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Hello Friend This is special category for our small reader who study in school. If they looking for english essay for their school homework or any kind of english essay article then this special category might help you all guyz. in this article we will share Essay on india in English for all classs children and  student . Initially we have published 500 word article for Essay on india.



Essay on india For Student

Essay on india

Whenever our nation is faced with a problemour government is foundlack ing in will, not in power, to tackle the problem. This is especially the case so far as cross-border terrorism and fun damentalism is concerned.

These two phenomena have done such a great harm to the nation that could not have been suffered during the full-fledged wars that India has faced since inde pendence The lack of tough decision making has let the world, the terrorists and the people believe that India is a soft state.

We can cite many examples to prove this Five dreaded terrorists were handed over to secure the release of a minister’s daughter to begin with This trend has continued to this dayIt was repeated again and again. A union minister himself escorts the terrorists for the release of passengers.

A terrorist who has been pronounced guiltywas not being hanged for a long timeonly to appease the feelings of some peo pleNot long before, we have sacrificed the lives of several hundred young sol- diers to get terrorists evicted from the Kargil heights, only to learn later that the remaining terrorists would be given a safe passage to return.

No doubt, Indiahas miserably failed to take appropriate steps against the militants Let us find out if 1 the executive is ca pable to act against terrorists and ter rorist organisations The Constitution of India provides that adequate action can be taken whenever the situation so demands.

The Fundamental Rights too are not absolute and are subject to severalrestrictions. Moreover, Article 22 provides the government, both Central and State, to undertake preventive detention on the grounds of integrity and unity of the country and mainte- nance of law and order. There also exist provisions to impose internal and ex ternal emergencies which we have experienced during various wars and Indira Gandhi’s regime.

There have also existed certain laws in the past, which have often been termed ‘draconian’ such as TADA (Terrorist and Disruption Prevention Act), MISA (Maintenance of Internal Security Act), etcEven today the government has adequate powers in its hands in the form of IPC (Indian Penal Code1872), POTA (Prevention of Terrorism Act), NSA (National Security Act) etcA few states have their own special acts to deal with various situations.


The pertinent question is why India is termed a soft state despite various en actments Why is the government not able to take severe measures against terrorists and terrorist organisations? In the past there have been instances when strong steps have been taken; Operation Bluestar was one such step.

Two reasons can be ascribed to this. One the present era is that of coalition governments, in both centre and statesA coalition government needs to appease different coalition partners to remain in existence. Every political party per- ceives one and the same matter differ ently keeping in view its own interests and vote-bank politicsIt was easy to take bold decisions in the cabinet meet ingsbut these have become a thing of the past.

Now most of the ministers like to leave the decision-making power to the Prime Minister saving their own skins from the ugly job of decision . making It is the reason why no con crete steps could be taken even when the largest mobilisation of armed forces was ordered following the attack on the Parliament. And such attacks have con tinued to the present times.

We can safely conclude that it is exe cution, and not enactment, that makes India a soft state. India will continue to suffer at the hands of terrorists from within the country and across the bor ders so long it continues to shy away from tough decision-making Tough decision making can alone ensure ade quate steps to deal with this problem.

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Essay on india For Student

atithi devo bhava meaning guests are like God is the Spirit of the A people of this country when they welcome their guests. With a civilisation of more than five thousand years old, India as a country, boasts off diverse religions, languages, races, cultures, flora and fauna, etc.

The second most populated country in the world has 29 states, 22 languages, many religions and a number of rivers flowing through it like the famous Ganges, The Indus, The Brahmaputra, etc. Lotus is the National Flower of the country, Tiger is the National Animal and Peacock is the National Bird.

India has the largest constitution and biggest democracy in the world. Its diversity is the essence of the country. A French scholar once quoted: “If there is any place on the face of the Earth where all dreams of living men have found a home from the very early days when man began the dream of existence, it is India.

Besides being the birthplace of Hinduism, Sikhism and Buddhism, one can find a multiple foreign religions flourishing in the country like Islam, Christianity and Zoroastrianism.

Each religion has an influence in shaping the culture and architecture of the country. Goa has a Portuguese culture with churches all across the city. Similarly, many towns of Uttar Pradesh boast off an Islamic influence. The Sun temple, the ‘Khajuraho temples, etc are all the ancient Hinduism (the  oldest religion of the world  and the country) imprints of the country.

With this large religious diversity, India ‘celebrates innumerable festivals each year like Holi, Diwali, Eid. Christmas, Guru Nanak Birthday, etc. Each festival paints the entire Country in its। bright hues. A multilingual country, India’s Constitution recognition 22 languages. With 29 states, these 22 languages further have such  languages.

The state, recognises hindi as the official language of the Country to bind the prolific linguistic diversity into one. India is also a proud example of geographic diversity. Where a state like Jammu and Kashmir is all Himalayan mountainous region, the state of Rajasthan is all desert. Kerala and Goa are Coastal areas and Delhi, Punjab etc are all plains

Racial diversity is another feather in India’s cap. The Indo-Aryan immigration is known to all but besides that we have Mongoloid race in the North-East, the Dravidian race in the South, and a proportion of Iranian race too as India is home to a sizeable population of Zoroastrians.

India is also a land of varied climatic conditions. With four seasons of summer, autumn, winter and spring prevailing throughout the year in most parts of the country, we have a place like Cherrapunji where it rains throughout the year, then we have the Himalayan region that remains more or so cool throughout the year and the coastal areas like Mumbai, Daman and Diu which have tropically warm climate throughout.

Main land India is bounded by the Indian ocean on the South, the Arabian sea on the West, and the Bay of Bengal on the East; and it is bordered by Pakistan to the West, Bhutan, the People’s Republic of China and Nepal to the North, and Bangladesh; and Burma to the East.

Diversity can also be witnessed in food habits and clothing or attire, We have North Indian cuisine, a Mughlai cuisine, a South Indian cuisine, etc. Where Gujarati food is all vegetarian, Bengali food mainly Comprises of fish curries. People from the North India consume mainly wheat and those in the South are rice Consuming people.

But besides all this variation, all Indian’s sing the same National Anthem, rejoice together when the country wins a cricket match. Even history is a witness that people of all different Cultures and religions participated in the country’s freedom struggle. This unity in diversity is the hallmark of India’s uniqueness. The | very fact that India absorbs all this variation into itself is very mesmerising.

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