How to port BSNL number to Idea Jio Vodafone BSNL Number

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Mobile phones have become the very basic need of everyone’s life. So much so that all our contacts with friend and family, business, shopping etc. is done via mobile phone only. There was a time when you buy a connection from a particular telecom company you are stuck with them for life no matter how bad the experience was. If you want to shift, the only solution was to change the number. Then came Mobile Number Portability which was introduced by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India a.k.a. TRAI.  You can check this article for how to port BSNL number to Idea Jio Vodafone BSNL Number

With the help of this service, you can change your connection from one telecom operator to another without losing the number. The process takes somewhere between 7 to 10 business days and often goes through without any glitches. In this article, we will discuss the process of how to port BSNL number to any other telecom operator in India. How to port BSNL number

How to start the porting process?

The TRAI has made sure that whosoever wants to port the number, the process remains as simple as possible. The first step to initiate the process is thus in your hand and not in the hands of any telecom company. You need to send an SMS to 1900 which is a centralized number by TRAI to get the porting code. The syntax of the SMS is “PORT YOUNUMBER” for example “PORT 1234567890” without the inverted commas. Once you get the code, all you need to do is to go to the nearest store of the new service provider with the KYC documents and ask them to move the process forward.

Porting BSNL number to Airtel number

Airtel is one of the oldest and most popular telecom company in India. It has great plans and in the last few months, the company has dropped the cost of the services a lot.

If you want to port BSNL to Airtel, first send the SMS as mentioned above to 1900 and take the code to the nearest Airtel store. Make sure you have the KYC documents with you so that you can get the process started asap.

Porting BSNL number to Jio number

After its launch, Jio made sure that all the other telecom companies run for their money. With affordable plans, high-speed mobile internet and amazing customer care services, Jio won millions of hearts in the very short span of time. If you want to port BSNL to Jio make sure that you use your Aadhaar card to speed up the process.

All you need to take the code to the nearest Jio store and ask the customer care executive to initiate the process. It may take up to 7 business days to complete the process.

Porting BSNL number to Idea number

Being one of the most reliable telecom companies in India, Idea has fetched a lot of good reviews in the past few years. The new plans by the company are also very lucrative.

In case you are planning to port BSNL to Idea initiate the process by sending the SMS to 1900 and take the code with you to the nearest IDEA store. Make sure to keep your KYC documents and a photo with you.

Porting BSNL number to Vodafone number

Vodafone is one of the younger players on the market. Vodafone has a worldwide network which makes it easier for the travelers to avail better services overseas. If you want to post BSNL to Vodafone take the porting code to nearest Vodafone store and get the process done.

Wait for the 7-10 business days before you insert the new SIM.

Porting mobile number from one company to another is a little long but a very easy process. Just make sure that you have Rs.19+ balance in your present account which is the fees of porting the number and if you are using a postpaid connection than all the previous bills are cleared.


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