. One simply needs to send an SMS to a number using a certain code, called Airtel SMS loan code, and as the name suggests, the person is able to get a loan as desired. This SMS is definitely toll-free because it’s obvious that when one doesn’t have balance only then would someone go for a loan and if that is so, even an SMS would be unaffordable without a balance. you can check out How to Take loan in Airtel using Airtel ussd code

Therefore, for an SMS a toll-free number is provided to Airtel customers. A loan helps save the day, especially in case of emergency crisis when it’s not very easy to get recharge as soon as it is required. A simple SMS needs to be sent to the loan number using the loan code. This makes conversations easier and comfortable.

Why to take loan in airtel?

Taking a loan is the best idea in case of emergency. Otherwise one can directly get a recharge. The loan can be taken as many times but only a certain amount of talk time is given each time. Later, this amount is credited from the balance.


Airtel loan USSD number

Dial *141*10# ( Airtel Loan Number ) or Call 52141 

A certain loan number is there to get a loan. With the help of this number, one can easily get the required loan. A loan can easily be taken with the help of your Airtel loan number.


These numbers are provided for the benefit of user so that they can get a loan when they need at any point of the day. Airtel customers using an Airtel loan number can get an Airtel loan. the process for getting a loan is very easy. One only needs to send an SMS to a toll-free Airtel loan number and the company would do the later part. Soon a talk time loan would be credited to your Airtel number and one can enjoy its facilities.

Airtel Internet MB Loan


One can receive and make calls using the amount of money credited in the loan, that would be charged from your recharge balance automatically when you recharge your Airtel number. It’s important to know the loan number in order to get a loan on one’s Airtel mobile. You can also know how to know your airtel 3G net balance and how to know your airtel number through ussd codes.


Airtel advance talk time ussd code

How to Take loan in Airtel 

Airtel advance talk time USSD code helps Airtel customers to get an advance talktime using a certain USSD code provided by Airtel. It is a unique USSD code that is provided by company. Airtel USSD codes are used for different purposes and for advance talk time a unique USSD code is provided.

Advance talk time helps to talk for more time, it extends call duration and less amount is charged from the balance. Extra Talktime is advanced from normal talk time and is therefore better. One can continue to converse without getting interrupted. Many times when you’re an attending a call suddenly the balance runs out and your important call gets unattended which causes problems.

So Airtel advance talk time helps to remove these kinds of the problem by giving an advance talk time when needed.



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