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Hello Friend This is special category for our small reader who study in school. If they looking for Short Stories for their school homework or any kind of Short Stories article then this special category might help you all guyz. in this article we will share Short Stories For Teens for all class children and  student . Initially we have published 300 word and 1000 word article for Short Stories For Teens .

Top 10 Short Stories For Teens

Short Stories For Teens

True love dies on earth, re-born in Heaven

Once upon time there was a butterfly, it was self beautified by yellowish golden colour. The Butterfly was very selfish, cruel and stone hearted. It was having habit of sucking the fragrantic sweetness of beautiful flowers and also it is terrific that it was destroying them with no kind concern, daily it was destroying many flowers.

One fine day in a peaceful morning, the butterfly went in its daily routine i.e. In search of flowers, around a yard of this beautiful earth and Suddenly wonderful naturally decorated garden came to its sight which was full of greenery .The selfish Butterfly felt very happy, entered garden and it started flying around the garden with its bad thoughts and destroying flowers .Unfortunately Butterfly saw beautiful pink rose with diamond water droplets on its softy petals and it was looking very innocent and different among all the flowers, Butterfly never seen this type of flower in its life and it said itself “Oh! What gorgeous flower it is!” and no more it remained itself. And it returned home with unsatisfactory and it was confused and asked itself “why I not sucked the fragrantic sweetness of that beautiful flower?”And it decided that it must suck the sweetness of flower next morning without fail. Next morning it went to the same garden and sat infront of the flower for the whole day without sucking the sweetness of it again returned home with lot of hunger and thirst and it again decided the same thing and went infront of flower after a while, Flower observed its madness and asked, “……….Oh ! Beautiful Butterfly why you are looking me like that, the whole day?” the Butterfly replied, I don’t know why? (Beautiful conversation of Butterfly and flower)

Flower said: Oh! Cruel Butterfly, why you are not sucking the fragrantic sweetness of mine and killing me? Like others you do!

Butterfly: Oh! You beautiful innocent rose, I something feel about you .I changed my life and I want to become innocent like you.

Flower: You have to suck me because I think I will be no more in this dream land …………….

Butterfly: No I can’t and don’t force me. (It went back to home)

Butterfly started its new life with full of humble, kindness it left its cruelty and it felt itself that it was in love with that beautiful rose, it decided to propose the rose on next morning .

(The Beauty and innocentness of rose changed the Butterfly’s life it means the pure love towards the rose change its life)

Next morning, it was very happy and went meet its love and with full of dreams…………But sadly someone have plucked the flower ,crushed and thrown on a floor (ground) The Butterfly saw that heart breaking moment with full of tears in its eyes and the sky was also Dark .Sky also started Crying (Raining)……… (The Butterfly sat near the dead body of its lovely rose)

Butterfly cried with full of sorrow and said …………!

“Oh! Beautiful Rose …. I truly love you very much…… today I am with full of sorrow, with whom I have to share you have slept dead and cold. Oh! Beautiful Rose you will be in my heart till the Beats of my heart stop Oh! Beautiful Rose I love you forever and there is no reason in my life for which I should live ……..”With full of tears the tears of Butterfly felt on the Body of Rose, luckily Rose was having little Breadth in it slightly opened its eyes with heavy pain it said “Butterfly. I listened what you told till now. I am very happy though I am in the bed of Death… “Where you had gone, I am waiting for the Death I moan” I love you too…….

After this the Butterfly was full with sorrow and it can’t forget rose which it loved. Day by day it become very ill and lastly it died.

And they both Butterfly and Rose again met in the Heaven and Said “Our love Died on Earth but re-born in Heaven”

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A Cap Seller and the Monkeys

There was a cap seller in a city. He used to go from village to village to sell the caps. His way lay through a forest.

It was a hot summer day and it was very hot. He got tired. To get some rest he sat under a shaded tree.

Soon he fell asleep under the shadow of the tree. Many monkeys were living on that tree. When they saw the caps they climbed down the tree and each one of them put a cap on their head. Then they climbed up the tree again.

The cap seller woke up after some time. He found that his caps were missing. By chance he looked up and saw the monkeys wearing his caps. He tried his best to get his caps back but all his efforts were in vain.

Suddenly an idea struck his mind. He took off his own cap and threw it on the ground. Monkeys did the same as they are imitators. The cap seller collected all his caps and went away happily.


Intelligence works wonders.



King Bruce and the Spider

There was a king in Scotland. His name was Robert Bruce. He fought many battles and won them. But once he was badly defeated.

He ran away from the battle field to save his life. He took shelter in a cave where he hid himself. He was immersed in deep sorrow and out of disappointment he gave up all hope and struggle.

But one day he saw a spider in that cave. It was trying to reach the roof of the cave where it had a cobweb. It made six attempts to reach its web but every time it slipped down.

Now the king got interested and watched the spider carefully. He was astonished to see that spider did not lose heart but continued its efforts to reach up at the top. At the seventh attempt the spider was successful in its attempt of reaching its web.

This incident boosted up the spirit of King Bruce. He gained new strength and fresh courage. He gathered his forces and fought another battle.

This time he fought with new vigour and enthusiasm and was ultimately successful in making his country free.


Try, try, try again.


The Camel and the Jackal

A camel and a jackal lived together in a jungle. On the other side of the river flowing beside that jungle, there were fields having ripe sugar- canes

One day the jackal came to the camel with a plan to cross the river and enjoy the sugarcanes. As he did not know how to swim, so he requested the camel to carry him on his back.

The camel agreed to the jackal’s request. They set out for the river and soon reached its bank. The camel carried the jackal on his back and crossed the river. On reaching the other side, they began to eat the sugarcanes.

The jackal was soon satisfied but the camel was yet hun­gry. The jackal began to howl loudly. The camel asked him not to do so but the jackal said that it was his habit to howl after meals.

His howling attracted the attention of the farmers. They all reached the spot with long sticks. The jackal disappeared in a bush but the camel was badly beaten.

Now they were to go across the river. The jackal requested the camel to take him across the river.

The camel agreed to do so since he wanted to retaliate upon him. When the camel reached the middle of water, he began to roll in the water. The jackal told him not to do so. But the camel said that it was his habit to do so after meals.

As a result, the jackal slipped off the camel’s back and fell into the deep water. He was soon drowned. He was rightly punished for his mischievousness.


As you sow, so shall you reap?


The Hen That Laid Golden Eggs

In olden days there was a farmer. He owned a wonderful hen that laid a golden egg every day. He was extremely happy.

But after some time only one egg could not satisfy his greed. It was a slow process to get only one egg after every twenty four hours.

So he said to himself, “‘One egg a day. It will take long to be rich.” He grew so impatient that he wanted to get all the egg at once. He made up his mind to put the hen to death and become rich in an over­night.

He killed the hen at once and cut open its belly. He began to look for the eggs but there was none to be found.

He saw that his hen was just like other hens. By his stupid act he lost even the egg he used to get every day. Thus the foolish fellow lost the hen that laid a golden egg daily.


As you sow, so shall you reap? Contentment is a great wealth.


The Silver Key

It was a stormy night. A traveller reached an inn. As the hour was very late, he found the door locked from within. He knocked at the door.

The gate-keeper responded to the knock, saying, “I have lost the key and the door cannot be opened unless you have a silver key with you.”

The traveller understood what he meant by the silver key. He im­mediately slipped a silver coin through the hole, and the door opened.

As soon as he got in, he said to the gate keeper, “I have left my box outside, please bring it.” As the gate-keeper went out to bring the box, the traveller closed the door behind him.

The keeper asked him to open the door so that he may come in. Now the traveller replied from within, “I have lost the key and a silver key is needed to open the door.” Soon the coin was pushed again through the hole and the dishonest man was let in.


Dishonesty meets dishonesty.


The Arab and His Camel

An Arab had a camel. One cold night the Arab lay asleep inside the tent while the camel stood outside.

At midnight the camel awoke his master and requested him to allow him to put his head inside the tent as it was bitter cold outside. The Arab allowed him to do so.

After a while, the camel asked the Arab if he might put his neck inside the tent. The Arab did not object to do it.

Soon after the camel requested him again to allow him to bring his legs inside. The Arab agreed. Now the camel stood completely inside the twit. But as there was not space enough for both of them he pushed the Arab outside to shiver in cold.


Nip the evil in the bud.


Going To Law

Once two cats, one white and one black, quarreled, over a large piece of cake. The white cat said that she had seen the cake first and so it was hers. The black cat refused to allow her claim and pretended to scratch her.

A monkey saw the cats quarrelling. He asked them what the mat­ter was. He advised them not to fight. He said that he would be the guide and settle the quarrel justly. Both the cats agreed.

The monkey broke the cake into two pieces. He said that he would divide the cake equally for them. He got a pair of scales and put one piece in each pan.

One piece weighed heavier than the other. So he took a big bite out of the larger piece and ate it up. Now the other piece began to weigh heavier.

So he bit the other piece and tried to make it equal. In this way the monkey went on biting first one piece and then the other, till they be­came very small.

The cats were alarmed. They asked him to give them back the pieces. They said that they were quite satisfied. But the mon­key replied that it was the reward for his labour.

Saying this, he put the two pieces in his mouth. The cats lost the whole cake and went away sadder and wiser.


The Donkey and the Load of Salt

Long ago there lived a merchant. He used to deal in salt. He had a donkey to carry load. He used to sell his salt loaded on the donkey. He had to cross a stream to go to other village.

Once his donkey fell into the stream and much of the salt was dissolved in water. The donkey easily crossed the stream due to the light weight of salt on his back. The donkey was happy.

The donkey on his next trip knowingly fell into the stream. The merchant suspected the animal’s intention. On the other day too the donkey intentionally repeated the same trick. His master was now sure about the animal’s evil intention.

The merchant next day loaded the donkey with a lot of cotton. The donkey once again repeated the same trick. He fell into the stream. This time his load became very heavy.

The donkey carried the heavy load. It was very tiring for him to move on. The donkey now realized his mistake. He stopped falling down into the stream any more. He thought that it was not good to play tricks. The merchant had taught the donkey a good lesson.


You can befool a person a few times but not always.


Health is Wealth

Once upon a time, there was a king, who was very lazy. He did not like to do anything. He waited for his attendants to serve him every moment. He used to lie on his bed always. A time came when he really became inactive.

Only eating good food and it’s sleeping made him fatty. So fat he became that he could not move around by himself. He felt sick, doctors were called in to treat him. Nothing could help him to become fit and fine. The king was a kind hearted and cordial person. All his subjects were sorry to learn about the fact that their king was not well.

One day the minister met a holy man (Sadhu) on the outskirts of the city. While conversing with each other, the “Sadhu” came to know the fact that the king was unwell. He told the minister that he could cure the king. Hearing this the minister’s face brightened. He arranged immediately for a meeting of the “Sadhu” and the king.

The “Sadhu” saw the depressed king for a while and then spoke nothing serious had happened and that the king would be alright. From the next day the treatment would start. He asked the king to come to his hut which was at a distance from the palace.

The king had to come on foot to the hut. The king agreed, after so many years the king came outside to walk on the road. His ministers and attendants accompanied him. By the time he reached the Sadhu’s hut, he was breathless, sweating and uncomfortable.

The “Sadhu” came out of the hot noticing everything. He offered cool water to the king. The king felt better. The Sadhu brought out an iron ball, the size of a football and gave it to the attendants asking his majesty that daily morning and evening he had to roll that ball in the palace grounds.

The king okayed to the “Sadhu” and left. After fifteen days when the “Sadhu” came to the palace to meet the king, he had lost a considerable amount of weight, was feeling much better and was active. All his sickness had disappeared. Inspite a lot of wealth, the king was not happy as he was unhealthy.

So the moral is “Health is Wealth”.


Always Stay Alert

Once upon a time there was a lion that grew so old that he was unable to kill any prey for his food. So, he said to himself, I must do something to stay my stomach else I will die of starvation.
He kept thinking and thinking and at last an idea clicked him. He decided to lie down in the cave pretending to be ill and then who-so-ever will come to inquire about his health, will become his prey. The old lion put his wicked plan into practice and it started working. Many of his well-wishers got killed. But evil is short lived.

One day, a fox came to visit the ailing lion. As foxes are clever by nature, the fox stood at the mouth of the cave and looked about. His sixth sense worked and he came to know the reality. So, he called out to the lion from outside and said, How are you, sir?

The lion replied, I am not feeling well at all. But why don’t you come inside?

Then the fox replied, I would love to come in, sir! But on seeing, all foot prints going to your cave and none coming out, I would be foolish enough to come in.

Saying so, the fox went to alert the other animals.

Moral: Always Keep Your Eyes Open and Stay Alert before Walking in Any Situation.


Crows in the Kingdom

One day Emperor Akbar and Birbal were taking a walk in the palace gardens. It was a nice summer morning and there were plenty of crows happily playing around the pond. While watching the crows, a question came into Akbar’s head.

He wondered how many crows were there in his kingdom. Since Birbal was accompanying him, he asked Birbal this question. After a moment’s thought, Birbal replied, “There are ninety-five thousand four hundred and sixty-three crows in the Kingdom”.

Amazed by his quick response, Akbar tried to test him again, “What if there are more crows than you answered?” Without hesitating Birbal replied, “If there are more crows than my answer, then some crows are visiting from other neighboring kingdoms”. “And what if there are less crows”, Akbar asked. “Then some crows from our kingdom have gone on holidays to other places”.

Moral: There is always a way if you think with ease.


Pundit and Rich Man

There was Pundit in the village. He was well-versed in all Scriptures. He knew everything, but, he was poor. He did not have a house. He used to get his meals also with great difficulties. Even his clothes were very much worn out.
So, the Pundit used to beg for his meals. He went from House-to-House begging. “Please give me alms”. On seeing his old clothes many people were thinking that he is mad. So, saying “Go Away” they shut the door. For many days he did not even eaten.

Once somehow he obtained new clothes. A rich man gave those clothes to the Pundit. Wearing those new clothes he went to beg as before. To the very first house he went, the householder said, “Sir, please come in. Please have your food in our house”. Saying thus, with great respect, he took the Pundit inside for food.

The Pundit sat down to eat. Varieties of soups, Sweet meals, Vedas, and Sweet foods were served for eating.

Having prayed first, the Pundit took a sweetmeat with his hand and began to feed his new clothes saying, “Eat, eat!”
On seeing that all the householders were surprised and were not able to understand. So, they asked thus, “The clothes do not eat right? The why O, Great Pundit, do you offer food to the clothes?”

Then that Pundit answered thus, “Indeed because of this new clothes you offered me food today. Yesterday itself in this very house you asked me to go away. Since I obtained food due to these clothes, I am grateful to them. This is why I am feeding them.” The householders were a little ashamed.

Moral: never judge anyone by their outlook.


The Monkey and Cats

It was the aftermath of a big festival. Two cats were prowling together. One of the cats saw a big cake and mieued. The other jumped up and picket it.

The first cat said, “Give me the cake. It is I who saw it first.”
The other cat said “Keep away from it. It is I who picked it up.”
They were fighting and fighting. But there was no solution. Just then, a monkey passed by. He thought “What foolish cats they must be! Let me make use of this chance.”

He came to the cats and said in a loud voice. “Don’t fight. Let me share the cake among you both”. The cake was handed over to the monkey.

The monkey split the cake into tow parts. He shook his head and said, “Oho! One is bigger. One is smaller”. He had a bit of the bigger and now said “Oho! This has become smaller now”. He ate from the other. And thus, he went on eating from part to part and finally finished the whole cake. The poor cats were disappointed.

Moral: When you quarrel someone else gains.


The Three Types of People

A teacher shows three toys to a student and asks the student to find out the differences. All the three toys are seemed to be identical in their shape, size and material. After keen observation, the student observes holes in the toys. 1st toy it has holes in the ears. 2nd toy has holes in ear and mouth. 3rd toy has only one hole in one ear.

Than with the help of needle the student puts the needle in the ear hole of 1st toy. The needle comes out from the other ear. In the 2nd toy, when the needle was put in ear the needle came out of mouth. And in the 3rd toy, when the needle was put in, the needle did not come out.

First toy represent those people around you who gives an impression that they are listening to you, all your things and care for you. But they just pretend to do so. After listening, as the needle comes out from the next ear, the things you said to them by counting on them are gone. So be careful while you are speaking to this type of people around you, who does not care for you.

Second toy represent those people who listens to you all your things and gives an impression that they care for you. But as in the toy, the needle comes out from mouth. These people will use your things and the words you tell them against you by telling it to others and bringing out the confidential issues for their own purpose.

Third toy, the needle does not come out from it. These kinds of people will keep the trust you have in them. They are the ones who you can count on.

Moral: Always stay in a company of a people who are loyal and trustworthy. People, who listen to what you tell them, are not always the ones you can count on when you need them the most.

Cycle of Evil

There was once a king who was so cruel and unjust that his subjects yearned for his death or dethronement. However, one day he surprised them all by announcing that he had decided to turn over a new leaf.

“No more cruelty, no more injustice,” he promised, and he was as good as his word.

He became known as the ‘Gentle Monarch’. Months after his transformation one of his ministers plucked up enough courage to ask him what had brought about his change of heart.

And the king answered, “As I was galloping through my forests I caught sight of a fox being chased by a hound. The fox escaped into his hole but not before the hound had bitten into its leg and
lamed it for life. Later I rode into a village and saw the same hound there. It was barking at a man. Even as I watched, the man picked up a huge stone and flung it at the dog, breaking its leg. The man had not gone far when he was kicked by a horse. His knee was shattered and he fell to the ground, disabled for life. The horse began to run but it fell into a hole and broke its leg. Reflecting on all that had happened, I thought: ‘Evil begets
evil. If I continue in my evil ways, I will surely be overtaken by evil’. So I decided to change”.

The minister went away convinced that the time was ripe to overthrow the king and seize the throne. Immersed in thought, he did not see the steps in front of him and fell, breaking his neck.

Moral: Cycle of Deeds always gives us back what we give to others. If we do good to others, our good will happen, If we do bad to others, our turn will also come.

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